Monday, November 30, 2009

The City Council released a voluntary campaing offering 30% discount on taxi fare during the weekend

The Taxi Amigão (Buddy Taxi), is a City Council plan organized to provide discounts (30%) on cab fares during the weekend. It will be released Today by the Transport Department. The proposal is to give discount during Friday night and Saturday.

It isn't a law, so not every cab is participating at the deal. The City Council is offering advantages for those who decided to get in voluntarily, such as discount on parking tickets and some others. According to the Mayor Gilberto Kassab, hundreds of taxi drivers have joined the project, which aims to reduce traffic accidents and collaborate to the drinking restriction law. Remember to ask the taxi driver.
[source: destak]

There is a Polar Bear inside the Ibirapuera Park

Polar Bear placed beside the Ibirapuera's Auditorium
A Polar Bear, 12 meters high was inflated at Ibirapuera Park last Saturday and it will be there for two months. The proposal is to grab attention for the problem of global warming on the eve of the climate conference in Copenhagen, this December.

The campaign also suggests the use of "cool roofs": painting roofs and tiles using white color. It makes the roof capture less heat from the sun and helps reducing the local temperature and power consumption, less need for air conditioning.

Today begins the sale of tickets for Metallica concert

It opens today (November 30th) at midnight, on the website, the sale of tickets for the Metallica concert in Sao Paulo (January 30th), at the Morumbi Stadium. The ticket prices goes from R$ 150 to R$ 500

Tomorrow at 9 am the sale by phone (11) 4003-8282 begins and at 10 am in the official shops (find out more on the same website). The office of Credicard Hall (av. das Nações Unidas, 17.981) is the only place where is possible to buy without "convenience fee".

Related link: Metallica: show in Sao Paulo on 2010

Sunday, November 29, 2009

The new project of the most famous corner of the city

The corner between the Avendia Sao Joao e Avenida Ipiranga is famous since ever in the city and it is even more celebrated by the beautiful song of Caetano Veloso called Sampa and by the great pub called Bar Brahma we already talked about.

The greatest Brazilian musicians used to meet there and play and exactly these days some people that used to meet in this corner during sixties and seventies, met in the Bar Brahma to launch an association called Associaçao Esquina da MPB (Corner Association of Brazilian Popular Music - MPB) in order to promote every 15 days starting from March 2010 free meetings about MPB for everyone to get to know better this wonderful Brazilian music style. This project is a really good idea considering the story of the Bar Brahma and the importance of this corner for the Brazilian Music. It is going to take still few months but we are sure it worth the wait.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Vira Cultura - 35 hours of free cultural events

Today and tomorrow (November 28th and 29th) the Livraria Cultura is proposing a series of events calles Vira Cultura to remind the Virada Cultural that usually is organized by the city of Sao Paulo. The program is really various and there will be something for everyone. For children, cinema fans and music lovers.

The event is going to happen during 35 hours, from 9 am of November 28th to 9 pm of November 29th all the events are for free and will be set in the 5 locations of the Livraria Cultura plus in the Cine Bombril and in the Academia Bio Ritmo. There will be pocket shows, circus, dance shows, movies, yoga classes, stand up comedy and much more. Check the program on their website and choose what best suites you.

Cupcakes in Sao Paulo

Just opened these days a place you can't miss if you love cakes. It is called Wondercakes and it is specialized in cupcakes, like small muffins but filled with everything delicious you can imagine. At the moment there are 15 different types but every month the master cooks will be launching a new one. There are also some filled with cheese interesting to try. The Wondercakes is located in Rua Augusta one of the most enjoyable street of the city. Have a try and you'll fall in love for cupcakes.

Where: Wondercakes, Rua Augusta 2542— São Paulo
Phone: (11) 3063-1209

Friday, November 27, 2009

Rhino Pub is a great pub to have a quality beer in town

Classic counter inside the Rhino Pub

Rhino Pub is a brand new pub established on Moema suburb and the proposal is to offer beer, football and rock'n'roll to the customers. There are 5 plasma TVs inside the bar where is possible to watch a different game on each one (on demand). The bar also offers wireless connection and more than 60 different brands of beer including the Guinness one (but doesn't have agreement with Imbev, so no Brahma neither Skol).

