Thursday, September 25, 2008

About Us Festival — Galoshes up!

Good music for a good cause. Do you want any further reason to get your galoshes (or your hat, who knows?) and leave your sweet home on Sunday? That's because on Sunday happens the About Us Festival, which uses entertainment to promote sustainability, and seeks to release it through music, highlighting the importance of each one of us for the conservation of the planet. Was it nice? They also offer tips of recycling and a space to plant trees. Organic food and for those ones that offered a lift to someone, a parking discount as a gift. As a feature, you'll be able to see Dave Mathews, Ben Harper, Vanessa Williams, Seu Jorge and many other concerts. [Julia Reina by B-Coolt]


Chácara do Jockey – Av. Pirajussara, no number (next to Francisco Morato)
from midday till late. Sep. 28th
How much:
from R$70 to R$500

Einstein Exhibition

The Nuclear Power, the Laser and also the GPS [among many others] are consequences of the geniuses of a man who dared to bend the space, changing the perception of time and reaching the future. Who? Albert Einstein. The image showing his tongue could seem surreal, but in some way, it wasn't. "My life is a simple thing, which is not applicable to anyone," he said. The Einstein Exhibition shows his personal objects, photos, letters, manuscripts and several interactive materials (panels and touch screens, etc.). It will drag the spectator to the visionary world of this genius admired by many but understood by few. [Fernando Aguiar by B.Coolt]

Where: Pav. Mr. Armando de Arruda Pereira - Pq. Ibirapuera, Gate 10
When: Tuesday to Friday from 9am to 9pm. Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 9pm till Dec. 14th
How much: R$ 15

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Take your time at Bourbon Street Music Club

This place has the New Orleans style. The charm is on the air. The music style that immortalized names such as John Coltrane, Miles Davis and Chet Baker, into the blues, makes you feel inside the capital of jazz.
Since its inauguration in 1993, many famous international like Buddy Guy, Ray Charles and BB King have played here. One of the most important items of the decoration is a Guitar signed by B.B. King. This icon of the Blues was the first artist to be on the stage and it is therefore regarded as a godfather. However, the Bourbon is open to other rhythms.
On Sundays, for example, shows of salsa and merengue guarantee the fun. In addition to live music, the house has dishes of Brazilian and international cuisine. Among the cocktails, is the legendary "hurricane": a wonderful mix of rum, sorted fruits, lemon juice and sugar.

Where: Rua dos Chanés, 127 Moema - Sao Paulo - SP
Phone: (11) - 5095-6100
When: Every Tuesday to Saturday, from 9pm till the last client; Sunday from 8pm

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Coleccion Visible - Stories of Love

While the Spanish parliament was discussing the same-sex marriage in 2004, the Spanish plastic artist Pablo Peinado was collecting 170 expressions of art trying to defend the idea. About those, 90 are displayed at the Coleccion Visible - Stories of Love, a mixture of images [paintings, drawings, collages, prints and photographs] from 25 different countries. According to Pablo, "the art show is an accomplice of a just cause. The cause of freedom and democracy. A cause in benefit to the same rights for all human beings about love and everything else. " I agree! [Camila Pompeu by B.Coolt]


MAC Ibirapuera - Avenida Pedro Alvares Cabral, non number, Ibirapuera Park
When: Tuesday to Sunday, From 10am to 6pm till October 19th.
How much:

Dj Marshall at SPKZ - Vila Madalena

Every good party guy in Sao Paulo knows that the Friday's night at the club SPKZ is hot! These ones are the nights of the Heat's Project, which always brings great attractions from the eletronic's international scene. This week, the Italian DJ Marshall, from 303 Lovers, plays the main role. Completing the line-up, DJs Fab and Matt, from The Withcdoktors, recently arrived from a tour, plus the resident Fernando di Loreto, which opens the track with electro-groove. [Julia Reina by B.Coolt]

Where: SPKZ, R. Ignatius Pereira da Rocha, 109, Vila Madalena
When: Friday, Sep. 19th at midnight
How: from R$0 to R$40, before 2am is always cheaper

Italian Cinema exhibition

Tutti buona gente! That is probably the most Brazilian of Italian expressions, or perhaps, just one more expression of italicization in Brazil. Perhaps? The problem is semantic, but sure, apart from any surnames and pointed noses, Tupi's and Boot's culture live in a constant dialogue. The proof is what Ornella Muti and Beppe Fiorello, are presenting at "Week of Pirelli Italian Cinema" over some twenty films in the bag. It pass from Notturno Bus through the classic of Ettore Scola: C'Eravamo Tanti Amati. Smooth, Belo! [Peppe siffredi by B.Coolt]

Where: Cinemark [Iguatemi and Garden City] and HSBC Fine Arts
When: from 19.09 to 25.09. See the program
How much: Free

Exhibition: Jim Avignon in Pinheiros

Jim Avignon, plastic artist and German important figure on the Berlin's techno scene, likes to say that "he prefers to sell a million images per 1 dollar than an image for U$1,000" To justify it, in an exhibition called Get rich with art in Frankfurt, 1995, the public was allowed to take any of the 800 originals without paying. In 1992, during an exposition in Kassel, he used to paint a picture per day and destroy at the end of the day. Now let's see the prices here in Sao Paulo. [Giovana piety by B.Coolt]

Where: POP Bookstore, street Virgilio de Carvalho Pinto, 297, Pinheiros
When: from Monday to Friday, 11am to 20h; Sat., 11am to 18h
How much: free

Monday, September 15, 2008

Sao Paulo leads new jobs offers

During August, more than 239 thousand new vacancies of formal jobs were opened in Brazil. It has signified a growth of 0.78% compared to July. 1,8 million new jobs were opened in the last eight months. The state of Sao Paulo is the one that has increased the most within about 725 thousand new roles.

