Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sacoma Station was inaugurated yesterday bringing new technology to the Metro system

The Brand New Sacomã Station has retention doors at the plataform [photo: paulo toledo piza/g1]
Since the January 11th, the station was undergoing tests. Port retention flow on the platform is one of the novelties.

The Sacomã Station (Line 2 - Green) of the São Paulo Metro was officially opened yesterday (January 30th) at 11h30am. The Station will operate during business hours. From Sunday to Friday, from 4h40am till 0h11am, and on Saturdays from 4h40am till 1am.

Located at Rua Greenfeld, between the streets Bom Pastrol and Lino Coutinho, the station is one of the most modern in Latin America, with doors on the platform composed by glass doors working to reduce the risk of dropping on the Metro line when the train is not there. The Station also has humidifiers and air resources will bring environmental benefits, such as the reuse of rainwater and prioritizing lighting natural, which reduces energy consumption.

Two new other Stations will be delivered on the next upcoming months. They will be the Tamanduateí and Vila Prudente. The Stations will be part of the same line that goes along Paulista Avenue, coming from Vila Madalena and soon, reaching the Vila Prudente on the city East Zone. The lines will connect the metro line with the CPTM (Metropolitan Trains). The City Council expects to rise from 420 thousand to 830 thousand users every day.

Besides the retention door the brand new Sacomã Station has another feature: an automatic turnstiles using glass blocks, ready to be open when you touch the ticket.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Trials for the Sao Paulo Carnival 2010 are already happening for free!

Last night, Samba Schools of the special group of the São Paulo Carnival did some trials at the Sambódromo. The Samba Schools scheduled for yesterday were: Afoxé, Imperador, Leandro, Tucuruvi, Mancha, Vila Maria, Rosas de Ouro and Vai-Vai.

The trials started at 8pm and it will happen also tonight and tomorrow (special and access groups respectively). The schedule for tonight is this one: Afoxé, Águia, Tom, Mocidade, X-9, Gaviões, Império and Pérola.

The access groups (groups under the special group) scheduled for Sunday will be: Flor, Uirapuru, Barroca, Casa Verde, Nenê, Dragões, Camisa and Peruche.

Each school of the special group has to take at least 2 thousand people to the Sambódromo. The challenge is to fit the presentation between the maximum and minimum time they are allowed to. The special group have to cross the 530 meters of the runaway between 55 and 65 minutes. Penalties are applied if the School make a mistake. The access group have to do that between 50 and 60 minutes.

It's a worth visit because there are too much people evolved into the Carnival organization. It's nice to see how these people deal with the stressful situation during that Carnival mood. Nothing can go wrong for those that are trying to offer the best they could do. Every School of Samba has a big team working together to make it happen. Insidesaopaulo will provide some numbers of it soon enough.

Related link: Warming up to the Sao Paulo Carnival 2010 starts tonight

Rosas de Ouro on the Sambódromo last year, the winner of the Carnival 2009

Friday, January 29, 2010

Find out where and how to buy your ticket for the Sao Paulo Carnival

Tickets for the Carnival 2010 in Sao Paulo Sambadrome are available in six selling points of Sao Paulo. Besides these locations, those interested can also make purchases by phone (11) 4003-2245 or by the site until 48 hours before the event.

Ticket prices range from R$ 45 (bleachers) to $ 38,280 (VIP room for 25 people) and no variation in the values according to the sectors. The box office open from 11h to 17h. The school parades take place on February 12th and 13th at the Sambódromo.

Selling points
Ginásio do Ibirapuera: Rua Manoel da Nobrega, 1361 - Ibirapuera
Parque São Jorge: Avenida São Jorge, 777 - Tatuapé
Estádio do Pacaembu: Praça Charles Miller, s/nº - Pacaembu
Estádio do Canindé: Rua Comendador Nestor Pereira, 33 - Pari
Estádio Bruno Daniel: Rua 24 de Maio, s/nº - Santo André
Ginásio de Esporte José Corrêa: Avenida Guilherme P. Guglielmo, 100 - Barueri
Anhembi: Avenida Olavo Fontoura, 1209 – Santana

Find out the sectors
12           Section A - Public Input
13           CCOI (Integrated Coordination Center)
14           Sector B - Public entrance and vehicles
15           Sector C - public entrance
16           Sector D - public entrance
17           Section E - Public entrance
18           Dispersion - Marginal Tietê (output components)
19           Dispersion - Av Olavo Fontoura (output allegories)
20           Section F - Public entrance
21           Sector G - public entrance
23           Section H - Public entrance and press
24           Restricted Access - TV Channel
25           Cabin Note 10
26           Cabin Journal
27           Cabin Bar Brahma
28           Sector J - public entrance
29           Service - entrance concentration
30           Access components
31           Entry Service (VIP Vans and suppliers)
[source: spturis]

Ball Controlling show at Campus Party 2010

The Campus Party 2010 at the Centro de Exposições Imigrantes and several events and stands have been happening at the same time. One of the most interesting one doesn't have that much connection with technology but it is as interesting as. The young athlete Karine Duarte used to be a child player at the Corinthians soccer team in São Paulo and now is a juggling master.

She is the Brazilian recorder of "embaixadinha" (keeping the ball off the ground by using head, breast, thighs and feet). In December of 2007, she kicked 17 thousand times the ball uninterrupted during 2 hours and 22 minutes.
Her ball controlling skill is amazing. Have a look on the amazing video made by the insidesaopaulo team on the Campus Party 2010.

