Saturday, February 25, 2012

Zilvinas Kempinas brings another exhibition to Sao Paulo. Check it out!

The Lithuanian artist Zilvinas Kempinas arrives for the second time at the Galeria Leme with a solo exhibition of his kinetic sculptural installations created with fans and unspooled magnetic tape (check out the video made at MoMA last November). Despite that, he will also bring new pieces that traverse the boundaries between drawing, painting and sculpture.

These never before seen works are composed entirely of straight polyester thread that crisscross the surface of panels full of pins spaced all around it.

Each piece is titled after a star, and their radial vortexes recall models of space-time warped by celestial objects. The works also parallel the combination of mathematical abstraction and sheer wonder that underlies our conception of space. It's worth a visit!

Zilvinas Kempinas
has had numerous solo exhibitions internationally, including Galerie Yvon Lambert, Paris and New York; The Garage Center for Contemporary Culture, Moscow; Baltic Center for Contemporary Art, Gateshead; Wien Kunsthalle; Contemporary Art Center, Vilnius; and Palais de Tokyo, Paris. His work has also been seen in important group exhibitions including ‘On Line: Drawing Through the Twentieth Century’, MoMA, New York; Yokohama Triennale, Japan; Liverpool Biennale, England; and Manifesta7, Bolzano. In 2009, the artist represented Lithuania at the 53rd Venice Biennial. Kempinas’ work can be seen in the current display of the permanent collection at Centre Pompidou in Paris.

What: Zilvinas Kempinas exhibition at Galeria Leme
Where: Galeria Leme - Avenida Valdemar Ferreira, 130
When: Tuesday to Friday, from 10 am till 7 pm; Saturday, from 10 am till 5 pm. Closed on Sunday. The exhibition ends on March 31st.
Price: For free
Phone: +55 (11)3093-8184

Friday, February 24, 2012

Bar Sao Cristovao is a great place to hang out with your friends

Sao Cristovao can receive maximum 70 persons at the same time
The São Cristovão Bar is small and almost always gets crowded. Its decoration is the highlight of the place. Composed of newspaper clippings and old photos of famous soccer players like Pele, Zico and Garrincha, covering the walls.

The menu offers many "petiscos" and hot dishes, especially the Bolinho de Bacalhau (codfish balls). The draught beer is "Brahma" and on Saturdays you can have an authentic feijoada. The public who frequents the bar is quite varied, ranging from soccer fans and pub lovers. The happy hour period is the busiest one.

What: Bar Sao Cristovao
Where: Rua Aspicuelta, 533
When: Every day, from midday till the last customer
Price: Around R$ 30
Phone: +55 (11) 3097-9904

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Check out the exhibition Vestiario (Dressing Room) at the Sao Paulo Soccer Museum

[photo: gilberto perin]

The photographer Gilberto Perin organized an exhibition entitled "Vestiário" (Dressing Room) that is displayed at the Sao Paulo Soccer Museum. The author's idea is to present the behind the scenes of a soccer team off the field. The exhibition brings photos, objects, art and video mapping that introduces the unknown "dressing room".

To gather this material, the photographer followed the Grêmio Esportivo do Brasil, during the competition for the title of the 2nd Division League 2010 on the Rio Grande do Sul State. It's worth a visit, especially if you do not know this museum!

What: Museu do Futebol
Where: Praça Charles Miller - Pacaembu Stadium
When: Tuesday to Sunday, from 9 am till 5 pm
Price: R$ 6. For free every Thursday

Local Eye for the Gringo: the top affordable culinary delights in Sao Paulo by Petri Glad

Petri Glad is an insidesaopaulo reader who moved to São Paulo last November. I had the chance to meet him on the first event organized by the blog, entitled "Insidesao Paulo Experience", where several readers could meet each other and have some beers. Petri was very excited about his recent experience of living in Sao Paulo, so I invited him to write few advices for you guys. Check it out!

