Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The fervor of the metropolis

The fervor of the metropolis (Fervor da Metrópole), this is the name of the most recent exhibition at the Pinacoteca do Estado de São Paulo by José Manuel Ballester (Madrid, 1960), with approximately 30 color photographs, large format, made during several trips the artist made to Sâo Paulo between 2007 and 2009. The purpose of the trip was "to conduct a photographic view of the largest Brazilian metropolis having, among the principal elements, the modern architecture of the city." Among the sites of the picture are the Edificio Italia, the Garden of the Modernist House in Vila Mariana, the Pinacoteca do Estado, the building Copan and the buildings at the Ibirapuera Park, both designed by Oscar Niemeyer.

About Jose Emanuel Ballester
Emanuel Jose Ballester (Madrid, Spain, 1960), graduated in fine arts from the University Complutense of Madrid (Spain) and currently he is considered one of Spain's most important photographers. He began his career as a painter and printmaker, his first solo exhibition was in 1987, at the theater Albéniz (Madrid). Since then he has performed several shows with an emphasis on the Museo Nacional Reina Sofía and the Instituto Valenciano de Arte Moderno in Madrid, both in 2005. His work incorporates important collections such as the Fundación la Caixa in Barcelona, the Miami Art Museum (MAM), the Contemporary Center of the City of Barcelona (CCCB), the Cisneros Fontanal Art Foundation, among others.

Where: Pinacoteca do Estado, Praça da Luz 2 - Sao Paulo
When: from 10 am to 5.30 pm, until Agust 22nd
How much: R$6, for free on Saturdays

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

FestivAlma Surf 2010

The event, which brings together surfers and fans of the sport in the city, si now at the Seventh Edition. From Thursday July the 1st to Saturday the 3d, the Pavilion of the Biennale will be full of music, fashion, film, visual arts, design and architecture. Seventeen brands will present their new clothes and decorated environments. There will also be boards, photographs, paintings fo the American artist Jay Alders and a festival of documentary and short films.
Finally, several concerts: on Thursday (01/07), at 21h00, the highlight is the former American surfer Rob Machado, vice-world champion in 1995, now retired from the waves, playing with the group The Malali Band . On the stage on Friday (02/07) Mallu Magalhães (21h00) and the trio led by Australian virtuoso guitarist John Butler (22h), among others.

When: July 1st, 2nd and 3d
How much: RS 50 (ticket for 1 day); R$ 80 (ticket for 3 days)

Monday, June 28, 2010

Beautiful pictures of Sao Paulo

Just to dispel th myth that Argentinians don't like Brasil, have a look at these amazing pictures of Sao Paulo took by an Argentinian photographer during 5 years, living in the city since 11 years. They are all published in his blog: SanPablo-SP

Thursday, June 24, 2010

International Theatre Festival

Starting from today, Thursday 24th of June, the Centro Cultural Banco do Brazil (Sao Paulo downtown) will present three pieces, from the United States, Chile and France, in partnership with the International Festival of Londrina.All the theatre show are free and subtitled, and the public should take the tickets with at least an hour before.

The French group Cie Bakelite holds two sessions of "Braquage" (On Thursday 24th, for guests, and Friday 25th for the general public). Full of good humor and suspense, the story shows characters who try to invest in a great crime and teach basic tricks of the underworld.
The U.S. company Redmoon will be on the stage on Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th, in "The Cabinet," they reveal the experiences of a scientist perfidious assassin.
To close, the Chilean group Teatro Inmóvil shows the piece "El Último Heredero," 1st to July 4th.

Where: CCBB, rua Alvares Penteado 112 - Sao Paulo
When: From June 24th to July 4th
How much: For free

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Tickets for the show of Lionel Richie

Tickets for the show of the singer, songwriter and producer Lionel Richie are now on sale, he will play on August 28th at Ibirapuera Gymnasium. Tickets, which cost from R$ 250 to R$ 650, can be purchased through the site Ingresso Rapido, 4003-1212, by call center and retail points in several Brazilian cities.
Author of hits like "Truly," "All Night Long", "Hello," "Endless Love" and "Easy", Richie sold more than 100 million albums throughout his career.