Where: Centro de Exposições Imigrantes — São Paulo
When: January 25th to 31st. Open to visitors: January 26th to 30th, from 10am to 9pm and 31st, from 10am to 5pm (only for the Expo Area). Opening for campers: January 25th at midday.
How much: For free to visit the Expo area. It is not linked to the entry into the Campers area.
How to get there: The best way is to take a subway. The closest one is the Jabaquara Station. Once there, take the corridor on the left straight after the exit point. At the end, is possible to get a bus, free of charge, organized by the event. It's also possible to go by car but it's necessary to pay for parking (R$ 20).

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Moby has anounced a concert in Sao Paulo on April

The singer and American DJ Moby returns to Brazil for two shows in April of his new album "Wait For Me". The musician performs in Sao Paulo on April 23rd, at Credicard Hall, and in Rio de Janeiro on April 24th in Citibank Hall.
The ticket prices has not been disclosed, but a spokesperson for the show has confirmed that the sales will start on February 11th for Citibank clients, and 18th for the general public. Further information about the presentations will be announced soon.

Moby brings a tour of his ninth studio album, "Wait For Me" which came out in late June last year by his own label, Little Idiot Records. The first single from the "Shot in the Back of the Head", which was launched with a video directed by David Lynch.

Warming up to the Sao Paulo Carnival 2010 starts tomorrow

Mocidade Alegre was the School of Samba winner of the Carnival 2009

The Carnival is coming and the samba schools of São Paulo want to anticipate the celebration: tomorrow, the Sambódromo starts to receive technical trials and general members of the 14 schools of Carnaval 2010. The trials will be open to the public and will always start at 8pm.

The "Escolas de Samba" (School of Samba) will take their members to the runway, but won't reveal any "carro alegórico" or costume. Each one has it's own scheduled time to perform. The trials will take place until the first day of the parade, which starts on February 12th.

On this weekend, 12 schools among the 14 subscribed on the special group will be on the "Sambódromo". The complete agenda of all the trials is available at

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Campus Party TV is available alive

If you couldn't come to the Campus Party 2010 in Sao Paulo, you can follow all the events through the live TV.

Find out what is happening right now through the official agenda:

Campus Party 2010: an event full of novelties

Campus Party 2010 happening in São Paulo from January 25th to 31st

The Campus Party is happening at the Centro de Exposições Imigrantes of São Paulo, where 6 thousand geeks are together, discussing about technology. Insidesaopaulo went there to check it out.

Lots of speeches are happening on the four different zones of the Campus Party: Innovation free software, development and security and networks —, Creativity blogs, social networks, digital music, design, drawing and video; Science — modding and robotics — and Entertainment: games and simulation.

On the modding zone, the highlight is the Case Modding made by Maciel Barreto that represents the character Cratos of the famous game "God of War". He designed it using fibra de vidro, resina and plenty of efforts (photo).

Even in the Science zone, there was a technological Berimbau designed to teach students about how use play the instrument. Cristiano Pimentel is the responsible for the devise managed by infrared television control. 

We will come with more information as soon as possible. Keep following us!

Where: Centro de Exposições Imigrantes — São Paulo
When: January 25th to 31st. Open to visitors: January 26th to 30th, from 10am to 9pm and 31st, from 10am to 5pm (only for the Expo Area). Opening for campers: January 25th at midday.
How much: For free to visit the Expo area. It is not linked to the entry into the Campers area (sold out).
How to get there: The best way is to take a subway. The closest one is the Jabaquara Station. Once there, take the corridor on the left straight after the exit point. At the end, is possible to get a bus, free of charge, organized by the event. It's also possible to go by car but it's necessary to pay for parking.

365 photos of Sao Paulo for 2010

Photo from January 21st

Rodrigo Borges is a "Paulistano" commited with his hometown. On the very beginning of 2010 he started to upload pictures of Sao Paulo attempting to a personal proposal: to publish one picture about the city every single day of the year.

Borges is a journalist on a daily news paper and it brings awareness about city's issues to him. However, according to him, there is no specific meaning on the project. He just wants to express his point of view about the city. The photo can be taken accidentally on his way to the job or can be meant by some reason. But only one will be posted each day.

Have a look on his daily updated album at
Rodrigo also has a blog called (Portuguese only).

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A new law requires that street markets will have to be out of the street at 2pm

The traditional street markets working all over the city will have to end one hour earlier from now on. A decree signed by Mayor Gilberto Kassab establishes that the market will have to work between 7:30 and 12:30. After that, the tents will have to be out of the street at 2pm.

Previously the market traders could sell their products till 1h30pm and had the obligation to leave the street at 3pm. According to the Government, responsible for the supervision of the street markets, it aims to avoid traffic jams.

However, some exceptions will be applied. Those street markets that are not held in the streets and avenues do not have to follow the timetable that was set by the city, such as the Benedito Calixto Market (organized in a public square every Saturday). The vendors that do not comply with the established schedule may take a warning, be fined or even suspended.

The decree also provides a new penalty for retailers: if there is recurrence, the market will be suspended for a month and, ultimately, may even be canceled.

Tickets for the Guns N'Roses concert will start to be sold at midnight

Begins, at midnight, the ticket sales via Internet for the show of Guns N' Roses in Sao Paulo. The band plays in Sao Paulo on March 13th at the Palestra Italia. Prices range from R$ 120 to R$ 400.

