Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Inside Sao Paulo was quoted by an important Brazilian magazine

At Veja SP website (one of the best in Portuguese), the insidesaopaulo blog appears as a useful guide of the city:

The national magazine advices, every week, three blogs regarding the city of São Paulo and this week we had the honor to appear both on the printed version (page 12 of Veja São Paulo - This week issue) and on the website. The focus is to offer different vision of the city from its inhabitants, so you can find blogs about a specific area of São Paulo, or a defined activity or even blogs showing pictures of the city.

There was the insidesaopaulo this week, described as a great English guide of the city, with the purpose of helping travelers and foreigners lost in the thousands things to do and see, but also Brazilians who speak English. We are really proud of it and we want to thank the editorial staff of Veja SP, keep following us and them to know more about São Paulo.

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