Monday, March 26, 2012

The Reboucas Avenue in Sao Paulo will offer free internet connection

Eight bus stops will offer free internet, but you need to subscribe

Eight bus stops on the way of Campo Limpo/Rebouças/Consolação begin to offer free internet connection for passengers with mobile phone or laptop. The online access will be available for 15 minutes. After that, the connection will be unable for one hour.

To get access, the user will have to register using a Brasilian social security number (CPF). The SPTrans had not informed until Friday, exactly which bus stops will have free Wi-Fi.

The use of new technologies by SPTrans is not a novelty. Last year, a Twitter account publishes information such as changes in the itinerary of the lines. Check it out on the twitter: @sptrans_
[source: estadão]

Thursday, March 8, 2012

2nd edition of Boteco Week offers special deals in Sao Paulo

The Boteco Week brings 22 bars offering combined snacks and drinks for reasonable R$ 25 (this price doesn't includes the service). It begins on March 17th. One day before the last day of the Restaurant Week event.

Last year, a group of seven bars gathered to offer a program inspired on the Restaurant Week. At this time, it got 3 times bigger and you should have a try!

What: Boteco Week
Where: there are 22 options. Click here to check it out
When: March 17th to 23rd
Price: R$ 25 for the deal (service and drinks are not included)

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Sao Paulo got the 1st position on the Hubculture ranking. Once again...

That's the 6th issue of the Annual Hub Culture Zeitgeist. This is a collaborative global network composed of opinion leaders and professionals from various fields. And guess what: São Paulo is the winner (by the third year). With more BRIC cities in the top positions than ever before, but is all about Brazil and China.

The chosen locations are the ones that make a difference not only by economic indicators, but also the spirit of entrepreneurship and opportunity, cultural diversity and other creative features. (Click here to understand how they create this ranking).

The first place
According the Hub Culture, São Paulo is ever more popular, and ever more desirable for corporate postings, regional businesses, and those looking to experience the Brazilian boom first-hand.

Check out the full list of Hub Culture's 2012 Zeitgeist Ranking
1. Sao Paulo, Brazil
2. Hong Kong, China
3. Beijing, China
4. Berlin, Germany
5. London, UK
6. New York, United States
7. Sydney, Australia
8. Singapore, Malaysia
9. Istanbul, Turkey
10. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
11. Cape Town, South Africa
12. Tóquio, Japan
13. Seattle, United States
14. Mexico, Mexico
15. Shanghai, China
16. San Francisco, United States
17. Dubai, UAE
18. Los Angeles, United States
19. Moscow, Russia
20. Abu Dhabi, UAE