Friday, December 10, 2010

Post Office Santa Claus - Papai Noel dos Correios

Held since 20 years, the  Post Office Santa Claus is one of the biggest social campaigns of Christmas in Brazil. The main concern is to respond to the senders of the cards addressed to Santa Claus and promote the mobilization of the society for the dream of Brazilian children. The spread  of christmas values such as love of neighbor, solidarity and happiness is the main benefit gained through the work of more than 108 000 employees and the solidarity of the Brazilian society. The campaign is aligned with one of the Millennium Goals set by the United Nations (UN), called "Quality basic education for all." The campaign will aim to respond to letters of socially vulnerable children  who write to Santa Claus and also to stimulate the writing of handwritten letters.
Be part of this action. Enter the site of Brazilian Post Offices and see which is the nearest office that takes part to the initiative, choose one or more letters and buy the presents to make children happy. If you want you can also be a volunteer and read the letters that the children are sending to Santa Claus.

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