1. Fresh Açai at any shopping mall or stand. For about R$ 8 you can enjoy a huge portion of this famous Brazilian health food. It’s usually eaten with granola, banana or strawberry and any combination.
What: Açai
Where: All over the city

2. Get your barbecue meat fill at Churrascaria D'Ouro at various locations throughout the city. It’s a great budget alternative to more well-known, expensive "churrascarias" such as "Fogo De Chão".
What: Churrascaria D'Ouro - Jabaquara
Where: Avenida Engenheiro Armando de Arruda Pereira, 1578

3. Churros’ stands, an amazing dessert consisting of a "thick coiled fritter of fried dough", best with "doce de leite" (caramel) topping. This hot, sweet treat can be had for only R$ 1 in some neighbourhoods.
What: Churros
Where: All over the city

4. Food section at the Praça Benedito Calixto Saturday Street Fair. Once you find this amazing "hidden food section", located in the heart of the fair, you can enjoy authentic food fare such as “Acarajé” (Bahian, shrimp snack), “Tapioca com leite condensado” (Tapioca with condensed milk) washed down with a premium "Bohemian" beer
What: Praça Benedito Calixto
Where: Rua Lisboa, 700

5. When starving for a hearty meal on a road trip, check out the "by the kilo" Graal roadside stops. This restaurant offers home style cooking in a very clean space and is charged by the weight of your plate
What: Graal Restaurants

6. Sao Paulo hot dog stands. If you're used to the plain jane hot dog stands, these "cachorro-quentes" will delight you with amazing flavors and its original presentation. The Cachorro-quente da barraca do Allemao across from the Grand Hyatt Sao Paulo is a heavy recommendation even though great stands are found scattered all over the city.
What: Cachorro-quente
Where: All over the city

7. The Barraca de Ze, literally translates to "Ze's stand". Ze used to sell coconuts from the back of his truck and now he has a restaurant of the same name. At this 24/7 restaurant you can indulge yourself with fresh coconut juice (plus tons of other fruit/food choices) any day and time of the day. Have you ever craved a freshly cut coconut at 3am in the morning? Well, here's your chance. Located in the Jabaquara, a south zone neighborhood.
What: Barraca de Zé
Where: Avenida Jabaquara, 3180

I hope you enjoyed and I would like to invite you to share your advices on the comments below. It will be great for us, for Petri who loves to find new places to eat and everyone that is reading this post. Thank you very much Petri. It's great!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Mocidade Alegre is the winner of the Sao Paulo Carnival 2012 with theme honoring 100 years of Jorge Amado

[photo: sérgio castro/ae]
The Mocidade, champion of 2012, marched with 3,500 members, 25 wards and five floats
After a tremendous confusion in counting the votes of the jurors, the Independent Liga Independente das Escolas de Samba de São Paulo announced that the Mocidade Alegre is the winner of the Sao Paulo Carnival 2012. The decision came from the presidents of the Samba Schools, by 7 votes to 5. The Samba schools Camisa Verde e Branco and Pérola Negra were downgraded.

Big mess
Near the end of counting, when a single note 9.9 would be enough to give the title to the Mocidade Alegre, there was a invasion of a group of members of the samba schools (that weren't happy with the results). During the mess, a man could get the votes of the judges and tear them in front of everyone. There was no copy of the votes. Each of the ballot counting is done with banknote, with nine safety items and bar codes to prevent forgeries. Unfortunately, it was not enough.
[source: estadão]

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Problem to decide the winner of the Carnival Sao Paulo 2012

[photo: daniel teixeira/ae]
One of the invasors of the stage
A representative of the suporters of a samba school could get the sheets with the notes and tear them up. The confusion was due to change of two jurors just before starting the investigation, which let some fans very angry.

The counting of the notes of the samba schools in São Paulo was halted, this Tuesday, February 21, after invasion of the members of associations to the stage. Members of various samba schools also stormed the stage.

The votes were torn, but according to the president of the Liga de Escolas de Samba de São Paulo (League of Samba Schools), there is the possibility of recovering the votes. If it's not possible, according to him, the results obtained until that very moment will become the final results and Mocidade Alegre will be the champion and Camisa Verde e Branco will drop.

Fire in the role
Some allegorical cars parked in the courtyard next to the Sambadrome was set on fire. Firefighters arrived quickly to control the situation, which launched a huge column of smoke. A car from the Samba School Pérola Negra was destroyed.
[source: estadao]

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Samba never dies! Check out where to find places to dance samba during the whole year

Below you can find some advices about Casas de Samba (Samba Houses) offering Samba throughout the year in Sao Paulo.