Where:  Rua  Manoel da Nóbrega, 1.361 - São Paulo
When: August 28th, 9.30 pm
How much: R$ 250 to R$ 650

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Nokia Silent Club

This is the fourth edition of this unusual festival. Aiming to be "silent", it provides to the public 200 wireless headphones. You can choose between two audio channels - one led by John Bull and the other by the VJ Felipe Solari. For those who prefer to talk, there will be music in the lounge line.

When: June 22nd, from 9 pm
Where: Sonique, rua Bela Cintra 461 - Sao Paulo
How much: R$ 20
Website :

João Carlos Martins and Orquestra Filarmônica Bachiana SESI-SP will present their work at Sala São Paulo on July 3th.

João Carlos Martins is a Brazilian pianist who has been considered one of the best interpreters of Bach´s music in the world. He has recorded all of Bach´s repertory during his career, which has been interrupted several times duo to a series of severe problems that made João Carlos Martins lose movement of both hands in different occasions.

In spite of these sad events, his passion for music did not vanish. He took an opportunity and decided to learn how to conduct other musicians. Today he leads an orchestra called Filarmônica Bachiana Sesi-SP. As a result of his efforts, João Carlos Martins has developed the ability to express himself on the piano again. Despite of the remaining limitations he believes that if he can still show people the power of music and touch their hearts he shouldn´t doubt about the importance of continuing to work on his piano.

This genius, passionate and overcoming artist will be leading Filarmônica Bachiana Sesi-SP on july 3th, at Sala São Paulo, in a event called "Encontro Musical pela Democracia, Liberdade e Felicidade" (Musical Encounter in favor of Democracy, Freedom and Hapyness). There will be special guests like the choir from Aprendizes da Esperança, members from “Vai-Vai“ playing the drums of their Samba School and Fafá de Belém. The income from ticket sales will be donated to educational projects from the Vladimir Herzog Institute.

Where: Sala São Paulo - Praça Júlio Prestes - Sao Paulo
When: July 3th, at 9:00PM.
How Much: Tickets can be purchased on and the prices range from R$ 60 to R$ 180.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Daniella Alcarpe will be singing the songs from her first album at Ao Vivo Music on june 23th.

Daniella Alcarpe will be presenting her first album, called “Qué que cê qué?” at Ao Vivo Music in Moema, next Wednesday. The singer has strong references from Brazilian music and artists like Ellis Regina, Chico Buarque, Tom Jobim, Vinícius de Moraes and Adoniran Barbosa. Her album brings a mix of these rich influences and it is a journey that goes from samba to frevo.

Each song has been chosen by herself and some of the songwriters that worked with her are: Carlos Careqa, João Marcondes and Zé de Riba. The songs “Vestidim” and “Que que cê qué?” have poetic lyrics and an original and talented interpretation from the singer who has been studying and teaching music for over 10 years.

When: Next Wednesday, june 23th, at 10:30PM.
How much: R$20,00.

Yellow metro Line will be charged starting from today!

Passengers of the Subway's Yellow Line will have to pay the ticket to travel starting from today (Monday, June 21st). The line started in late May between two stations: Paulista and Faria Lima. Since then, it was a free trip.
The operation time of the trains will continue from 9 am to 3 pm, Monday to Friday (this will be maintained until the end of the year). The fare is the same as practiced in the rest of the network in Sao Paulo: R$ 2.65. The user of Line 4 will be entitled to integrate the Metro network and the Paulista Metropolitan Trains Company (CPTM). In the station Paulista it is possible to make integration with the Green Line. All tickets accepted in other metro lines can also be used on the Yellow Line.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

John & Paul Burger

Lover of burgers and of the history and music of the Fab-Four, Esposito (the Italian owner of the place) brought from Liverpool - English town where the band emerged and flourished - more than 30 paintings and pictures of the quartet that decorates the burger house. The place also also has two panels with the silhouettes of John Lenonn and Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr and George Harrison. Three TVs show continuously clips, documentaries and cartoons of the Beatles, while the soundtrack plays full-time the greatest hits

Big sandwiches - the menu at John & Paul Burger follows the model of traditional bars. There are no big surprises, but the taste and size of the sandwiches is impressive. Located in a prominent spot in the neighborhood of Vila Madalena, John & Paul Burger is open every weekday from 11:30 am and remains open straight, until dawn. The opening hours almost non-stop was designed to attract the most diverse public.

