Tuesday, August 31, 2010

First International Metro Musicians Festival 2010

Red Bull held in November the First International Metro Musicians Festival  in 2010 (I Festival Internacional de Músicos de Metrô 2010). They are recruiting musicians and band who are interested in attending the event.

To participate in the selection process you have to be amateur or professional musicians, older than 18 years, individually or in groups of no more than three musicians living in the city of São Paulo. You have time until September 15. Hurry up, it's a big chance!

Click here and check the complete rules to be part of this new event in São Paulo

Monday, August 30, 2010

Theater in the Parks - Teatro nos Parques

The Cooperativa Paulista of theater organizes the second edition of the "Theater in the Parks", whose aim is to offer a true theater festival in 41 parks throughout the city from September 4 to November 28, with free entry.

24 shows will be available in outlying areas and in other places away from the poles of the central city. The project gives priority to productions in open spaces, and thus, the street theater democratizes the culture because it meets the audience.

Check out the rich program

Ilhabela anniversary festival, a nice place to go close to Sao Paulo

Do you know Ilhabela? It is a nice island close to Sao Paulo, a good optin to spend the week end. The 205 years anniversary of Ilhabela will be celebrated with the 15th Shrimp Festival week, with various activities throughout the island, between August 28 and September 28. As part of the program you can find varied styles of musical performances, workshops, parades and competitions.

Among the highlights are the rapper Thaíde, who performs September 6 at 9 pm, he will be also commemorating the World Day of Hip Hop; the singer Frejat who will remember the successes that have marked his career, on the 18th at 10 pm.

Where: Ilhabela
When: August 28 to September 28, from 2 pm to 10 pm
How much: For free
Website: www.ilhabelaeventos.com.br

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Free Samba today

Today, Sunday 29th, there will be another Praça do Samba (Samba in the square): samba of the Kolombolo band that happens every last Sunday of the month and presents traditional samba paulista. With free enty we really recommend it.

2 pm - Feijoada das Tias Baianas
From 3 pm to 7 pm - Roda de Samba
From 7 pm to 8 pm- Samba de Bumbo

When: August 29th, from 2 pm
Where: Praça do Samba, Rua Belmiro Braga, 119 - Sao Paulo
How much: For free

Brunch at the Mosteiro de São Bento (Monastery of St. Benedict)

Every day, around 4:30 pm, the Mosteiro de São Bento (Monastery of St. Benedict), in the center, is wrapped in a sweet aroma. The smell is coming from the ovens of the bakery, located on the lower floor of the building where the monks prepare their traditional breads, cakes and desserts. A mixture of honey, almonds, chocolate, cinnamon, apple and brown sugar, invades rooms, music rooms and cafeteria. From this Sunday (August 29th), this celestial moment can be enjoyed not only by the smell, but by the all five senses. Delicacies prepared by the monks will be served at a brunch in the historic building. Created in 2007, the event, which had no defined periodicity, eventually vanished from the calendar of activities of the Benedictines. It now returns, scheduled to occur on the last Sunday of each month, accompanied by the exhibition and sale of works of religious art and by live classical music.

In this first edition, the menu will include marinated salmon accompanied by sour cream, guacamole and crostinis, heart of palm with roasted herb butter; terrine of eggplant, sun dried tomatoes and mascarpone, and egg terrine with roe capelin. There will also be pastas, breads, cheeses, salads and a large table of sweets. The brunch goes for R$ 99, with a glass of sparkling wine. During the banquet, guests can purchase or just enjoy religious works of art exhibited in the hall - among them, baroque sculptures of the seventeenth century. The brunch begins at midday after the 10 o'clock mass, where the monks sing Gregorian chants accompanied by an organ.

The ceremony takes place in the monastery church, called Nossa Senhora da Assunção (Our Lady of the Assumption), although many mistakenly refer to it as the Mosteiro de São Bento (Monastery of St. Benedict). The order was established in São Paulo in 1598, when there was only the Jesuits and Carmelites in the same place where it is today. Of the original construction there's nothing left, because after decades of neglect it was important to perform a series of reforms. In the late nineteenth century, after Emperor Dom Pedro II prohibit ecclesiastical orders to received new novices, the monastery had a single resident monk, and the space was invaded by poor families, deteriorating. Benedictines sent from Germany arrived in the city to recover the premises, and the building, as we know, was completed in 1914. From time immemorial, a rare copy of a Bible of 1496 has been preserved as the library's treasure that only the monks have access.