This is bar is a spruced version of an authentic English pub, but at the same time, the rustic decor makes so elegant that becomes a great place to flirt interesting girls and the pub doesn't lack on them.

The menu is tasty and offers several classic British recipes on the menu, including Fish and Chips and Onion Rings among many others. The suggestion goes to the London Eye Calamari (Calamari rings, covered by grated Parmesan cheese plus Crimean sauce). They offer an english menu and the staff is ready to talk to anyone not Portuguese speaker.

Rhino Pub is well characterized to represent the supposed story of a victorian British fleet of World War II called "Rhino Squad". The Pub is based on the aspect of victorian and honor to present. The decoration counts with rhino's heads in everywhere. The bar is very nice and looked out of place. It has some stained glass on the wall, interesting beer tabs on the counter and a spacious stage at the end of the pub.

Inauguration day of the Rhino Pub (August 4, 2009)

Where: Rhino Pub,
Av. Cotovia, 99 — Moema — São Paulo
When: Tuesday to Friday, opens at 6pm and closes at 1am on Tuesday, Wednesday at 2am and Thurday and Friday at 3am. Saturday, from 8pm till 5am.
Phone: (11) 5041-4188
How much: It's free to get in before eleven, but after that its R$ 30 per person.

Paulista Avenue receives a brand new park tomorrow (November 28th)

The brand new park will be opened to the public this Saturday and will be called Park Mario Covas. Located at the corner of Avenida Paulista and Alameda Ministro Rocha Azevedo. The Park, which has space for artistic performances and also benches and tables, will be open from 6am till 10pm.

Reform of the area of over 5 thousands square meters, made by Bank Itaú, began in June. Before, the space was used as a car park.
[photo: luisa santosa]

Paulista Center Hotel - in the highest point of Sao Paulo

Will this hotel be of your pleasure? The website starting sentence state that the hotel is located in the highest point of the city and for sure will be fulfilling your expectations. In fact all the services offered by the Paulista Center Hotel makes it a really good place to stay not considering that the position is great, on the corner between Avenida Paulista and Rua da Consoloçao.

This hotel seems to offer anything you might need during your stay in Sao Paulo, like for example wi-fi, reservation of tour, renting of cars and of course a great buffet breakfast full of fresh fruit. Finally they also offer a conference room for small events (almost 40 people) but they will be happy to answer more informations about their service not forgetting that since 1982 this hotel can be considered a synonymous of great service.

Rua da Consolaçao 2567
— São Paulo
(11) 3062-0733

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Two Italian Film Festivals are happening simultaneously in Sao Paulo

Two Italian film festivals are happening at the same time in the city. They are the Semana Venezia Cinema (Venice Film Week) and Semana Pirelli de Cinema (Pirelli Week Italian cinema). Both are in the 5th edition and bring contemporary Italian films inspired by the old school: Fellini, Antonioni, Visconti, Bertolucci, Scola and Pasolini. The initiative comes from the public and private Italian sources and both bring big ones, such as Baaria movie, directed by Giuseppe Tornatore, which has Monica Belucci on the cast. This film contest a nomination for an Oscar.

5ª Semana Venezia Cinema
The Festival begins today and happens in other two cities as well as Sao Paulo (Rio and Brasilia). The movies will be screening once a day at the Conjunto Nacional, near the Italian Consulate in Avenida Paulista. The films screened in Sao Paulo will be Baarìa, Cosmonauta, Il grande sogno, Lo spazio bianco, La doppia ora and Dieci inverni.

The Semana Venezia Cinema (Venice Film Week) is an initiative of the Italian Consulate in São Paulo held annually since 2004. The program is free, and tickets must be gotten at the Cinema one hour in advance.

