Saturday, June 27, 2009

Up to 3000 books to download

The USP (Universidade de São Paulo — University of Sao Paulo) has launched a site that offers 3,000 books for download. At the website: it's possible to find rare Brazilian books, such as: historical documents, manuscripts and images that are part of the Library of Brasiliana Guita and José Mindlin, donated to the university.

There are plans to increase it up to 25 thousand titles, and include first editions of Machado de Assis and Hans Staden.

Check it out find some of the Brazilian preciosities.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Winter cuisine and sophisticated dishes

Once winter has already arrived, the gastronomic temptations come too. For those who are living or traveling in São Paulo, the best option is the big variety range of soups and fondues found on the best restaurants in town.

However, this season brings some novelties to the menu, that goes further the onion cream or cheese fondue. Specializes in Mediterranean cuisine, the restaurant Torero Valese, in Itaim, created unusual dishes such as pumpkin soup with mussels and seafood. It's possible to choose up to three flavors (about R$ 49,90). Most in a brazilian mood, the restaurant Bolinha made a real trip through the typical flavors of the country adding exotic dishes to the menu, such as pumpkin soup with cream, cinnamon and orange crust, pumpkin soup with ginger and peach palm soup (whole buffet for R$ 24). The charming Le Vin Bistro offers a mix of Brazilian spices with a French palate. The features are pumpkin soup with shrimp and cashew nuts; and soup of white asparagus (each for $ 24).

New flavors

Originally a traditional Swiss made by cheese, the tasty "fondue" got a new version.
Le Bistrot Marcel has among its options, the fondue au crevettes with shrimp and seven sauces (R$ 75). At Era uma Vez um Chalezinho, fondues are the highlights, made with ingredients from famous brands such as Éder, which brings cheddar with beer and Éder's sausages (R$ 98).
[By Luana Sanchez]

Bella Paulista: R. Haddock Lobo, 354
Phone: (11) 3214-3347

Phone: (11) 3061-2010

Consulado Mineiro: R. Cônego Eugênio Leite, 504
Phone: (11) 3898-3241

Era Uma Vez um Chalezinho...: R. Itapimirum, 11
Phone: (11) 3501-9322

Konstanz: Av. Aratãs, 713
Phone: (11) 5543-4813

Le Bistrot Marcel: Rua Hans Oersted, 119
Phone: (11) 5505-2438

Le Vin jardins: Al. Tietê, 184
Phone: (11) 3081-3924

Phone: (11) 3819-3897

Torero Valese: Av. Horácio Lafer, 638
Phone: (11) 3168-7917

Villa Távola: R. treze de maio, 848
Phone: (11) 2842-9620

Introducing: MASP - Art Museum of São Paulo

The MASP (Art Museum of São Paulo) is the dream of its creator, Assis Chateaubriand*, of bringing together pieces of artworks and paintings to build a museum. When it was inaugurated in 1947, was far from becoming what it's today: the most important collection in the southern hemisphere and is considered a treasure of humanity.

Carrying the mission to get artworks, Assis Chateaubriand allowed his huge group of media to help the collection of funds for the acquisition of works of art. Three other people were also very important to this project: Edmundo Monteiro (CEO of the media group), the couple Pietro Maria Bardi (journalist and critic of art in Italy) and his wife, the architect Lina Bo.

The proposed construction of the headquarters of MASP aimed at preserving the vision of the Serra da Cantareira and the city center. It explains the proposed architecture of the building. It is the only one of the world for its peculiarity: its structure is suspended on four pillars separated by a gap of 74 meters. What would be the vision of the mountain, which unfortunately was later covered by buildings.

It's inauguration was held in November of 1968 with the presence of Queen Elizabeth II of England. The MASP holds Italian works by Raphael, Andrea Mantegna, Bellini and Botticceli; of Flemish painters like Rembrandt, Frans Hals, Memling and Cranach. Among the Spaniards are Velazquez and Goya.