Você vai se quiser
This bar was opened in 2004 by singer Graça Braga near Roosevelt Square. Every Saturday, about 500 people come to visit the bar. These days, two or three artists take turns on stage. Every Friday, the "roots" samba group Candieiro takes the stage.
Where: Rua João Guimarães Rosa, 241
When: Friday, from 6 pm till 11 pm; Saturday, from 1h30 pm till 9 pm.
Price: R$ 8 / R$ 18
Phone: +55 (11) 3129-4550

Bar do Alemão
Opened in 1968, the Alemão is one of the altars of the samba de São Paulo. It offers good music every day, but the traditional samba happens on Thursdays.
When: From 11 am till 1 pm. Thursday, Friday and Saturday, from 11 am till 3 am. On holidays, from 6 pm till 1 am. Closed on Sunday.
Price: R$ 7 / R$ 12
Phone: +55 (11) 3879-0070

Bar Mangueira
The Bar Mangueira offers a regular schedule of samba and pagode groups. Every Saturday, you can taste a feijoada (R$ 38 for two). On Sundays, for lunch you can find pasta among the options.
Where: Rua Cláudio Soares, 124
When: Thursday and Friday, from 9h30 pm till 4 am; Saturday, from 1h30 pm till 10h30 pm; Sunday, from 2 pm till 9h30 pm.
Price: R$ 10 / R$ 20
Phone: +55 (11) 3034-1085

Bar Samba
The Bar Samba has a dance track around the musicians and the the attractions are always the same every week. Dose Certa plays on Fridays, for example.
Where: Rua Fidalga, 308
When: Wednesday, from 7 pm till 1 am; Thursday, from 7 pm till 2 am, Friday, from 7 pm till 3 am; Saturday, from 1 pm till 7 pm and 9 pm till 3 am.
Price: R$ 15 / R$ 30
Phone: +55 (11) 3819-4619

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Find out where to buy tickets for the Sao Paulo Carnival 2012

Click here to see the full image

The tickets for the Carnival Parade 2012 of the Special Group are being sold at four retail points in town. Tickets will be sold per person. ID and CPF (Brazilian ID) numbers will be required.

The bleachers A, C, E and F are sold out. Parents can purchase student tickets for their children, but it is necessary to submit a document to certify kinship. The prices range from R$ 75 to R$ 2000

Sales are available from Monday to Saturday, from 11 am to 5 pm:
  1. Estádio do Canindé (Portuguesa): Rua Comendador Nestor Pereira, 33 
  2. Estádio do Pacaembu: Praça Charles Miller - Pacaembu 
  3. Sambodromo do Anhembi
  4. Parque do Ibirapuera

Two new bus lines were created to transport people to the Sambodrome in Sao Paulo

The SPTrans (transport department) has created two special routes for buses aiming to help the public to arrive at the Sambodrome during the Sao Paulo Carnival 2012.

The bus lines departing from Barra Funda and Tietê Stations will be available on February 17, 18, 19, 20, 21 and 24, from 5 pm till 1 am. And departing from Sambodrome, from 5 am to 9 am, on the way of Barra Funda and Tietê Metro Stations.

Check out the bus lines below:
179A/10 Metro Portuguese / Tietê - Sambadrome

879A/10 CPTM/Metrô Palmeiras/Barra Funda - Sambódromo

Bob Dylan will be in Sao Paulo very soon. Check it out!

Bob Dylan
Bob Dylan announced today that will come to Brazil in April. The musician will offer six concerts, through Sao Paulo (April 21 and 22), Rio de Janeiro (April 15), Belo Horizonte (April 19) Brasilia (April 17) and Porto Alegre (April 24).

The pre-sale to Rio and Sao Paulo begin on February 27, for customers of specific credit card brands. For the two capitals, the general sale starts on March 5. For other cities, the entries will be available to the public on February 27. Prices were not disclosed.

Rio de Janeiro - Citibank Hall - April 15
Brasília - Ginásio Nilson Nelson - April 17
Belo Horizonte - Chevrolet Hall - April 19
São Paulo - Credicard Hall - April 21 and 22
Porto Alegre - Pepsi On Stage - April 24

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Photo Exhibition "Momentos e Movimentos" brings 170 images using different technics. It worth a visit!