Nov. 26th: Baarìa
Nov. 27th: Cosmonauta
Nov. 28th: Il grande sogno
Nov. 29th: Lo spazio bianco
Nov. 30th: La doppia ora
Dec. 1st: Dieci inverni
Where: Cine Bombril at the Conjunto Nacional.
When: November 26th to December1st, every day at 6pm. 
Phone: (11) 3285-3696

5ª Semana Pirelli de Cinema
Differently of the Festival organized by the Consulate, the event organized by Pirelli is better elaborated, where it's possible to be part of workshops, seminars and meet illustrious guest, such as Giuseppe Tornatore, director of the film Baarìa [2009]. Besides all that, there is an exhibition of cartoonists who brought big screens of the best films made in the last two years in Italy.

When: November 25th to December 3rd [click to see the program]
Where: Cinemark Iguatemi e Paulista, HSBC Belas Artes e FAAP

Sao Paulo in 2010 Shanghai World Expo

Sao Paulo city will be represent in Shanghai 2010 World Expo. There will be a small Copan made of plywood boards filled with images of Sao Paulo with no advertising boards, with less pollution, no traffic and no stress. This important event take place since 1851 and during 6 months 70 milions people are expected to visit it. The theme of this year will be about cleaner cities and Sao Paulo project was classified as 4th in the competition so that 400 squared meters will be occupied by its project in order to show to the public the program Cidade Limpa (Clean City). The project is signed by Daniela Thomas who is also responsable of the Football Museum of Sao Paulo. Not only Sao Paulo but even Brazil as a country will have his exibition stand.

The Cranberries sets concert date in Sao Paulo

The Irish band, which comes to Brazil in January has already set dates and locations for the concerts in Brazil. In Sao Paulo, the band plays on January 29th, at Credicard Hall. The ticket sales will begin on December 12th via

Taylor Lautner from Twilight got afraid of Brazilian girls

Taylor Lautner interpreting Jacob on Twilight - New Moon
Taylor Lautner, one of the stars of the saga Twilight and New Moon protagonist, confessed to the talk show of Conan O'Brien that the only time he was afraid of his fans was when he came to Brazil (November 1st).

The actor said that when he was giving interviews in a hotel room in Sao Paulo, with Kristen Stewart (Bella), they were surprised by security guards who calmly told that two thousands girls had crossed the security border of the hotel and were willing to invade the room.

Between laughs, Lautner recalled the fear that came when the fans began to shake the door, knocking and shaking the door handle, trying to open the latch.

Definitely he found out how frantic Brazilian girls are!

Related link: Kristen Stewart will be in Sao Paulo this Sunday (November 1st)

Indy Racing League open 2010 season in Sao Paulo

October 10, 2009 Firestone Indy 300 - Race Day

The city of Sao Paulo will host the opening race of the 2010 season of the Indy Racing League, the largest category of American racing. The race will be on a street circuit and it is scheduled for March 14 and confirms São Paulo's nature of staging great worldwide events, once it's already home to the Brazil Formula 1 Grand Prix staged at the Interlagos racetrack.

After ten years away from Brazil, the Indy Racing League had already announced its return to the country in 2010. Sao Paulo had Rio de Janeiro, Ribeirão Preto and Salvador as competitiors. Between 1996 and 2000, the category was hosted in Rio at Jacarepagua circuit.

São Paulo municipality has not yet confirmed what will be the racetrack. The original plan, is the track near to the Sambódromo Anhembi, in the north. Two other regions are also being studied.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Hotel Moncloa - a good option to stay in Sao Paulo

 This Hotel is in a really good position, pretty close to the historical centre of Sao Paulo like Praça da Repubblica and the Municipal Theatre but even just 900 metres from the modern and business Avenida Paulista. Anyway the connection of public transport will bring you everywhere in the city.

The service they offer is in a good average, they have wi-fi in the all building, free private parking and a rich buffet breakfast included in the room rate. Since we know that Sao Paulo is always more and more a business event destination, don't forget that this hotel is located just few steps from the Frei Caneca Convention Centre. Something not to forget is that the price are extremely reasonable considering the hish standard.

Rua Augusta 646 — São Paulo
Phone: (11) 3256-2686

Beyoncé will be in Brazil next Carnival. Concert in Sao Paulo

According to the Destak newspaper, the pop star Beyoncé arrives in Brazil in the first week of February for shows around the country.