When: January 27th, at 0am. From 9am it will be possible to buy on +55 11 4003-0848
How much: R$ 120 to R$ 400

Monday, January 25, 2010

CowParade is already spread inside Sao Paulo

Paddle boat cow at Mube, Av. Europa

The outdoor exhibition CowParade is already around the city to celebrate the 456th anniversary of Sao Paulo (January 25th). It will be about 90 cows customized by artists at this time. Many of them are inspired by the chaos of the capital.

Recurrent themes in the life of São Paulo, such as traffic, rain, biking and selective collection, served as the basis for some sculptures. Every artist has a different view of the city. While some see problems, others see solutions.

The fun cows are installed at various points, such as Avenida Paulista, Rua Oscar Freire, Brigadeiro Faria Lima and many other points. The process of selection of the artists was made in September, when they were chosen projects submitted by graffiti artists, architects and designers. The organization has also invited 13 people from other areas.

Initially scheduled for November 2009, the show has ran for 55 cities, including New York and Tokyo. The exhibition is in the state capital until March 21. The cows will be auctioned after the exhibition period and the income will be donated to the Foundation called Gol de Letra (responsable for education program for child).

Where: Around the city
When: till March 21st

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Plenty of concerts for free at Vale do Anhangabau to celebrate the 456th anniversary of Sao Paulo

São Paulo is celebrating 456 years on January 25th (tomorrow) and one of the celebrations will feature a marathon of 30 hours of concerts for free on the Vale do Anhangabaú.

The event has already began (January 24th, 3pm) it will end just on January 25th at 8pm.

The highlight of the party in Anhangabaú will be the concert of Demônios da Garoa (traditional band of Sao Paulo), which will head the fireworks at viaduto do chá. Their concert will be at 11h35pm, January 24th. After the fires, there will be a music challenge between the group Demônios da Garoa and the band Quinteto Branco e Preto, which will also perform at the event at 11pm.

On January 25th, the highlight is the new generation of music, with Paula Lima, Negra Li e Toni Garrido and Leci Brandão. The government expects 80 million people will be part of the event tonight.

Masterpieces of Chagall have just arrived at MASP

The art of Marc Chagall will fill up the first floor of the MASP Museum with the exhibition "O Mundo Mágico de Marc Chagall - Gravuras" (The Magic World of Marc Chagall - Prints).

Curated by Fabio Magalhães, the exhibition brings 178 images, which includes 23 pictures of "The Fables of La Fontaine" (1920) and the complete series "The Bible" (1930) and "Daphne and Chloe" (1950s) — 42 paintings made in 1953 and 1954, about two trips that Chagall made for Greece in order to know the rural culture of the country.

The series "Fables of La Fontaine", with 23 engravings, was a work produced in 1926 and 1927, intended to Marc Chagall by the critic and art dealer, Ambroise Vollard.

Before Chagall ended the series, Vollard asked a series of works that would be named "The Bible", with includes 105 engravings.

Chagall went to Palestine to get to know the history of biblical events. Then worked on it from 1931 to 1939. The Russian painter and engraver died in 1985 in France (97 years old).
[source: destak]

Where: MASP
When: January 23rd to March 28th, from
Phone: (11) 3251-5644
How much: R$ 15 but on Monday, the anniversary of Sao Paulo will be for free!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Exhibition brings about 2 thousand images of Brazil made by Swiss artist during last Century

John Louis Graz (1891-1980) arrived in Brazil in 1920. From there, the artist, a Swiss architect and designer, who died in 1980, made drawings and notes about what he thought of the country.

An area of 150 square meters of the Caixa Cultural Cathedral hosts the exhibition of 2 thousand of his drawings about Brazil entitled "O Brasil de John Graz" (The Brazil of John Graz). It's all about his trips, parties, landscapes, flora, fauna and also the Brazilian people.

Where: Caixa Cultural - Praça da Sé, 111 — Centro — São Paulo
When: January 23rd to February 28th, from 9am till 9pm.
Phone: (11) 3321-4400
How much: For Free

Friday, January 22, 2010

Exhibition brings 22 posters about images of Sao Paulo

A group of architects, artists and designers were invited to create posters that represent the cultural diversity of the city. The result is exhibition entitled "Um Cartaz Para São Paulo" (a poster for Sao Paulo). The exhibition brings 22 artworks, and begins on Monday at the Centro Universitário Maria Antonia.

Names such as the Spanish Isidro Ferrer, Carlos Perrone, Cecilia Consolo, Ronald Kapaz and French Michel Bouvet display artworks that express behavior, languages and urban tribes, among other characteristics of the city.

Where: Centro Universitário Maria Antonia — Rua Maria Antonia, 294 — Vila Buarque — São Paulo
When: January 25th to February 28th, Tuesday to Friday, from 10am till 9pm; Saturday, Sundays and Holidays, from 10am till 6pm.
Phone: (11) 3255-7182
How mcuh: For free

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Yakisoba Factory, a new Japanese Restaurant inside Sao Paulo

Sao Paulo has a wide range of Japanese Restaurants since the immigration was huge during the last century and the city loves the good food but what we will introduce you today is a totally new option. The target is in fact to offer many options of the famous Oriental noodles in a fast food system still preserving the high quality of the basic products and at a very affordable price.