Addressed at the MAB-FAAP this exhibition brings together 170 images part of the Museum's photo collection.

The exhibition presents various photographic procedures that offer a panoramic reflection of modern and contemporary photography. To express the diversity of authors and themes, the exhibition is divided into categories. Check the lists below:

Click on the link to check the original category description (Portuguese)

Alexandre Battibugli,Orlando Brito, Pierre Boucher, Clicio, Mario Cravo Neto, Valdir Cruz, J. R. Duran, Juan Esteves, Thomaz Farkas, Antonio Guerreiro, Bob Gruen, Jairo Goldflus, Marcos Hermes, Horst P. Horst, Stane Jagodic, Marisa Alvarez Lima, German Lorca, George Love, Jean Manzon, Miro, Nana Moraes, Jean Moral, Morgade, Sarah Moon, Eduardo Simões, Jean Solari, Regina Stella, Otto Stupakoff, Mario Testino, Luiz Tripolli, Paulo Vainer, Pierre Verger, Amilton Vieira e Bob Wolfenson.

What: Momentos e Movimentos
Where: Museu de Arte Brasileira da FAAP, Rua Alagoas, 903
When: Tuesday to Friday, from 10 am till 8 pm; Saturday, Sunday and Holidays, from 10 am till 5 pm. Ends on April 29th
Price: For free

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Sao Paulo Carnival 2012: There are still costumes of Samba schools available for tourists who want to parade

Who wants to be part of the Sao Paulo Carnival 2012, it is still possible to buy costumes of some samba schools of the Special Group, which goes to the Sambrodome on February 17th and 18th (Friday and Saturday) at Anhembi. For now, only three schools are not available: Vai-Vai, current champion, Águia de Ouro and Gaviões da Fiel.

The value of the available costumes range between R$ 200 and R$ 550. Check out on the Samba School contact list if you can find something you like.

February 17th - Friday:
  • Camisa Verde e Branco: 3392-2488
  • Império de Casa Verde: 2281-6400
  • X-9 Paulistana: 2959-3377
  • Vai-Vai (Sold out)
  • Rosas de Ouro: 3931-4555
  • Acadêmicos do Tucuruvi: 2204-7342
  • Mancha Verde: 3361-2146

February 18th - Saturday:
  • Dragões da Real: 3831-4002
  • Pérola Negra: 3031-9349
  • Mocidade Alegre: 3857-7525
  • Águia de Ouro (Sold out)
  • Unidos de Vila Maria: 2981-3154
  • Gaviões da Fiel (Sold out)
  • Tom Maior: 3494-9040

Monday, February 13, 2012

During the Carnival 2012, Sao Paulo will have 1,500 taxis to serve the public at the Sambódromo

The Departamento de Transportes Públicos (Department of Public Transport) - DPT has accredited 1,500 taxi cabs to serve the public during the carnival parades 2012, which will happen at the Sambadromo, between February 17th and 22nd and also on 24th, from 22h30.

Vehicles characterized with the patch "Táxi Credenciado" (Accredited Taxi) will be located close to the event organized by the DPT.

The depart areas are located at Avenida Olavo Fontoura, towards Ponte da Casa Verde to Praça Campos de Bagatelle, between gates 01 and 39, and
Avenida Olavo Fontoura, between Rua Brazelisa Alves de Carvalho and Rua Anita Malfati.
[source: estadão]

Monday, February 6, 2012

Subway and train: on February 12th the ticket price rises to R$ 3 in Sao Paulo

Bilhete Unico
Starting on February 12, the subway and the Paulista Metropolitan Trains Company (CPTM) fare will rise to R$ 3.00 (it was R$ 2,90).

The integration with municipal bus changes from R$ 4.49 to R$ 4.65. It means an increase of 3.45% and according to the state Department of
Transportation, it increased less than the last year inflation, which was 6.5%. Every year, the adjustment happens in February.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Carnival 2012: Check out the lineup of the Blocos de Rua (Street Parades). For free!