That's true! Inside the city of Sao Paulo, it's possible to see how busy and noisy the city is right now. Everyone is working, no one has time enough to have lunch or even complain about lack in the market place. It's such an important economic change as Brazil has never seen before. Lots of investitors are coming to São Paulo and starting new business.

Those numbers about new jobs are a proof of it, because they means official places in the market, paying taxes and declaring gains. It used to be hiden years ago. People didn't want to show their gains trying to avoid fees with the government. In this brand new situation it's impossible to avoid formal job. Mainly on the building sector, where big investitors are starting to play. Also on the service's sector there are lots of new roles. There are lots of money running out and lots of jobs to do.

Since the beginning of this year, Brazil started to release easier loan for average people. It's warming up the economy and also the furniture sector, plumber's, eletrician's, eletronic device's... More than 120 thousand houses were already financed this year.

The Minister of Labour and Employment, Carlos Lupi, is smiling as a child inside a toy shop. He also makes optimistic predictions regarding the new situation. "We will pass the 2 million jobs by the end of the year," he said. "Brazil has become a Mecca of big business", confirming. According to him, employment growth in Brazil is a phenomenon that grabs the attention in the world. "These are significant numbers even in comparison with China."

Brazil is still growing up even amoung this crisis around US. The government is self confident about the growth. Sao Paulo is the place where most of this changes are happening now.



Monday, September 8, 2008

Italian Party of San Gennaro in Sao Paulo!

San Gennaro's Italian Party has already started but it goes every Saturdays and Sundays till 12th October. That's the 35th edition of the festival located in Mooca (São Paulo's East region) and it expects to receive more than 120 thousand visitors.

A total of 22 tents will be located in the area of free access. It's possible to find between them, traditional Italian dishes, such as: pasta, pizzas, polentas, fogazzas, sweets, among other typical foods. It's necessary buying tickets in a special area to get food. It'll be accepted, further money, Visa cards and Visa Eletron. Two public toilets are built between the streets of Mooca and Lins, and to have access, it'll be charged R$ 0,50.

The area where the concerts happen, has capacity for one thousand people. The individual ticket costs R$ 35 (Saturday) and R$ 20 (Sunday) and it includes an antipasto, a dish of pasta and two slices of pizza.

The singer Fred Rovella and the band Lá Máfia Nostra will be every single day at the festival. In their songlist are sucess such as Sapore di Sale, Se Non Avessi Più Te and Io Che Non Vivo, in addition to the classics O Sole Mio, Amore Scusami, Dio Come Ti Amo and Volare.

Address: 35th San Gennaro's Party
San Gennaro Street and Lins - Mooca
Date: 6th September to 12th October
Saturday from 6pm till midnight and Sunday from 6pm till 11h30pm.
Concert: R$ 35.00 (Saturday), R$ 20.00 (Sunday)
More information: (11) 3209-0089

Friday, September 5, 2008

Famiglia Mancini - one of the best restaurants in Sao Paulo

It's always the same: waiting in a queue to get in at Famiglia Mancini's. It's amazing how famous is this traditional Italian restaurant in Sao Paulo. Located at the first renewed street in the center of Sao Paulo inspired in European cities, it has brought a new life to the suburb.
Further the pasta, it's possible to find antipastos, meat, chicken and fish - an extensive menu of typical Italian dishes. This place has been very successful on its original proposal of bringing a bit of Italy into Sao Paulo's hearth.
A good option is the Lamb Cacciatore with "polenta" (cooked corn's porridge), roasted with white wine, olives and peas. One of the most requested dishes is the Conchiglia to Quadrifoglio, stuffed with four cheeses and covered with white sauce, basil, cream cheese and nuts. Well decorated and in a really Italian mood, it's a good tip for Mediterranean food admirers.

Rua Avanhandava, 81 Centro - Sao Paulo - SP
Phone (11) 3256-4320
From Sunday to Wednesday, 11h30am till 1am; on Thursday till 2am; on Friday and Saturday till 3am.


Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Little Darling - one of the best pubs in Sao Paulo

Little Darling's front door

Since 1992 this pub is still faithful to its original proposal: to bring Rock'N'Roll classics in Sao Paulo.
The bands and decor are into the 50's, 60's and 70's style, but the best of the night belongs to the drink V8. It is a secret mixture that is delivered in a flaming tray, wrapped by a special soundtrack made specially for the drink. The drink is served while the music is playing.

There are plenty of pictures of Marilyn Monroe, James Dean, Elvis Presley, Beatles, Chuck Berry, Jerry Lee Lewis, Roy Orbison among many others. All of their songs are inside a Rock'N'Roll Jukebox where you can choose the music you like the most.

Av Iraí 229 Moema - Sao Paulo - SP
Phone (11) 5542 9912 / 5096 4035