There will be dishes for any taste, from the classic Yakisoba to the most creative combination and not only, it will be possible to start the meal with a portion of delicious dumplings and to end with a tasty dessert as the frozen green tea yogurt. It is brand new so don't miss the opportunity to go there and tell us what you think about it.

Where: Yakisoba Factory, Rua Gomes de Carvalho 1086 - Vila Olimpia - São Paulo
Phone: 11-2366 1474
When: From Monday to Saturday from 11h30 am to 3h30 pm

Andy Warhol inside Sao Paulo

For the first time the works of the Pop Art icon Andy Warhol will be in Brasil. The exhibition of the famous painter, who was also a photographer and a film maker, will put together 160 pieces in the Pinacoteca de Sao Paulo. Unluckily the dates have not been announced yet but we will keep you informed because this must really be on your planner. 
[source: guia sp]
Andy Warhol's Marilyn Monroe in hot pink

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Sao Paulo city council will try vegetarian meals and supervise the origin of meat sold in the city

Last January 14th, the Mayor of Sao Paulo Gilberto Kassab, approved a law requiring a history of origin of each lot of meat about to be sold inside the city.

The document must certificate that the meat was not produced on illegally deforested areas, indigenous lands or protected areas of the Amazon and was not used child labor.

The Alderman Roberto Tripoli is the author of the law that aims to protect not just the environment, but also create a vegetarian menu for the school lunch served on the public education system. The proposal wants to discuss the gradual reduction of using meat.

That was an amendment approved last December and aims to provide R$ 500 thousand to the city Education Department use the vegetarian project on three different schools during one year.

The city council has 60 days to organize the law and monitor the adequate compliance.

Subway trains will travel faster on rainy days

Metro will invest in a new brake system, which will allow trains from lines 1/Blue and 3/Red, do not have to slow to 30% on rainy days crossing short outdoor stretches.

New brakes were already installed on 17 trains arriving this month. A contract of R$ 90 million was signed to adapt the braking system of the old trains.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Campus Party 2010 begins on January 25th and brings plenty of issues about internet and social network

Campus Party 2009 during robot fight [photo: leonardo augusto matsuda]

From January 25th to 31st six thousand people will get together at the Centro de Exposições Imigrantes of Sao Paulo to discuss important issues about internet during the Campus Party 2010. Some of them are the new rules of copyright in Brazil, the national plan for broadband and the influence of social networks during the election campaigns this year.

For one week, participants in the Campus Party move with their computers, bags and tents within the premises of the event. There are a complete infrastructure of services, leisure, health, safety, food and technology.

According to Marcelo Branco, event's director, "the Campus Party goes further than a platform of discussion of internet issues; it's a party, a camp party. This is the spirit we want to keep. It is a meeting place of celebration and fun". One of the debates scheduled for this year is the issue of "New Copyright Law". The idea is to create a dialogue between the entertainment industry and the Internet User.

This one is the third edition and it has a project issued by the Human Rights sector, released this year. The National Department for Human Rights managed by the federal government has officially endorse the event and wants to discuss three topics: pedophilia on the Internet, where the idea is to encourage participants to create a campaign against child abuse using graphic elements. Another issue is education and the Internet, and the third one is a technological issue evolving accessibility and discussing how to include the uncountable number of disabled people within the technological segment.

On this year, following what happened in 2009, the participants will have a network with the super speed of 10GB and will live on through an intense agenda including workshops, lectures, conferences, competitions and recreational activities in four different zones of the Campus Party:
  • Innovation: free software, development and security and networks;  
  • Creativity: blogs, social networks, digital music, design, drawing and video;  
  • Science: modding and robotics;  
  • Entertainment: games and simulation. 

Among the highlights included on this event, will be possible to meet:
  • Scott Goodstein, the guru of the campaign of Barack Obama in the presidential elections, which will discuss policy in the Web.
  • Kevin Mitnick, who was famous for getting unauthorized access to systems, often the toughest already developed in some of the largest corporations in the world. He will attend the opening ceremony and lectures with the theme "the art of deception."
  • Marco Figueiredo, a researcher for 17 years inside the Center Goddard Space Flight, NASA. He will talk about free space exploration: and the struggle for open knowledge.
  • Lawrence Lessig, the founder of the Creative Commons. A professor in law school at Stanford and one of the greatest defenders of free licenses for the distribution of cultural goods and fair use.
  • David Neeleman, who created the system of E-Tkts, a revolutionary idea for the aviation system. David implemented the Live TV (a live TV specially designed for the aircraft system) and was directly involved in Open Skies (company focuses on the management of revenue resources and reserves based on the internet). In 2008, created in Brazil the Blue Airlines, the company that exclusively uses E-Jets.

    Where: Centro de Exposições Imigrantes — São Paulo
    When: January 25th to 31st. Open to visitors: January 26th to 30th, from 10am to 9pm and 31st, from 10am to 5pm (only for the Expo Area). Opening for campers: January 25th at midday.
    How much: For free to visit the Expo area. It is not linked to the entry into the Campers area. R$ 140 to get inside the camping area. R$ 15 for camping (optional).
    The tip is the Power Pack (optional): R$ 165. Includes food service during the seven days of the event (food, drink and dessert). The service starts on January 25th with a dinner at 7pm, and ends with a lunch on January 31st at midday.
    How to get there: The best way is to take a subway. The closest one is the Jabaquara Station. Once there, take the corridor on the left straight after the exit point. At the end, is possible to get a bus, free of charge, organized by the event. It's also possible to go by car but it's necessary to pay for parking.