According to a source from the Beyoncé's team, concerts in Sao Paulo will be at Morumbi Stadium and should occur in approximately one week after Metallica, which plays on 30 January. Other cities also come on the agenda, but nothing is confirmed yet.

Born in Texas (USA), Beyoncé Giselle Knowles is the biggest pop star with her solo career started in the current decade. Her latest album, I AM... Sasha Fierce, scored the songs: "If I Were a Boy", "Single Ladies," "Halo" and "Diva". In her concerts, Beyoncé has included songs from Destiny's Child and a cover of "You Oughta Know" Alanis Morissette's success.

Beyoncé at the Carnival of Salvador
Currently there is great speculation about the possibility of Beyoncé joining the Carnival of Salvador together the famous Brazilian artist, Ivete Sangalo. The Carnival begins on February 13 (Saturday) and coincides with the time that Beyoncé's tour will be in Brazil. The inclusion of international artists on the agenda of Bahian Carnival is not a novelty. Bono Vox of U2, and top DJ Fatboy Slim, were among those who have already passed through Bahia.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Super Cool Market is the place for fashion lovers on a shoestring

Super Cool Market is a shop addressed on Vila Madalena suburb, where it's possible to buy cloths and sell your old ones. It is a sort of second hand shop, where they also sell brand new accessories, shoes and whatever you need to be up to date.

They've got European inspiration and believe it's possible to be fashion without spend to much money. For those who take cloths to the shop, there is the possibility to change them for other ones or just to get money instead. Beyond that, there is a space for new stylists and exclusive fashion. The very old cloths, that have no chance to be sold, go directely to charity institutions.

Every month Super Cool Market choose a different institution to deliver. Call your friends and have a step over there. There are several pubs very close to the shop.

Where: Super Cool Market, rua Purpurina, 219 — Vila Madalena — São Paulo
When: Monday to Friday, from 11am to 10pm; Saturday, from 11am to 6pm.
Phone: (11) 3031-1663

Experiencing spaces is the proposal of the exhibition at the Brazilian House Museum

The art meets the green gardens inside the Museu da Casa Brasileira (Brazilian House Museum). According to the curator Agnaldo Farias, "sculptural objects, bodies designed to provide feelings unknown in the midst of trees and plants confirm the garden as a place to walk and daydream, suitable not only for flowers and shrubs, but the outbreak of mysterious bodies fascinating". The ten artists who appropriate this beautiful area are Afonso Tostes, Amalia Giacomini, Amélia Toledo, Arthur Lescher, Carlito Carvalhosa, Daniel Acosta, Eduardo Coimbra, Elisa Bracher, Joseph Spaniol and Raul Mourão. 
[teresinha chiri by B-Coolt] 
Museu da Casa Brasileira, av. Brigadeiro Faria Lima, 2.705 — São Paulo
When: Tuesday to Sunday, from 10am till 6pm. The exhibition ends on January 17th.
How much: R$ 4 (for free every Sunday)

Use of public transport has incresed in Sao Paulo

Sao Paulo is well known for its chaotic traffic. For too long the government has been investing in public transport in order to diminish — or at least prevent the increasing — long kilometers of daily traffic jams.

The council has investing in public transport, such as the construction of the Yellow Line of Subway, scheduled to be delivered in the first half of next year, connecting with Line 1-Blue (Luz Station), Line 3-Red at the (República Station), Line 2-Green (Consolação Station) and Line 7-Celeste (CPTM Pinheiros Station), near the East Marginal Pinheiros River.

However, despite the investment the government does, it's also necessary to change the population habits. The lack of efficiency on public transport in the past, made the Paulistano create the habit of getting around by car and this culture must be changed and recent research shows that it's happening, check below:

More passengers using trains
Last November 16th, CPTM (Paulista Company of Metropolitan Trains) registered 2.1 million passengers in a single day. The reasons for the increase were three: the growth of users outside of peak hours (from 8am to 5pm), increase the fleet and reduction in the interval between trains.

More than half of subway riders have a car
The Subway department has recently conducted a survey that found out that most users of the system have a car. Research indicates that 56% of users get public transportation because of the traffic jam.