When: Every last Sunday of the month, at midday
Where: Mosteiro de São Bento, Largo São Bento, -  Sao Paulo
How much: R$ 99
Phone: 2440-7837

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Rael da Rima will play at Studio SP in August.

Rael da Rima got involved with Rap music in the 90´s when he was about eight years old. Born in a family of musicians, he believes that his family´s influences made it possible for him to feel comfortable enough to get into the music scene and express himself. His music isn't only about Rap, as he also creates melodies for his lyrics and brings a mix of different music styles into his compositions.

For the first time, he was the one to produce his album and explored the idea of creating a mix of Rap, Jamaican and Brazilian music. The album is called “MP3 – Música Popular do Terceiro Mundo” and will be launched on August 31th, at Studio SP. On that night Rael da Rima will be accompanied by a band. It´s members are: Cauê Vieira (sax), DJ Will, Muka Batera (Drums), Bruno Dupré (solo guitar), Alexandre “Xandola” Moreira (guitar), Rato Bass (Bass), Bruno “Baby” Marcucci (keyboards). Enjoy the show!

Next Tuesday, August 31st. From 9pm to 11pm.
Where: Studio SP - Rua Augusta, 591 – São Paulo
How Much: For Free.
Website: www.raeldarima.com.br/

Ladeira da Morte (Slope of Death) - The Resurrection

The name of this post could sound scary but actually it will be very fun for the lovers of skateboard. Tomorrow, Sunday August 29th, there will be a downhill slide championship organized by the Tribo Skate Magazine. After 21 years since the slope of the street Professor Paulino Longo (old street Varginha) entered the history of skateboarding with its national championships in the late 80s, casters will be consumed in the Slope of Death (Ladeira da Morte) officially this Sunday.

Where: Ladeira da Morte, Rua Professor Paulino Longo - Sao Paulo 
When: August 29th, from 10 am
How much: For free

New subway station: Vila Prudente, green line.

Good news for those using public transportation in São Paulo - and who does not use too. Last Saturday (21), the state government opened the doors of one more subway station, Vila Prudente, Line 2 - Green. Located at the Avenida Professor Luiz Inacio Anhaia of Melo, in the East Zone, the terminal is operating from 9:30 am to 3 pm, for free.

The ticket will begin to be charged from the first half of September, when the trains will circulate from 4h40 am to midnight. The escalators run at a speed of 0.75 meters per second - when there's nobody on them, the speed drops to 0.25 meters per second. The reason? Decrease energy expenses. For the same reason, the roof of the building is fully glazed. According to the calculations of the Metro company, the station will move 65,000 passengers every day. That number could grow even more in 2014, when is planned to finish line 15 - White, which will connect Vila Prudente to the Jardim Tiquatira, in the East Zone. 65 000 daily users will move from Terminal Vila Prudente

Inaugurated by the Governor Alberto Goldman and the Mayor Gilberto Kassab, this is the 59th Sao Paulo subway station. Other two should be open later this year: Butantã and Pinheiros, Line 4 - Yellow. For the next month is expected to interconnect the Green Line with the Station Tamanduateí, of the Companhia Paulista de Trens Metropolitanos (CPTM). It will be possible, for example, to board in Santo André and reach the Avenida Paulista in just ten minutes - today, by bus and train, that same trip takes at least an hour.

If the deadlines will be meet,  Sao Paulo will have, in 2011, 71 km of subway track, 2 km longer than today. The investments of the state government in rail transportation, from 2007 to 2011, is of 23 billion reais. Located in an area of 14 000 square meters, the equivalent of two football fields, the Vila Prudente Station is one of the most modern of the network. The old turnstiles have given way to the automatic glass doors of 1.80 meters height. Built 30 meters deep, the platform for embarking and disembarking is sealed with glass walls that open only with the train has arrived, minimizing the risk of accidents.