    Monday, January 18, 2010

    Couromoda 2010 Exposition has just started and brings 1,100 exhibitors to the 37th edition

    Couromoda is a strong leather exhibition. The market represented US$ 1,3 billion last year.

    The 37th edition of the Couromoda exposition has just started. Some important political authorities were present at the Sala São Paulo of the Holliday Inn Hotel, on the official opening of the event.

    Couromoda, the leading shoes, sportsgoods and leathergoods fair on the Latin American market, featuring results that reflect the new economic scene of Brazil.

    Among the officials was the mayor of Sao Paulo, Gilberto Kassab, Ivan Ramalho, minister of the Ministry of Development, Industry and Foreign Trade. The event will be running from January 18th to 21st at Anhembi. At this time, about 1,100 exhibitors will be representing 3 thousand brands of footwear, accessories, sporting goods.

    The event represents a market segment that has exported about US$ 1,3 billion last year. The tradeshow profile brings International Shoes, Sport Goods and Leather Goods Fair. It is the most important business event of the footwear and leather goods industry, and the most prestige and representative fair of the sector.

    When it comes to the production of footwear and leather goods, Brazil is highly diversified and sophisticated, consistently providing exigent markets around the world with fashionable and quality products. Using state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies, the Brazilian collections have grabbed attention thanks to their highly contemporary designs and creativity. Come to check it out!

    Where: Pavilhão do Anhembi, situado na Av. Olavo Fontoura, 1.209 - São Paulo
    When: January 18th to 21st, from 10am till 8pm. On Thursday the event ends at 5pm.
    Tickets: the event aims to attend the professional sector, and is open only to retailers, entrepreneurs and people who prove their connection with the sector. The admission is free, by invitation or accreditation in advance.

    Tickets for the Concert of the ZZ Top Band in Sao Paulo are available

    Tickets for the Concert of the ZZ Top has began to be sold in Sao Paulo. The band will be on the stage at Via Funchal (phone 2144-5444) on May 22nd. Prices range from R$ 200 to R$ 300. It is the first time that the American rock band comes to Brazil. The trio is known for hits like "Gimme All Your Lovin", "Legs" and "La Grange".

    Related links: ZZ Top will have a Concert in Brasil on December
    ZZ Top has finally scheduled Concerts in South America. Two of them will be in Sao Paulo!

    Sunday, January 17, 2010

    Hamburgueria Sujinho is a brand new option for those looking for the best burguer!

    Front door of Hamburgueria do Sujinho [photo: luisa santosa]

    If you are looking for a good hamburger, take note of this brand new burger shop in town.

    Basically, the burger on the grill is the essential ingredient in sandwiches, right? The Hamburgueria Sujinho makes it better when they offer the possibility of mixing loads of sauces and ingredients. On the menu, there are also options of salads and stuffed baked potatoes. Among the beverage, the highlight is the Nutella milkshake, made with the famous chocolate spread with hazelnut (R$ 17, 600 ml). A simple salad x-R sells for R$ 11,10. The prices are quite high compared with average similars. So far none of them accept credit card, debit card or any restaurant cards. Only money or checks.

    "The main concept is to place the barbecue Sujinho bread," said Afonso Reyes, the house's founder.
    Sujinho is an old and traditional restaurant of Sao Paulo. So old that neither the owners know for sure the Sujinho's opening date... You know, just who was there in the 1920s can remember that, said Reyes. Nowadays Sujinho has other three restaurants further the Hamburgueria. One on the centre and two others on the Av. Consolação, close to the Paulista Avenue.

    Where: Rua Maceió, 64 - Consolação - São Paulo
    Phone: 3231-5207

    Saturday, January 16, 2010

    Sao Paulo Fashion Week starts this Sunday and runs for the whole week

    Chanel Iman modelling for Gucci

    38 brands will parade in SPFW from 11am on Sunday, when the Cavalera opens the event. This edition of the Sao Paulo Fashion Week will have 38 brands and runs through next Friday (22), when André Lima ends the event, at 8pm. On the first day, the brands on the catwalk will be: Cavalera and Rosa Chá, Osklen, Priscilla Darolt, Fause Haten, Mario Queiroz and Colcci.

    The theme chosen for the issue that shows the trends for next winter's "language". According to the organization, the Bienal Building inside the Ibirapuera Park will be occupied by a mixture of words, icons, fonts, images and tags.

    The parade this year will again be in the building located in the Ibirapuera park, but six parades will be on four different other buildings of Sao Paulo: Galeria do Rock, FAAP, SESC Pompeia and Shopping Iguatemi (see schedule below).

    A parade of Cavalera, at 11am on Sunday at the Rock Gallery opens the fall-winter edition of the Sao Paulo Fashion Week, an event that will not have Gisele Bundchen, his big star in recent years.

    The supermodel Gisele Bündchen gave birth to her first child in December and therefore not participate in the parade of Colcci, as she did in recent years.