Most of the European art is French. We appreciate the four portraits of the daughters of Luiz XV, painted by Nattier, or allegories of the four seasons of Delacroix. The impressionist movement, can be found by several works of Renoir, Manet, Monet, Cézanne and Degas. The post-Impressionists, are represented by the paintings of Van Gogh and Toulouse-Lautrec.

One of the collection's highlight, is the space devoted to a complete collection of sculptures by Edgar Degas. A collection of 73 pieces of bronze, can only be seen fully in Masp and in a few museums such as the Metropolitan in New York, or the D `Orsay Museum in Paris.

The MASP also offers music, film and lectures. Two auditoriums designed by Lina Bo bring a space for these multiple activities.

(*) Important Brazilian businessman, owner of business communication. He was founder and director of the then main chain press of Brazil, the Daily Users: 34 newspapers, 36 radio stations, 18 television stations, one news agency, one weekly magazine (The Cruise), one monthly magazine (for cigarettes) as well the many magazines for children.

Av. Paulista, 1578 - Bela Vista - São Paulo - SP
When: Thursday, from 11am till 8pm. Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Holidays, from 11am till 6pm
. (Tickets stop to selling an hour before closing).
Phone: (11) 3251 5644
How much:
R$ 15 and R$ 7 (students). Free for under 10 and above 60. Also free every Tuesday.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Samba Fresh Food

Thanks God, fast food is not synonymous of junk food any more. Samba Fresh Food is an example of a restaurant that offers health and well seasoned fast food. Wraps, salads, soups and sandwiches are some of the best options found in zero-frying menu. If we are what we eat, better to be practical, balanced and tasty than heavy, greasy and clear! [rebeca hidalgo by B-Coolt]


Where: Samba Fresh Food, Alameda Jaú, 542, Jardins — São Paulo - SP
Monday to Friday, from 12pm till 10pm; Saturday, Sunday and holiday, from 12pm till 6pm.
Phone: (11) 4003-0706 - delivery
How much: Around R$ 20 per dish.

Italian Art Codex

Over 20 years, the Centro per l'Arte Contemporanea L. Pecci di Prato are assembling a vast collection of books on contemporary international artists, from the exponents of the Visual Poetry or abstract, set up work of masters. This collection of 80 books left out in the Italian Art shows Codex. "The artists extend the idea of a book, surpassing the association, simple, text and image to ratify an inseparable fusion of form and content: the subject of the written tradition becomes work of art," explains the curator Marco Bazzini. [Camila Pompeu by B.Coolt]


Centro Universitário Maria Antonia, Rua Maria Antonia, 298 — São Paulo - SP
When: Tuesday to Friday, from 10am till 9pm; Saturday and Sunday, from 10am till 6pm.

How much:
For free.

São Paulo, a Metropolis of Symphonia

In 1929, the New York Stock Exchange broke and turned the world upside down, coincidentally it was the same year that came up "São Paulo, a Metropolis of Symphonia", a documentary about Sao Paulo showing its enormous growth. Eighty years later, the film will be shown again, but now with soundtrack performed live by Livio Tratenberg and Wilson Sukorski, which incorporated sounds of the city using new tools, computers, objects of Sound and voices recited the poem of Oswald Andrade. "I suddenly impoverish. You enriched because of me", as Oswald said. [kaka gouvea by B-Coolt]


Teatro São Pedro, rua Barra Funda, 171

June 29th, at 9pm.
How much:
For free

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Introducing: Rua Augusta

Photo: Bia Parreiras
Every big city has a typical entertainment site. Rua Augusta is definitely one of the best of Sao Paulo. Well known on the past as the street of the strip clubs and prostitutes, this street puts together everything you need to spend a great night in the Brazilian Capital of food and entertainment. Nowadays, the story has changed. All the strip clubs have almost gone despite some still remain. But all the atmosphere kept on that period are the true engines of the Augusta’s nightlife.

Beginning the afternoon having some shopping, it’s possible to find nice clothes on the Rua Augusta's shops, most of them from independent stylists. Afterward a cinema’s section, culture is never enough and the Unibanco Cinema offers a huge range of national and international movies, but not Hollywood style ones, which on the contrary, can be watched at the Center 3 Shopping at the corner of Rua Augusta and Av. Paulista.