Where: Rua Mourato Coelho 1285 - Sao Paulo 
When: Every day from 11 am to the last client 
How much: Between R$ 20 and R$ 30 for a meal 

Friday, June 18, 2010

Spñol Day in Sao Paulo

The Instituto Cervantes celebrates in the world the Day of Spanish, which in Sao Paulo, welcoming, open and multicultural city, gets a very special dimension to be celebrated in the Latin American Memorial, the meeting place of all the American people. The overall size of the party (held simultaneously in 73 cities of 56 countries) makes it an excellent platform for promoting the city and its urban culture, internationally recognized and widely represented in the festival by groups such as Umoja, as Capulanas e Cooperifa. From Spain the best Spanish hip hop, with the group La Excepción and the graffiti Arys. There will be a lot of theater, folklore groups will animate the whole day (the feast will begin at 10 am and continue until midnight), and culinary specialties will be the willingness of visitors to better appreciate all the dimensions of culture "in Spanish."
The Memorial of Latin America will host more than 10,000 people for a festival supported by several instances of São Paulo, institutions and companies committed to their cultural development and their social integration, as the Spanish Cultural Center, the consulates of Mexico, Uruguay and Peru, the Office of Trade of Spain, Banco Santander, Telefonica and Editora MS, among other services. Check out the program.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Inside Sao Paulo was quoted by an important Brazilian magazine

At Veja SP website (one of the best in Portuguese), the insidesaopaulo blog appears as a useful guide of the city:

The national magazine advices, every week, three blogs regarding the city of São Paulo and this week we had the honor to appear both on the printed version (page 12 of Veja São Paulo - This week issue) and on the website. The focus is to offer different vision of the city from its inhabitants, so you can find blogs about a specific area of São Paulo, or a defined activity or even blogs showing pictures of the city.

There was the insidesaopaulo this week, described as a great English guide of the city, with the purpose of helping travelers and foreigners lost in the thousands things to do and see, but also Brazilians who speak English. We are really proud of it and we want to thank the editorial staff of Veja SP, keep following us and them to know more about São Paulo.

Watch the match at Valle do Anhangabau

If you who do not want to watch World Cup games alone at home there is a place to go. Valle do Anhangabaú in the city center, is featuring a megastructure to receive the fans. A LED display of 76 square meters and sound of 80,000 watts of power, and medical stations, security guards and one room for entertainment with 4D cinema and workshops. A stage with 12 meters is set up to receive Latin artists and groups.
Yesterday for the first match of Brasil there were almost 50.000 people. It is possible to assist other teams' games too.There are many pubs around the city to watch the games too but this is the only option for free offered byt the city council.

Where: Vale do Anhangabau - Sao Paulo
How much: For free

Monday, June 14, 2010

The sky of Sao Paulo - Céu de São Paulo

This is the name of an interesting blog about pictures of the sky of Sao Paulo: Céu de São Paulo.
Who knew that the sky in São Paulo provides wonderful scenes every day? The photographer Karla Cozzer decided to combine her passion for photography and sky. And so she did the Céu de São Paulo, where she posts herdaily snapshots of the sky between buildings, bridges or blowing bubbles - whatever. She says "after all, our city can be even more beautiful. It depends on how we observe it". We totally agree with her and congratulate with her. One more person who love São Paulo as we do and wants to show its beauty!

Competition: take a picture of a tree in Sao Paulo

Photographing trees in the city of São Paulo is not always easy. When not in a park, they often are surrounded by concrete. Despite this, the city council promotes the fifth competion of pictures of trees in Sao Paulo. A contest in which wins whoever takes the most beautiful and interesting image of a tree in the capital. Last year, when 1296 photos were taken, the winner, the photographer Ulysses Martins Neto, got a sweet click of Roosevelt Square, the center. This year, they created the category 'Biodiversity', which will take into account the relationship of wildlife with green. The application deadline is August 6. This is a nice occation to show how much you love São Paulo, send your picture!