    Without Gisele, the great attraction of the runway of Sao Paulo Fashion Week must be Chanel Iman, who parade by Rosa Chá designer who returns to attend the event. The Model from Atlanta (20 years old) appears among the top models of the world according to the ranking of the respected website
    The parade of Chanel is scheduled for Sunday 8h15pm at the Bienal building. 
    11am – Cavalera – Galeria do Rock
    3pm - Osklen
    4pm - Priscilla Darolt
    5pm - Fause Haten
    6h30pm - Mario Queiroz
    8h15pm - Rosa Chá
    9h30pm - Colcci

    10am - Maria Bonita – Sesc Pompeia
    12h30pm - Reinaldo Lourenço – FAAP
    3pm - Maria Garcia
    5pm - Alexandre Herchcovitch (feminino)
    6h30pm - Cori
    8pm - Fórum Tufi Duek
    9h30pm - Samuel Cirnasck

    12h30pm - Iódice
    3pm - Ronaldo Fraga
    4h30pm - Simone Nunes
    6pm - Fabia Berseck
    7h30pm - Ellus
    9pm – Triton

    1h30pm - Gloria Coelho – Shopping Iguatemi
    3pm - Erika Ikezili
    4h30pm - Amapô
    6pm - Huis Clos
    7h30pm - 2nd Floor
    9pm – Animale

    Midday - Alexandre Herchcovitch (masculino) – Shopping Iguatemi
    3pm - Oestúdio
    4pm - Jefferson Kulig
    5h30pm - V.Rom
    7pm - Neon
    8pm - Wilson Ranieri
    9h30 - Lino Villaventura

    Midday - Isabela Capeto – Shopping Iguatemi
    3pm - Carlota Joakina
    5pm - Reserva
    6h30pm - Do Estilista
    8pm - André Lima

    The his and hers ultra-low cut denim look by Zoomp, shown at the Sao Paulo Fashion Week of 2005.

    Friday, January 15, 2010

    Acrobatic show for free every January weekend!

    That's true, for the all month of January the group called Acrobatico Fratelli will present a show called Vitoria Regia (Regal Victory) at the SESC Santana. It will be possible to get to know this Brazilian legend through a mix of synchronized swim, water acrobatics, dances, lights show, circus performances and multimedia. Something really complex to do and with a magic result. Between the performers there will be Cinthia Beranek, who worked in the Circus du Soleil, the dancer Kiko Caldos and the Brazilian team of synchronized swim.
    [source: GuiaSP]

    Where: SESC Santana, Avenida Luiz Dumont Villares, 579 Santana — São Paulo
    When: Saturday at 8h30 pm and Sunday at 7h30 pm
    How much: Free

    Thursday, January 14, 2010

    Rock Festival inside the Ibirapuera Park

    This week end it is going to start the Festival Alto Verao (Late Summer Festival) at the Ibirapuera Park, in the Auditorium.There will be shows next Friday, Saturday and Sunday of band like Móveis Coloniais de Acaju, Macaco Bong, Hurtmold e Cidadão Instigado. The entrance can be purchased at any show but if you wanna take part at all of them there a big promotion.

    If you don't know the bands here few lines about them: The Macaco Bong is a trio from Cuiaba playing instrumental rock. The Hurtmold were formed in 1998 in Sao Paulo, they basically play rock music but they are influenced by other style of music too on the contrary the rock of the Cidadão Instigado is mixed with music from North East of Brazil and Seventies' rock. Finally enjoy the Móveis Coloniais de Acaju whose musicians bring new instruments for a rock band like the mouth-organ and the trumpet, so not only guitarr, drum and bass. Enjoy it!

    Macaco Bong - Jan. 15th and 16th at 9pm
    Hurtmold - Jan. 17th at 7pm
    Moveis Colonias de Acaju - Jan. 22nd and 23d at 9pm
    Cidadao Instigado - January 24th at 7pm
    Where: AuditorioAv. Pedro Álvares Cabral, s/nº – Entrance number 2 of the Parque do Ibirapuera — São Paulo
    How much: R$ 30 for each show or R$ 80 for the entire festival.

    Guns N' Roses have already defined the stage's spot for their concert in Sao Paulo

    The concert of the band leaded by Axl Rose in Sao Paulo on March 13th, will be at the Stadium Palestra Italia. The same place where recently played Iron Maiden, Rod Stewart and Ozzy Osbourne (2008). The ticket sale begins on January 27th. Prices have not been defined yet.

    Wednesday, January 13, 2010

    High-Speed Rail connecting Rio de Janeiro to Sao Paulo, the dream is getting reality.

    Last December 18th the Federal Government finally published the notification that the High-Speed Rail  - TAV (Trem de Alta Velocidade) - will be built in a period of five years and using R$ 34,6 billion. The different companies that want to gain this work, can present their projects in the next months since just in May the winner will be announced. Obviously it will be chosen the company proposing the cheapest ticket and the highest technology innovation. This will be the first High-Speed Rail in Latin America and it will be really usefull to connect the main Brazilian cities that are now linked by tens of daily flight and buses. The rail will be 510,8 km long, the train will be able to reach the speed of 350 km/h and it will pass through several stations: two in Rio (International Airport and Barão de Mauá), two in Sao Paulo (International Airport and Campo de Marte), Campinas and its Viracopos Airport plus other small stations (Vale do Paraíba Fluminense, Vale do Paraíba Paulista, Aparecida). Let's wait to know the winner!