Got hungry? Well, there are plenty of options on Augusta’s and around. It’s possible to find any kind of food you are looking for and also from the cheap ones to the really expensive prices. So it could be a fast Mexican taco at the Tolocos, or Greek Moussaka at the Athena’s bar. Even a full meat buffet can be found at one of the coolest Churrascarias (BBQ house) of São Paulo: Bovinus, not forgetting the classical beer and “petiscos” (snacks) in any pub of every corner. Try Z Carniceria pub!

Now that you are well warmed up, it’s time to have some dance and listen to some good music. But guest what? It’ll be also hard to choose where… The options are endless, but there is one certain thing: nobody will get disappointed! If you don't like the first place you choose, you can still walk next door and see if the next club is closer to your musical preferences. Have a look in the best pubs section; we can help you to find the best place around Rua Augusta. Some of them are already posted in this blog and more will come up in the next weeks. No doubts you can have everything you want in such a small area.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Sao Paulo will host the Rotary International Convention in 2015

São Paulo won the competition for the 2015 Rotary International Convention, which is expecting about 40 thousand participants.

São Paulo competed in the final round with other tough destinations such as Houston and Phoenix (USA), but won unanimously by 13 votes. The event will be at the largest convention and exhibition center of the continent, the Anhembi Park.

The event will be prepared for a great number of participants (40 thousand people are expected) among registered by the International Congress & Convention Association (ICCA). Nowadays, São Paulo leads the international ranking of hosting events in America. "The victory, strengthens the position of São Paulo as one of the best destinations for events of this matter", comments Caio Luiz de Carvalho, the president of São Paulo Turismo (SPTuris). "We must also remember that in 2015 the city will be even better because the work of urban mobility that will be made for the 2014 World Cup," he added.

São Paulo has already hosted this meeting in 1981 when it's received 17 thousand people from 94 different countries. Last year the event happened in Los Angeles and, this year in Birmingham. The next editions will be in Montreal (2010), New Orleans (2011), Bangkok (2012), Lisbon (2013) and Sydney (2014).

Vik Muniz: Masp hosts his biggest exhibition ever

Vik Muniz is one of the greatest Brazilian artists internationally well known, nowadays. Previously seen by 48 thousand people in Rio, came to São Paulo as tremendous success.

Already presented in U.S., Canada and Mexico, the exhibition came to Masp with 131 pieces that show every moment of his career. The images comes from his earlier periods when he used to paint with chocolate, diamonds (used to portray the recent series Celebrity) and his most recent artworks series called ‘Pictures Of Garbage’, produced by an organization of objects found in the trash, which makes an image to be photographed from above.

His curious career started in New York, 25 years ago when a critic from the The New York Times discovered the artist. Coincidently or not, Masp Museum had last month, the largest quantity of visitors in 10 years. This exhibition runs till July 12th.

Av. Paulista, 1578 - Bela Vista - São Paulo - SP
When: From now till July 12th.

(11) 3251 5644
How much:
R$ 15 and R$ 7 (students). Free for under 10 and above 60. Also free every Tuesday.

Saturday Eccentric Market at Benedito Calixto square

One of the best ways to spend the weekend in Sao Paulo is to visit one of its markets, typical in any neighborhood. Saturday is the time of Benedito Calixto Market. It takes place in the square with the same name in Pinheiros, between Cardeal Arcoverde Street and Teodoro Sampaio Street (famous for musical instruments shops). The Market has different interesting spots. At the square, it’s possible to meet ordinary people selling old-fashion stuff, from sunglasses to colored telephones, passing through books, pictures and everything else. Walking around the market it is possible to find also old artisans, especially making leather shoes and bags. One I would suggest is an old funny man (photo) that makes leather shoes, both for man and woman. Very few models but the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever had. You shouldn't miss it! His smile is contagious. In the middle of the square is the food court. My suggestion is the Arabic food. A tiny woman prepares the best cabbage and rice roll ever. But the choice is bigger: Portuguese and Bahian (one of the Brazilian states territory) food, traditional pastel, Argentinean ‘empanadas’ and much more. It is a meeting point starting from 2:30pm when a show of “chorinho” makes everyone happier. Finally, at one side of the square, there is an area dedicated to the new fashion stylists, where girls just go crazy. There are plenty of very nice clothes and accessories for quite reasonable prices. Everywhere around the square it is full of bars and pubs to have a drink and the atmosphere is very young and cool. Not so famous within tourist, it really worth to have a look!