Bloco do Candinho - Carnival 2010

You can celebrate Carnival following the so-called "blocos de rua" (road blocks). With or without costume, it's very interesting to join. In the coming weeks, they emerge from different parts of the city, mainly from the central region. Choose yours and "caia na folia!" (have fun!)

Banda do Trem Elétrico
The Trem Elétrico (Electric Train) was created by the metro labor force.
Meeting Point: Rua Augusta, corner of Rua Luiz Coelho.
When: February 17th, (Friday) at 7 pm.
Itinerary: Rua Augusta, Rua Martins Fontes, Rua Xavier de Toledo e Praça Ramos de Azevedo.

Click to expand

Banda dos Esfarrapados
The Bloco dos Esfarrapados is very traditional in Sao Paulo. Bloody old.
Meeting Point: Rua Conselheiro Carrão, 466
When: February 20th (Monday) at 10 am.
Itinerary: Rua Conselheiro Carrão, Rua Almirante Marques Leão, Rua Una, Rua Rocha, Praça 14 Bis, Rua Manoel Dutra, Rua Maria José, Avenida Brigadeiro Luiz Antônio, Rua Major Diogo, Rua Conselheiro Carrão.

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Banda do Fuxico
Meeting Point: Largo do Arouche
When: February 12th, (Sunday) at 10 am (Parade at 6 pm).
Itinerary: Largo do Arouche, Avenida Dr. Vieira de Carvalho, Praça da República, Avenida São Luis, Rua Xavier de Toledo, Praça Ramos de Azevedo, Teatro Municipal, Rua Conselheiro Crispiniano, Largo Paissandu, Avenida São João, Avenida Ipiranga, Igreja da Consolação, Rua Rego Freitas e Largo do Arouche.

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Banda Redonda
Meeting Point: Rua Teodoro Baima, corner of Rua da Consolação and Avenida Ipiranga.
When: February 13th (Monday) at 9 pm.
Itinerary: Rua Dr. Teodoro Baíma, Rua da Consolação, Rua Cel. Xavier de Toledo, Praça Ramos de Azevedo, Teatro Municipal, Rua Conselheiro Crispiniano, Largo do Paissandu, Av. São João, Av. Ipiranga, Praça da República and Rua Dr. Teodoro Baíma.

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Bloco da Ressaca
Meeting Point: Largo do Cambuci.
When: February 11th, (Saturday) at 2 pm.
Itinerary: Largo do Cambuci, Rua Luiz Gama, Rua Cesário Ramalho, Rua dos Alpes, Rua Gerônimo de Albuquerque, Rua Barão de Jaguará, Rua Silveira da Motta, Rua Justo Azambuja and Rua do Lavapés until the Largo do Cambuci.

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Banda do Candinho
The Banda do Candinho was created by Candinho, one of the great characters of the samba of São Paulo.
Meeting Point: Rua Santo Antônio, corner of Rua 13 de Maio.
When: February 15th, (Wednesday) at 6 pm.
Itinerary: Rua Santo Antônio, Rua Martinho Prado, Rua Martins Fontes, Rua da Consolação, Rua Cel. Xavier de Toledo, Praça Ramos de Azevedo, Teatro Municipal, Rua Conselheiro Crispiniano, Largo do Paissandu, Av. São João, Av. Ipiranga, Praça da República, Av. São Luiz, Viaduto 9 de Julho and Rua Santo Antônio until the corner of the Rua 13 de Maio.

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Friday, February 3, 2012

Samba School rehearsals are open to the public. Check out addresses and prices

Check out where you can find each one of the Samba Schools included on the Special Group of the Sao Paulo Carnival 2012.

Camisa Verde e Branco
Where: Rua James Holland, 663
When: Wednesday at 8 pm and
Saturday at 10 pm (not on February 4th).
How much: R$ 10
Phone: +55 (11) 3392-2488.

Império de Casa Verde
When: Thursday at 10 pm and Saturday at 11 pm.
How much: For free
Phone: +55 (11) 3961-4956

X-9 Paulistana
Where: Avenida Luiz Dumont Villares, 324 (at the Samba School)
When: Wednesday, Friday and Sunday at 8 pm
How much: R$ 10
Phone: +55 (11) 2959-3377

Where: Avenida Paulo Silva Araújo
(On the street in front of the Sesc Santana)
When: Monday at 8 pm
How much: For free

Acadêmicos do Tucuruvi
When: Wednesday and Saturday at 9 pm
How much: R$ 10
Phone: +55 (11) 2204-7342

Mancha Verde
Where: Rua Abrão Ribeiro, 503
When: Thursday at 9 pm (R$ 10);
Saturday at 10 pm (R$ 20).
Phone: +55 (11) 3361-2146.