    Tuesday, January 12, 2010

    More than 20 million people in Sao Paulo

    20 million people lives on the metropolitan area of Sao Paulo [photo:]

    The Emplasa - the State firm that cares about the city planning - announced in these days that Sao Paulo passes the 20 million inhabitants. In this exactly moment the people in Sao Paulo Metropolitan Area are 20.011.213 but it is possible to keep it update following the website of the Emplasa where you can find on the main page (on the right bottom) the estimation of the inhabitants of São Paulo on real time. Evidently it is a fast growing city!

    Monday, January 11, 2010

    Check out the lineup of the Sao Paulo Street Parades during Carnival 2010

    Bloco do Candinho in front of the Theatro Municipal - centre of Sao Paulo

    The São Paulo Carnival it's not just about Schools of Samba at Anhembi. There are many other events happening during the biggest Brazilian Party. One of the most popular manifestation is one called Blocos de Rua (Street Parade Block - sort of bunch of people following pre-organized route around the city). According to the ABASP - Associação das Bandas Carnavalescas de São Paulo (Sao Paulo Association of Carnival Bands), eight blocks have already confirmed the date and route of the parade.

    Check below which blocks already agreed the date of the parade, where is the meeting point and the route they must follow.

    Banda do Candinho 
    The Street Parade will happen on Wednesday (February 10th) through the streets of the neighborhoods of Bela Vista and Bixiga, in the Centre of Sao Paulo. The concentration (meeting point) will be at 5pm on the corner of Rua Santo Antonio and Rua 13 de Maio, in Bixiga. The parade should start around 9pm.

    Route (click here to see on the map): Rua Santo Antônio, Rua Martinho Prado, Rua Martins Fontes, Rua da Consolação, Rua Cel. Xavier de Toledo, Praça Ramos de Azevedo, Teatro Municipal, Rua Conselheiro Crispiniano, Largo do Paissandu, Av. São João, Av. Ipiranga, Praça da República, Av. São Luiz, Viaduto 9 de Julho and Rua Santo Antônio until the corner of the Rua 13 de Maio.

    Banda Redonda
    The Street Parade will happen on Monday (February 8th) at 9pm on the streets of the Central region of Sao Paulo. The meeting will be at 7pm on the corner of Rua da Consolação and Avenida Ipiranga.

    Route (click here to see on the map): Rua Dr. Teodoro Baíma, Rua da Consolação, Rua Cel. Xavier de Toledo, Praça Ramos de Azevedo, Teatro Municipal, Rua Conselheiro Crispiniano, Largo do Paissandu, Av. São João, Av. Ipiranga, Praça da República and Rua Dr. Teodoro Baíma.

    Bloco Classe A
    The parade will be in Barra Funda, in the central region of Sao Paulo, Saturday, (February 6th), at 3pm. The concentration is scheduled for midday at Rua Souza Lima, 295.

    Route (click here to see on the map): Rua Souza Lima, Rua Barra Funda, Alameda Eduardo Prado, Praça Marechal Deodoro, Rua General Olimpio da Silveira, Rua Mario de Andrade, Rua Lopes Chaves, Rua Joao de Barros, Rua Brigadeiro Galvão, Rua Conselheiro Brotero, Rua Barra Funda and Rua Souza Lima.

    Bloco da Ressaca
    The Street parade goes through the streets of Cambuci between the central and south zone of Sao Paulo. The parade is scheduled for 4h30pm, but the concentration will be at 2pm, in Largo do Cambuci.

    Route (click here to see on the map): Largo do Cambuci, Rua Luiz Gama, Rua Cesário Ramalho, Rua dos Alpes, Rua Gerônimo de Albuquerque, Rua Barão de Jaguará, Rua Silveira da Motta, Rua Justo Azambuja and Rua do Lavapés until the Largo do Cambuci.

    Banda do Trem Elétrico
    The Street Parade will happen on the neighborhood of Consolação, Central region of Sao Paulo. It's scheduled to on Friday (February 12th) at 9pm. The concentration will be at 7pm at Rua Augusta with Rua Luiz Coelho, close to the Consolação Metro Station.

    Route (click here to see on the map): Rua Augusta, Rua Martins Fontes, Rua Cel. Xavier de Toledo and Praça Ramos de Azevedo.

    Bloco UMES Caras Pintadas
    The show runs through the streets of some neighborhoods in the Bela Vista and Bixiga, in central Sao Paulo. In 2010, the parade will start at 7pm on Thursday (February 11th). The concentration will be at 5pm, at Rua Rui Barbosa, 323.

    Route (click here to see on the map): Rua Rui Barbosa, Rua Santo Antônio, Rua 13 de Maio, Viaduto Armandinho do Bixiga and Rua Rui Barbosa.

    Banda Bantantã
    The block is scheduled to the Butantã neighborhood, West Zone of São Paulo, on Friday (February 5th), at 9pm. The meeting point, however, begins much earlier, at 4pm, at the corner of Avenida Waldemar Ferreira and Rua Judge Armando Fairbanks.

    Route (click here to see on the map): Rua Desembargador Armando Fairbanks, Av. Vital Brasil, Rua Estevão Lopes, Rua Gaspar Moreira, Praça Monte Castelo, Rua Romão Gomes and Av. Lopes, Rua Gaspar Moreira, Praça Monte Castelo, Rua Romão Gomes and backs to the Av. Waldemar Ferreira. The block does two times the same route.

    Banda Grone's
    The Street Parade will happen on Sunday (February 7th), at 4pm the streets of Tremembé in the north region of Sao Paulo. The meeting will be at 1pm at Rua Dr. Saturnino Vilalba around the Praça Lions.