Some numbers
  • 3.3 million is the number of passengers using the subway every day
  • 69 km is the capital's subway network
  • R$ 23 billions is the planned investment of the state government, from 2007 until 2011, in order to extend the subway lines and the CPTM
  • 142 Trains run in the Sao Paulo subway network
[source: daniel salles, veja sao paulo]

Friday, August 27, 2010

Documentaries about Brazil at Galeria Olido

Galleria Olido presents a  project called "Brazil, A Documented Country " (Brasil, um Pais Documentado), from August 27 to 29 there will be documentary about Brazil in this traditional cinema of the center of Sao Paulo.

The program includes classic documentaries that show part of history of our country. The movies are in Portuguese but we found it a good opportunity for those of you who are living here and already speak Portuguese or who are learning our language and wants to know more about Brazil.

O Chamado de Deus
(RJ, 2000, 90 min). Dir.: José Joffily.
The movie shows the vocation of young people to religious life through stories of seminarians who will become priests and of those who are closest to the Theology of Liberation.
Day 27, 3 pm

O Prisioneiro da Grade de Ferro
(SP, 2003, 123 min). Dir.: Paulo Sacramento.
One year before the deactivation of the Carandiru jail, in September 2002, prisoners learn how to use video cameras and document their daily lives.
Day 27, 5 pm

(SP, 2003, 15 min). Dir.: Jeferson De.
In late 1950, Carolina Maria de Jesus writes a story about hunger, prejudice and poverty present in the slum where she lives. The book is a worldwide success, but she dies in the same situation.
Day 27, 7 pm

A Negação do Brasil
(SP, 2000, 91 min). Dir.: Joel Zito Araújo.
The struggle of black people for recognition of their importance in the history of Brazilian soap operas.
Day 27, 7.30 pm

Um Passaporte Húngaro
(RJ, 2002, 71 min). Dir.: Sandra Kogut.
The consular difficulties that immigrants faced in wartime, using the drama of their ancestors.
Day 28, 3 pm

(RJ, 2007, 15 min). Dir.: Thereza Jessouroun.
Based on the story of the director's mother, bearer of Alzheimer's disease, the short movie represents reflections and questions about the meaning of life and coexistence with death.
Day 28, 5 pm

(SP, 2002, 75 min). Dir.: Kiko Goifman.
The documentary follows the director's search for his biological mother in Minas Gerais, when he was 33 years old.
Day 28, 5.15 pm

O Velho, a História de Luz de Carlos Prestes
(SP, 1997, 105 min). Dir.: Toni Venturi.
The history and life of the activist Luiz Carlos Prestes, who became leader of the general secretary of the Brazilian Communist Party.
Day 28, 7.30 pm

Edifício Master
(RJ, 2002, 110 min). Dir.: Eduardo Coutinho.
During seven days, a team filmed the daily life of residents of the Master Building, located in Copacabana. In the building about 500 people live, and the film brings the story of 37 of them.
Day 29, 3 pm

Conterrâneos Velhos de Guerra
(DF, 1990, 168 min). Dir.: Vladimir Carvalho.
The poor life conditions of the workers who arrived in Brasilia during the construction of the city.
Day 29, 5 pm

Where: Galleria Olido, Avenida São João, 473 - Sao Paulo
When: August 27 to 29
How much: R$ 1

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Restaurant Week is back in Sao Paulo

In its seventh edition, the 210 Restaurant Week restaurants will have their promotional menu from August 30 to September 12. During the period, full menus (entree, main dish and dessert) for $ 29 (lunch) and $ 39 (dinner) will be served, except drink and service charge.

As the demand is great - the event expects to receive about 600 thousand people - make your reservation in advance.
  • To ensure, make your reservation one week in advance
  • If not, call before leaving home to find a forecast of expected spot
  • Some items makes the meal more expensive: couvert charge, service and drinks. If so, you can refuses the couvert
  • In addition to the 10% service (sometimes 12%), the bill includes R$ 1 per person for Children Action Foundation
  • Menus may change. It is advisable to call before leaving home
For more information visit the website: www.restaurantweek.com.br.

