Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Fuad's Bar

Esquina Grill do Fuad is a great place to have a beer with your friends. No one speaks English but it's far to be a problem. Located in a corner between the Higienópolis and Santa Cecília's suburb, this bar has about 40 years of story. Fuad (the owner) is the President of the Association of Residents and Merchants of Higienópolis and also pretty funny. One of his dishes is called "Picanha a La Ronaldo" (Rump a la Ronaldo [photo]) as an honor to the famous soccer player who lives on the neighbourhood. The staff is pretty helpful and the menu has plenty of other smart names. Organize your time, put a sandals and have some beers on this bright corner. Wi-Fi free zone.

Where: Rua Martim Francisco, 244 - Santa Cecília - Sao Paulo, SP
Phone: (11) - 3666-4493 / 3825-1031
When: Every day from 11:30am till the last client.

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