70% of cabs without passengers
A traffic consultant named Horácio Figueira conducted a visual survey on 4 great avenues of the city and found that of 10 taxis passed, only 3 were passengers in peak hours. The reason is the fare. The city council already has a project that proposes 30% discount on the fare on Friday night and whole Saturday. The proposal is still being evaluated.

The point is the fact that investments still being made and the population seems to be adhering to the facility. The only question is whether the latest facilities to buy brand new cars will not overlap the delivery of public transport projects.

Mick Taylor, ex-Rolling Stones will be in Brazil in May of 2010

The guitarist Mick Taylor, who played on the Rolling Stones is planning to come to Brazil in 2010. The 61 years old British musician — the youngest among all the members on the history's band —, arrives in May for undefined schedule and locations yet.

Taylor, who recorded classic albums with the Stones, such as "Sticky Fingers" and "It's Only Rock 'n' Roll", will be in the country until the first week of June. The guitarist has played concerts regularly, especially in Europe, which is usually cast as attraction in bars and blues festivals.

Mick Taylor joined the Rolling Stones after the death of Brian Jones in 1969 and stayed until 1975.
[source: josé norberto flesch]

Monday, November 23, 2009

2nd Live Cinema Exhibition brings a new concept to the movie setting

From November 24th to 29th, Sesc Pompéia will be hosting an amazing event called II MOSTRA LIVE CINEMA (2nd Live Cinema Exhibition), where artists will be interacting sound and images  during average 20 min. during a live presentation.

Differently from the last century concept of “Live Cinema”, which referred to a movie screening and alive music, the contemporary definition of “Live Cinema” refers to the simultaneous display of sounds and images by visual artists who also offer live presentations for the audience. It's sort of a movie DJ, where is possible to see some images plus improvisation to create something unique for every single presentation, increasing the experience for the audience.

The artists involved on this project have a chance to deliver their own believes and backgrounds on "Live Cinema" and offer an interesting audiovisual experience.

One of the event's highlights is the renowned Japanese artist Daito Manabe. He is famous on the Youtube (insidesaopaulo strongly recommend a visit to his page) by the way he uses technology to produce art. In São Paulo, Manabe has prepared a presentation called "Face visualizer, Instrument and Copy", where he places some sensors on his face to produce sound by his movements, as you can see on the video bellow. His presentation takes 20 minutes and he is scheduled to November 24th (Tuesday) at 8pm, Nov. 27th (Friday) at 2pm for a speech and 9pm for a presentation.

As a brand new concept, it's definitely a worth visit for the cinema lovers.

Sesc Pompéia, Rua Clélia, 93 — Perdizes — São Paulo
When: November 24th to 29th. Click here to see the program
Phone: (11) 3871-7700
How much: R$ 12.

For free this week - November 23-29!

Here something you can do this week for free, let us know if you have some other suggestions. 

Jazz at the Parque da Independencia
Buddy Guy and Dianne Reeves, icons of blues and jazz respectively, will perform free in Sao Paulo on November 29th. The event Telefonica Open Jazz, who has already brought in the country shows of Herbie Hancock, Macy Gray, Diana Krall, will happen on the stage at Parque da Independencia from 4 pm.

Parque da Independencia — São Paulo

When: November 29th, at 4 pm.
How much: For free

Os Gemeos - Vertigem
The Museum of Brazilian Art of FAAP presents for the first time in Sao Paulo, the exhibition Vertigo, of OS GEMEOS. They are pioneers in the national graffiti. The exhibition brings together works that reflect the sensitive view at the Brazilian urban daily life. We already talked about them and there is still the possibility to visit their exposition untill December 13th.

Museo de Arte Brasileira - Faap. Rua Alagoas, 903, Higienopolis
— São Paulo
When: untill December 13th
How much: For free

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Premio Paladar 2009, don't miss it!

Since 2006 the Premio Paladar (something like Taste Award), sponsored by the newspaper Estado de Sao Paulo choose the best dishes of the city in various categories. Throughout the year, the team selects the participants and now gourmet cooks and experts scour the city's restaurants tasting all the dishes anonymously. All the votes of the jury are made after a visit to the restaurant, not accepting votes from memory.