Dragões da Real
When: Saturday at the Samba School, 9 pm (R$ 10);
Thursday on the street at 8 pm (R$ 5)
Phone: +55 (11) 3831-4002

Mocidade Alegre
Where: Avenida Casa Verde, 3.498
When: Sunday at the Samba School, 5 pm (R$ 15);
Friday on the street at 7 pm (R$ 5)
Phone: +55 (11) 3857-7525

Águia de Ouro
When: Thursday at 8h30 pm (for free);
Sunday at 8h30 pm (R$ 10)
Phone: +55 (11) 3872-8262 
Unidos de Vila Maria
Where: Rua Cabo João Monteiro da Rocha, 447
When:  Wednesday, Friday and Saturday at 10 pm
Price: R$ 20
Phone: +55 (11) 2981-3154

Tati and Ana Paula Minerato from Gaviões da Fiel
Gaviões da Fiel
When:  Tuesday and Sunday at 8 pm (R$ 5);
Friday at 10 pm (R$ 10)
Phone: +55 (11) 3221-2066

Tom Maior
Where: Rua Sérgio Tomás, 662
When: Saturday at the Samba School, 9 pm (R$ 15);
Tuesday and Thursday on the street at 8h30 pm (R$ 10).
Phone: +55 (11) 3494-9040

Rosas de Ouro
When: Wednesday at 7 pm (R$ 30);
Friday at 9 pm (R$ 20)
Phone: +55 (11) 3931-4555

Pérola Negra
Where: Rua Girassol, 51
When: Thursday and Sunday, 7 pm
Price: R$ 10
Phone: +55 (11) 3031-9349

When: Sunday, Tuesday and
Thursday at 7h30 pm
Price: R$ 20
Phone: +55 (11) 3266-2581

Related link: Sao Paulo Carnival 2012: Samba School rehearsals - time schedule 2012. Check it out!

Carnival Party on Sunday, February 5th.

A carnival party entitled Lança-Perfume will take place at Neu Club lounge on the first Sunday of February. Marchinhas, frevos, sambas-enredo, axés and all kinds of carnival music under the command of the DJ `s: Clovis, Nega do Cabelo Duro and Fui Para Salvador com R$ 50!

To participate, just send an email with your name and your guests to: (R$ 10 with name on the list, R$ 15 with no name on the list).

In addition to confetti and serpentine, have an attraction surprise. And there's going to lose?

What: Lança-Perfume
Where: Neu Club - Rua Dona Germaine Burchard, 421
When: February 5th, from 3 pm till 8 pm.
Price: R$ 10 with your name on the list or R$ 15 without.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Madonna is coming to Brazil in November 2012

The new album "MDNA" has not even came out and Madonna declared that will come to Brazil. According to the newspaper Destak, the pop star will be here in November and Sao Paulo is certainly, one of her destinations (dates and locations will be determined soon).

The trip is part of the South American tour promoting the new CD. The tour also includes concerts in Buenos Aires (Argentina), Santiago (Chile) and Lima (Peru).

Madonna came to Brazil in December 2008 (when she met Jesus), during the world tour "Sticky and Sweet". 

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Mayer Hawthorne Concert at Cine Joia: February 2nd

With a retro look and songs with strong references to R&B, the American Mayer Hawthorne is back to Sao Paulo for a concert at the Cine Joia. The tour releases the new album that has Snoop Dogg as a partner in one of his songs.

Hawthorne performed in Brazil on January 2011, opening the concert of Janelle Monae and Amy Winehouse in Brazil, it seems that the show has everything to be a success! Check out this funny  announcement video of the How Do You Do World Tour.

What: Mayer Hawthorne Concert
Where: Cine Joia, Praça Carlos Gomes, 82
When: February 2nd at 11 pm
Price: R$ 120