When: Untill August 6th

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Metro of Sao Paulo finally with informations in English

Who travels abroad knows how bad it is to be in a subway station and do not understand anything of what is written in the info guidance. Metro Sao Paulo has always been like that. Since April, however, the system is bilingual. The English version started in the stations of Paradise, Sao Joaquim and Vergueiro, where words like boarding (embaeque), exit (saida) and ticket (bilhete) became part of the landscape. According to the Metro company by the end of the year, the change will occur in other stations of Blue Line 1.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Cinema Festivals for the week end

There will be more than one cinema festival next days in Sao Paulo. Here some tips.

Festival Varilux de Cinema Francês.
It goes until June 10th (it started June 2nd) and it will show the best French movies of the year. Here you can check the program.
When: June 2nd to June 10th
Where: many cinemas of the city
How much: it depends

CineFoot at the Museu do Futebol.
From June 4th to 6th, this is the first cine festival about football, new and old movies. Strange that the country of football didn't have a football cinema festival yet. Good idea. Check out the program.
When: June 4th to 6th
Where: Museu do Futebol

Roman Polansky.
Many films of the discussed film maker. For free at the CCSP.
When: June 3th to 13th.
Where: CCSP, rua Vergueiro 1000 - Sao Paulo

Pasolini at MuBE.
For three Saturdays of the month there will be films of Pasolini at MuBE, for free.
When: June 5th, 19th and 26th, from 7 pm

Month of Woody Allen.
The library Viriato Correa dedicates the month of June to Woody Allen, with films of film makers who follow Allen style (every Sunday of June at 6 pm) and films of Woody Allen himself besides workshops and debates. Check out the program.
Where: Biblioteca Viriato Correa, Rua Sena Madureira 298 - Sao Paulo
When: June, different days and time

Friday, June 4, 2010

14th LGBT Pride Parade in Sao Paulo

The Parada do Orgulho GLBT de Sao Paulo, in Portuguese, has grown from 2,000 participants in 1997 to 3,1 million in 2009. In the Guinness Book, for the world’s biggest Gay Pride celebration. 4 million people are expected for 2010. The theme for 2010 is – "Vote against homophobia: defend citizenship!” – to promote the politic debate and a clear headsup to the Government in a year Brazil is electing its next President, the Senate as well as the Congressmen. A non-profit organization, the APOGLBT’s mission is to fight for a more just and inclusive society, which recognizes equal rights for all. The association has served to promote citizenship and self-esteem of LGBT by conducting and encouraging activities of all kinds. The almost 14 years of success reflect the seriousness of the organization with its principles and goals.

We have been there last year and the environment is pretty safe in the Avenida Paulista at the beginning of the parade where you can see also families taking part at the event. Then the parade walk to the city center, Valle do Anhangabau, and at night of course you have to watch out a bit more, especially those unfriendly people who go to the parade just to make mess forgetting the real meaning of the event. Anyway it worth to take part, even just for a while.

When: June 6th, 2010, from 12 pm
Where: Avenida Paulista

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Bienal de São Paulo announces the list of artists of the 29th edition

Fundação Bienal de São Paulo announced yesterday the names of the artists invited to participate in the 29th edition of the event, which will take place between September 25th and December 12th. With 148 participants and a budget of R $ 30 million, the exposition this year will have three times the size of the 28th Biennial, 2008.

The central theme of the exhibition is the relationship between art and politics - represented by the line of the poem by Jorge de Lima "Há Sempre Um Copo de Mar para Um Homem Navegar" ( "There's Always A Glass of Sea for a Man to Sail"). In the list, about a third of the participants is Brazilian . The Biennale this year has six core themes at which artists and intellectuals will take part and there will be various activities in the fields of language, music, poetry, cinema, performances and discussions on problems of the city.
(O Estado de São Paulo)