The restaurants selected for the fourth edition of the Award represent the different styles of dining scene in São Paulo and all the winners of the traditional categories and also some new categories will be announced on November 25th at a big party. The public can also vote so choose from the list your favorite or the one you always wanted tried but neve had the chance and take part at the Award!

Where: Check out the list of restaurants
When: November 25th

Saturday, November 21, 2009

New hostel in Sao Paulo: Olah Hostel

This is really a new entry in the hostel scenario of São Paulo. This is good because it means tourists are finally seeing the city as interesting to know and not only a place where to make a connection for other destinations. The Olah Hostel open last month, October 2009, and its goal is of course the one of welcoming all travelers, providing a relaxing environment, giving the opportunity to all the guests to fraternize, to exchange experiences and to have lots of fun.

The position of this hostel is of course well chosen because Vila Mariana is a really cool suburb, full of nice place to go at night and pretty safe, besides the metro station Ana Rosa is just few minutes walking. One plus is of course the garden, really nice to chat with friends or eat a meal after cooking in the well furnished kitchen. As all the other hostels we already wrote about, even Olah Hostel staff will be really happy to help the guests getting to know Sao Paulo and to give precious information.

Alceu Wamosy, 40 — Vila Mariana — São Paulo

(11) 5081-5487
How much: R$ 25 per person for the shared room, R$ 50 per person in the double room.
Skype: olah.hostel

Friday, November 20, 2009

Emiliano Hotel, one of the Leading Small Hotels of the World in Sao Paulo

This hotel is really one of the best of the city and it is part of the the worldwide group Leading Small Hotels of the World. The product offered is luxurious and the ambience extremely pleasant. The great thing of the Emiliano Hotel is also the location, it is in fact located in the Rua Oscar Freire the most exclusive street of Sao Paulo where all the boutique of important fashion designers are. The staff will always attend the client with all the efficiency imagine that there are three exclusive employees for every guest.

The services they offer are many but the highlight is the Spa service with all kind of treatments which is really something good after spending a business day in the city, they can pack and unpack your luggage, they will provide your favourite newspapers. Finally imagine everything it is possibile to find in a luxury hotel and it will be undoubtly possible to find it at the Emiliano Hotel. Directed to people travelling for business and definitely not for every pocket, but still good to know that Sao Paulo has the best option in every category!

Rua Oscar Freire 384
— São Paulo

(11) 3068-4399.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Fabrics and fashion exhibition at Matilha Cultural in Sao Paulo

Inspired on the way the books were written in antiquity, in the form of rolls, the brand MCD, in partnership with Vice magazine, made of good art. Two rolls of leftover fabric 7 x 1.60 m were delivered for two pairs of artists customize it as they want. After wrap themselves in paints and sprays, the graffiti and Rafael Rafael Sliks Hayashi, illustrator and tattooist Ubaldo Marco Bob Queiroz present their rolls at Matilha Cultural. And once the expo is over, the fabric will turn to plant a unique line of shirts. [giovana piety by B.Coolt]

Matilha Cultural, rua Rego Freitas, 542
When: Until November 21st, Tuesday to Friday, from midday to 8pm; Saturday, from midday till 6pm.
How Much: For Free

Graffiti Exhibition at Masp

Street art: six murals will be in the Civic Hall and mezzanine of the Museum of Modern Art SP [photo: luisa santosa]
This exposition will take place in the most important museum in Latin America, the MASP. It will start tomorrow, Friday 20th, and it is totally something different from the usual exhibitions taking place there. It is called "De dentro para fora/De fora para dentro" (From the Inside to the Outside /From the Outside to the Inside). Six graffiti artists will exhibit their production through murals, screens, interactive installations, photographs and video. 

The work is the result of the current buzz around the so-called street art. According to the curator of MASP, Teixeira Coelho, the institution has been discussing for a while the way to explore the street art. The purpose is double: to attract the younger crowd and to open the eyes of elderly people. The entire basement of the building designed by Lina Bo Bardi (1914-1992) will be taken by huge murals, walkways, benches for the public to sit and even a room for visitors to write on the wall. The library of the building will be stocked with publications related to comics, tattoos and animations. 