Where: Praça Benedito Calixto, n/n - Jardim Paulista - São Paulo - SP
When: Every Saturday, from 9am till 7pm.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Siga La Vaca: Great value for money

There is a good value for money option to have dinner in Sao Paulo. Called "Siga la vaca", this restaurant got inspiration in a good Argentinean restaurant chain with the same name. Siga la vaca offers 5 different rooms, being 3 karaoke rooms, balcony and living room. At the menu, it's possible to find cold and hot snacks, among a big range of options. Young and beautiful people fill up the place to have the huge beer tower at the balcony. Nice place!

Where: Rua Canuto do Val - 97 - Santa Cecília - São Paulo - SP
When: Monday to Friday, from 6pm till the last costumer; Saturday, Sunday and holiday, from 11h30am till the last costumer.

Phone: (11) 3224-0586
How much: Average R$ 35 per person.



Is it quantity or quality? If you want to try some good meat but does not have a good place to address this desire, this is the accurate place. Located in a quiet corner of Moema, La Ventana offers delicacies typically Argentinean, such as Parrilla Porteña for a good price in a charmer spot. Let your appetite in the hands of the chiefs parrilleros and don’t be shy of asking which kind of wine fits well with your choice. Buen provecho! [jorge colombo by B-Coolt]

Rua Tuim, 61, Moema
When: Monday to Friday, from 11h30am to 16:00 and 18h30 till 1am; Saturday, Sunday and holida, from 11h30am till 1am.
Phone: 11-5051-8237 / 5051-1733
How much: Around R$ 50 per person.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Bloody pub

Rua Augusta is a really nice place to be. To reinforce it, here is nice place to have some drinks: Z Carniceria. It’s an old butcher/slaughterhouse from 50’s. As an intention to save the charm of this legendary street, the same owners of the Vegas Nightclub decided to transform it in a thematic pub. In paradox, most of the dishes are vegetarian (despite that some of them, still bringing the pleasures of the flesh). Some of the exclusive drinks are also into this butcher purpose and come with their names associated with the theme, such as: Blood Marry, Mad Butcher, Bloody Summer, Baby Beef (all these names are in English). The music comes from on-line radios and the sound style is Rockabilly, Blues and Jazz from New Orleans. Their website is pretty nice and this is undoubted a nice place for overseas. Try it on!


Rua Augusta, 934 – Bela Vista – São Paulo/SP
(11) 2936.0934
Tuesday to Saturday from 7pm till 2am. Sundays and holidays from 5pm till midnight.
It's for free to get in.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Organic and Vegan restaurant

For those who are traveling into São Paulo, the restaurant Cachoeira Tropical is a great advice. That's a incredible value for money meal managed by a family that leads an organic and vegan cause. Offering daily 15 hot dishes, 18 salad types, 10 desserts (among diet and non diet), 4 fruit types of the season and 2 flavors of juice, everything costs just R$ 14 per person during the week. This restaurant deserves all the compliments. The service is really simple and fast because it's fully self-service (as much as you want) restaurant. It's possible to pick up food whenever you want, change plates, and refill the juice glass forever if you are up too. After the banquet, it's possible to find tea, coffee made by fresh smashed beans and even cachaça, sometimes. That's the tip of the InsideSãoPaulo Team. We are always around to make sure it is still wonderful. Have a try!

Where: Rua João Cachoeira, 275 Itaim Bibi - Sao Paulo - SP
Phone: (11) - 31675211
When: Monday to Friday from 11:00 am to 15:00 pm. Saturdays, Sundays and holidays from 11:30 to 16:00.
Price: Monday to Friday R$ 14, Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays R$ 16 (Prices per person all inclusive).