    Route (click here to see on the map): Rua Dr. Saturnino Villalva, Rua Mártires Armênios, Rua Reverendo George Michel Atlas, Rua Alcindo Bueno de Assis and Rua Lavinia Pacheco e Silva.

    Sunday, January 10, 2010

    Ducha – Where to but your Brazilian soap

    This is the result of a partnership between a chemist and an art director. The store has the proposal of taking care of the bath and enhance the bathroom with differentiated products ranging from cosmetics and other objects such as furniture and accessories.

    The space is has plenty of colors and aromas of tropical fruits. The cosmetics are produced with raw materials and have fresh aromas, which give that bathed feeling. Orange, lemon balm and ginger with vanilla are some of the fragrances. Products that carry these three fragrances are soap bars, liquid soap, cologne after-bath, moisturizing cream, exfoliating gel, bath oil and bath infusions. To complete the atmosphere, candle and incense for the environment. Besides cosmetics you'll find a specific line of furniture for bathroom with clean and functional forms.

    Where: Rua Alagoas 503, loja 1 - Higienopolis, Sao Paulo
    Phone: (11) 3826 - 3994

    Saturday, January 9, 2010

    All Black is an interesting Irish Pub in town. Great beer, good music and wonderful people

     All Black on the 250th Guinness aniversary on August 21st, 2009

    This is one of the best Irish bars of Sao Paulo. There'll be a lot more than drink flowing in the All Black, where good conversation, the best music repertory and beautiful people are the biggest bar's feature.

    All Black Irish Pub brings a bit of the Irish way of living. A pub with good drink, good food, good music, good conversation and lots of fun!

    The staff is friendly and are prepared to offer you a great variety of international beer brands. An Irish soccer decoration sets the place, and a New Zealand flag betrays one of the owner's roots. It also offers Mini Steak and Cheese Pie, Potato Wedges, Irish Pasties, Thai Chicken, Skewers Spicy Wings etc.

    Where: All Black, Rua Oscar Freire, 163 — Jardim Paulista — São Paulo
    Phone:  (11) 3088-7990
    When: Minday to Friday, from 6pm till late; Saturday, from 7pm till late.

    Friday, January 8, 2010

    Prainha Paulista Bar wants to be the beach spot of Paulista Avenue

    Prainha Paulista (Paulista Little Beach) is the name of a bar close to the Paulista Avenue, a perfect meeting point for happy hour. Currently frequented by business people, this bar offers tap beer, caipirinha and lots of delicious snacks.

    The name comes from the idea of having a little beach close to the busiest business place in town. The position of the pub, plus and arquitecture brings up this feeling of been in a beach. Well, despite it is not true, at least the beer is pretty good (more than 4 times elected as the best tap beer by Brahma/Ambev).

    Attended by interesting and beautiful people, the bar is also a great place for flirting, even though everyone in there came straight from the job. The range of snacks is pretty wide. The advice goes to the Picanha na Grelha (800gr of Argentinean Picanha on the Grill, dry garlic fried, mostard sauce, Vinagrete and manioc). It fits really well with tap beer and the sensation of being in the beach.

    Where: Alameda Joaquim Eugênio de Lima, 557 — Jardim Paulista — São Paulo
    When: Every day, from 11am till 1am.
    Phone: (11) 3284-6345
    How much: About R$ 35 per person

    Thursday, January 7, 2010

    Arola Vintetres is an elegant restaurant at the 23rd floor. Great view for a cocktail

    If you are in Sao Paulo for business or has just moved to the city and want to know great spots to hang out, here is tip. The 23rd floor of the five-star hotel Tivoli São Paulo-Mofarrej, has just opened the restaurant Arola-Vintetres. The renowned Spanish chef Sergi Arola has created the drink of the same name [Arola] just to open the restaurant's bar, which has an incredible view of the skyline of Paulista Avenue. Prepared by the bartender Aline Neves, this cocktail is composed by pieces of pineapple marinated in white rum and spiced with pink pepper. About the mixture is added crushed ice, rum and tonic. Served in Martini glass, this is definitely a start up drink!
    Where: Arola-Vintetres, Alameda Santos, 1.437 — Jardins — São Paulo
    When: Monday to Saturday, for lunch and dinner.
    How much: R$ 35 for the Arola cocktail.

    Wednesday, January 6, 2010

    Bar Ó has a homy mood. Great place for a cold beer!

    Bar Ó's front door

    One of the most traditional bars in town, Bar Ó comes from Freguesia do Ó suburb for a new branch addressed in Vila Madalena. The decoration display lots of B/W pictures, and the owner is always around inside the pub and the staff service is very competent.

    The menu has all the average snacks but the best 'petisco' (snack) is the Maravilha de Queijo com Tomate Seco (Cheese dumplings wrapped in noodles and stuffed with sun dried tomatoes). There are four types of cheese, which gives a taste for very juicy tidbit. It's necessary to highlight that it was created by the owner's mom. There is nothing better than mom food. Try out!

    Where: Bar Ó, R. Morato Coelho, 861 — Vila Madalena — São Paulo
    When: Tuesday to Friday, from 4pm till the last customer; Saturday and Sunday, from 3pm till the last customer.
    Phone: (11) 3034-4118
    How much: About R$ 35 per person.