When: August 30 to September 12
Where: 210 restaurants in Sao Paulo 
How much: R$ 29 or R$ 39
Website: www.restaurantweek.com.br

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Stone Temple Pilots are coming to Sao Paulo in December

The band led by Scott Weiland brings the new album "Stone Temple Pilots", released this year.

One of the most awaited bands in Brazil decided to cover the gap left when they canceled the concert two years ago. The Stone Temple Pilots arrive in the first half of December for concerts in cities and locations to be determined.

If in 2008 the concerts were canceled "due to technical issues," now at least there is one more reason for the hard rock group finally come to Brazil. The band is bringing the album entitled "Stone Temple Pilots", released this year.

The STP emerged through the grunge boom, but in California, far away from Seattle. On their first album, Core (1992), the song "Plush" got a Grammy for best hard rock performance.

Stone Temple Pilots is the first album after the group got back together and also the first album since 2001.

Rock bands from 80s that are coming over
Three other American bands from 80s are also coming to Brazil. The band Dinosaur Jr. performs in Sao Paulo on September 28th and 29th. The Winger comes in October, and the Quireboys in November.
[source: jose norberto flesh]

Keith Haring inside Sao Paulo

One of the icons of the second generation of pop art, the American Keith Haring (1958-1990) gains an exhibition in Sao Paulo. A selection of 94 works, including serigraphs, lithographs and woodcuts, plus videos, photos and personal documents are exposed until September.

The artist is known for bold colors and the well-tempered, hyperactive, featureless and sometimes naked or chubby characters. Well assembled and arranged in series, the show has four works displayed in the window that opens onto the Avenida Paulista in an appropriate "conversation" with the street. Haring is famous since in 1980, when he started drawing on blank advertising panels in New York subway. In 1983 he attended the 17th Bienal of Sao Paulo and even paint a wall on Avenue Sumaré later erased.

When: Till September 5th, from 9 am to 9 pm
Where: Caixa Cultural - Avenida Paulista 2083 - Sao Paulo
How Much: For free

Monday, August 23, 2010

Advertisement video made in Sao Paulo shows the city center

An advertisement of a Brazilian company (Brastemp) was made in front of the Bovespa's building, on the city center, using mirrors that reflect Altino Arantes building (Banespa building). It's a good video and must be seen.

Prestonight Week: 2 weeks of clubs' tour in Sao Paulo

What will be the best club next weekend? If you are in doubt, you can go to almost any city club just paying a ticket. From today, Monday 23, 36 clubs in Sao Paulo come together in PrestonightWeek - a kind of Restaurant Week of nightclubs. Those who purchase the bracelet of the event will have total access in the clubs. There are two packages: one for the entire week and others just for Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
"We want to create the chance of people discovering new places," says Michel Serebrinsky entrepreneur, organizer of the event.
There will be famous DJs such as the Japanese house DJ Satoshi Tomiie, at the D-Edge (August 26), or Cockney Rejects whose show will be on Saturday (August 28) at the Inferno.

When: From August 23d to September 6th
Where: Many clubs in Sao Paulo
How much: From R$ 95 to R$ 140
Website: http://www.baladaweek.com.br/prestonightweek/

Sunday, August 22, 2010

The 'Pastel' Competition ends tomorrow morning in front of the Pacaembu Stadium. Don't miss it!

The ten finalists of the Best 'Pastel' Competition will be assembled today, beginning at 9am on the Charles Miller square in front of the Pacaembu Stadium. The Pastel will be sold for R$ 1 till 11am. The winner has to get the best score among popular and technical judge. The biggest winner is the community and the competitor's staff working for the best 'Pastel' ever. Join it!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Ibirapuera Park is 56 years old

On the weekend of August 21st and 22nd, the Ibirapuera Park celebrates 56 years of life. As one of the most beautiful green areas of the city of São Paulo will host show the group Funk Como Le Gusta, and workshops, meetings, photography, among other activities.

The birthday theme of this year is Life, Motion and Coexistence (Vida, Movimento e Convivência), which summarizes the welcoming function of park for the people of Sao Paulo. In parallel, several actions will be in activity - children's entertainment, a climbing wall, trampoline, circus troupe, Yoga. Throughout the day, the park will provide a structure with places for cyclists to park their bikes. The exhibition "Árvore de Ideias" (Tree of Ideas), which interacts with the public through the collection of ideas on how preserving the environment, is happening both days - Saturday and Sunday, from 10am.