The six names exposing are refursing the title of graffiti creator. According to them, the classification can be applied only to those who produce works in the street. Titi Freak, featuring a panel of 7 meters, for example, is influenced by Matisse and Picasso and also by fashion and comics. Zezão dialogues with video art and exhibits photos of the city life. Stephan Doitschinoff will discuss issues such as guilty and redemption. To finish to name them, the others are Carlos Dias, Daniel Melim and Ramon Martinez. Everyone began to deal with the spray in Sao Paulo. "The life of the city is a school" says Low Ribeiro. "And the richest of all."
[Jonas Lopes]

Where: Masp - Avenida Paulista 1578
When: November 10th to February 5th
How Much: R$ 15

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Grand Hotel Ca' d'Oro - the first five stars hotel of Sao Paulo

The Ca'd'Oro was the first five-star hotel in Sao Paulo, starting its activities in 1953 as a restaurant. Owned and operated by the family Guzzoni who used to work in the European tradition high-class hotels since the beginning of last century. This factor is evident in the style and decoration of the apartments, in its magnificent collection of works of art, their suites and the high level of services. This tradition passed from father to son for almost a hundred years is diligently defended by a team of high profile that gives the Ca'd'Oro the title of a true "GRAND HOTEL".

Since its foundation until today, the hotel received the most important figures who visited Sao Paulo. All this tradition and its style did not prevent the hotel to modernize technologically, having all the modern equipment and facilities (wi-fi in the all building) and with its excellent restaurant, is able to serve a customer that seeks something different from the standard global and impersonal hotel. It's important to remind that even the name has an historical origin since Ca'd'Oro is the name given to a fifteenth century palace located in the Grand Canal in Venice, now a museum, used in the past to receive distinguished guests (DOGI). In Venetian dialect means House of Gold. 

The services they offer are not those of a normal hotel, in fact it is possible to organize wedding, to have conferences, and great dinners since the restaurant offers traditional Italian home made food.


Rua Augusta 129— Consolação — São Paulo

(11) 3236-4300  
How much: from R$ 265 per room.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

All the Woody Allen filmography in Sao Paulo

We love him so it is a pleasure to inform that at the Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil all his 40 movies will be shown during almost four weeks. This could be a great occasion for lovers to assist again their favorites movies or for people who don't really know this genius to get closer to his work.

The retrospective is really well organized since there will be debates and a course with specialist but also there will be movies that inspired him or about him. Have a look at the program and choose your favorite.

CCBB, Rua Alvares Penteado,112 - Centro — São Paulo
From November 18th to December 13th. Find out more through the program.
How much: R$ 4

Monday, November 16, 2009

For free this week - November 16th-22nd

Let's propose you something cool to do during this week in case you are running out of money or anyway if you wanna enjoy the rich cultural life of Sao Paulo without wasting a lot of money. Example of how the city can be enjoyed even without a full pocket.

Free show of Nando Reis  
The famous Brazilian musician and producer is gonna play for free this week to present his solo album called Dres. For all the lovers and for foreigners who want to get to know the good Brazilian musical offer. There are 250 places so get there on time.

Praça Victor Civita, Rua Sumidouro 580 - Pinheiros — São Paulo

When: November 18th, at 1pm.
How much: For free

Exposition of Henri Cartier-Bresson photos
One of the most important photographers of the twentieth century, Bresson sought incessantly harmonic moments. The exhibition and other activities that integrate the exposition, reveal the tiniest fractions of time in which form and content reach the maximum expression in the viewfinder. This really shouldn't be missed and not only from professional photographers.


Where: Sesc Pinheiros, Rua Paes Leme 195 - Pinheiros — São Paulo
When: Tuesday to Sunday. It ends on December 20th
How much: For free

Circus Festival at Vale do Anhangabaú during this week

The Festival Municipal de Circo (Municipal Circus Festival) will take 250 artists to the Vale do Anhangabaú, from today until Sunday (November 16th to 22nd). There are four sessions per day (10am, midday, 2pm and 6pm) with all sort of attractions.