This is a good option to do something "green" during this week end in Sao Paulo. Have fun!

Golf inside Sao Paulo

Don't miss today the possibility to play golf in the middle of the city of Sao Paulo. Places like MASP, Viaduto do Cha, Praça da Liberdade (in the Japanese neighbourhood Liberdade) and Praça Julio Prestes (in the center, next to the metro station Luz) will be organized with everything you need to play golf.

Besides watching the tournament, people can try to play with the help of an instructor and withou fear of making mistakes. The creator of the event will pay for eventual broken windows. Go and have a try! you may find out to have a talent.

Friday, August 20, 2010

IDEA/Brasil: Brazilian Design

IDEA / Brazil selects highlights of Brazilian design between subscribers in 18 categories: Environment, Personal Accessories, Home, Commercial and Industrial, Communication, Interface Design, Office, Packaging, Strategy Design, Ecodesign, Entertainment, Computers, Jewellery, Leisure and Recreation, Science and Medical, Research and Transport. Designers and companies from all over Brazil participate in the show. The 78 finalists are exhibited at the Conjunto Nacional till August 28.

When: August 17th to 28th, from 7 am to 9 pm
Where: Conjunto Nacional, avenida Paulista 2073 - Sao Paulo
How much: For free

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Pirelli/Masp photo exhibition

The collection Pirelli / MASP Photography reaches its 18th edition with 70 works of photographers from Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Minas Gerais, Bahia and Pará, and the American George Leary Love, who served in Sao Paulo from 60ies to 90ies and will receive a posthumous tribute alongside Luiz Hossaka. The exhibition brings in São Paulo, in this edition, the pictures of the publicist Ricardo Barcellos, of the photojournalist Marlene Bergamo and of Gustavo Lacerda, with works from the series Albinos, of 2009. The use of technological resources in the photography is covered by the works of photographers such as Rafael Jacinto, Pio Figueroa and Joao Kehl and the producer Carol Lopes from the studio Cia da Foto.

Since its creation in 1990, the collection brings artists with significant representation and influence in Brazilian photography, chosen by a committee formed by Boris Kossoy, Thomaz Farkas, Rubens Fernandes Junior, Mario Cohen and Piero Sierra.

When: From August 12th to October 3d, from 11 am to 6 pm, on Thursday till 8 pm
Where: MASP, avenida Paulista 1578 - Sao Paulo
How much: R$ 15
Website: www.colecaopirellimasp.art.br

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Spaghetti Western cinema festival

Today an almost forgotten genre, the western, had its decades of glory in the American cinema and also had good producers in Europe. To raise the dust, the Centro Cultural Banco do Brazil starts today, Wednesday 18th, a cinema festival dedicated to the Italian Western also known as Spaghetti Western. The selection includes twenty titles produced in Italy between 1964 and 1976. It was a period in which the world got to know the talent of directors like Sergio Leone (1929-1989) and actors like Clint Eastwood, Franco Nero and Giuliano Gemma. Of Leone, for example, will be shown five films, including the masterpiece "Once Upon a Time in the West", 1968. Entrance is R$ 4.00. Check out the program.

When: August 18th to 29th
Where: CCBB, Rua Álvares Penteado, 112 - Sao Paulo
How much: R$ 4

Hollywood fashion exhibition

"De Hollywood para a Moda" this is the name of the exhibition host in the mall Iguatemi from August 16th to 30th. It is a selection of pieces that are part of a collection of over 60 000 clothes of French and Hollywood cinema, owned by the American designer Gene London.

Classic pieces like the dress that Marilyn Monroe wore in "The Seven Year Itch" and "The Misfits" will be there. The long velvet dress of Vivien Leigh in "Gone With the Wind" will also be exposed next to the model used by Rita Hayworth in "Gilda" and the gold dress with crinoline for Grace Kelly in "To Catch a Thief."

When: from 10 am to 10 pm, from August 16th to 30th
Where: Shopping Iguatemi, avenida Faria Lima 2232 - Sao Paulo
How much: For free