The event is divided into three parts. There is the Palhaçaria Paulistana, which happens for the fourth time, a competitive presentation at the Olido gallery, from the Memorial Center of the Circus.

The largo do Paiçandu receives part of the program, which turns the center of Sao Paulo in a large arena during six days. The Vale do Anhangabaú is the main circus tent, with capacity for 400 people and an outdoor trapeze.

On Saturday 21st, the largo do Paiçandu houses jugglers presentation, from 11am to 4pm. The place was chosen because on the past, every Monday, the artists used to have meeting over there.

Also the attraction of the festival's opening will be mounted in largo do Paiçandu. Today, at 5h30pm, the site will have a "wall of death" to be viewed from a grandstand for 300 people.

Among the groups of the event is Ares, who will make performances in the gallery Olido. All with input from SP franca.
[source: destak]

Where: Vale do Anhangabaú — São Paulo
When: November 16th to 22nd, at 10am, midday, 2pm and 6pm.
How much: For free

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sampa Hostel, sleep and pub crawl in Sao Paulo!

Sampa Hostel is a nice place in the heart of São Paulo, at Vila Madalena, the charmy and cosy region full of bars, restaurants, discos, art galeries, and much more, and all of it very near from the subway. Sampa Hostel stays in a big house, cosy and with large enterteinment area. Any kind of room and everything you might wanna find in a hostel during your stay. Something that could push you choose this hostel is also the Pub Crawl every week around Vila Madalena! This would be really fun, because this Pub Crawl is usually happening in every European city.

People who really knows the best places to drink and dance will bring you around giving the opportunity to get to know better the city night life. Ask more to the staff, we are pretty sure it will be fun and you will get to know other travellers!

Rua Girassol, 519 - Vila Madalena — São Paulo

(11) 3031-6779
How much: from € 16

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Event organized by the Government of Sao Paulo is trying to help illegal immigrants

This Sunday (November 15th), from 2pm, the city council organized a joint effort to regularize illegal immigrants in the country. The service will be conducted at the praça Kantuta, in Pari (North Region). The Anistia Migratória Law (Migratory Amnesty Law) was released last July and provides temporary residence for illegal immigrants. This law expires on December 30th.

The objective of the task force, organized by the Defensoria Pública da União (Public Defender's Office) is to inform about the procedures for illegal immigrants (undocumented) to apply for residence based by the Law 11.961/09 (and Decree 6.893/09, which regulates). This law (released on July 2nd 2009) provides temporary residence for overseas and the deadline for settlement migration goes up the next day December 30th, but may be requested by those who came to Brazil before the 1/2/2009.

This joint effort is being conducted by the Federal Police after realize a reduction in demand for settlement in recent weeks. The reduction can be attributed to the lack of disclosure with the regularization of immigrants Migration. The government wants to help immigrants to regulate their situation to reduce the use of illegal labor exploited by companies that brought these immigrants illegally.

More information about the procedures can be found through the website of CMDH.

Where: Praça Kantuta — Pari — São Paulo
When: November 15th, from 2pm.
How much: For free

Friday, November 13, 2009

Tonight, osgêmeos and Platiciens Volants are together in a huge presentation at Vale do Anhangabaú

[photo: luisa santosa]
Cia Plasticiens Volants is a French street theater that does shows with giant inflatable dolls around the world since the 70s. For the first time in the country, the famous company brings the presentation called 'O Estrangeiro' (The Oversea) and with special participation of the twin brothers osgêmeos (famous Street Artists from Sao Paulo).

They have a famous character called 'Boneco Amarelo' (Yellow doll), which is already painted on the sidewall of a building at Vale do Anhangabaú and it will turn into a giant inflatable 20-foot-high, along with the other characters come to life and flying over the streets of the Vale do Anhangabaú. The 'Boneco Amarelo' is handled from a balloon. The character comes out of a panel painted by the brothers on the side of a building in the region that will be there permanently, and throughout history, interacts with a fly, a snake and a bird, animals that will help them become more autonomous, to face danger and learn to fly.

The presentation will start at 6h30pm and it will be groups from Pernambuco State, Siba e a Fuloresta, playing during the presentation.