Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Blocos de rua - Carnival in the street of Sao Paulo

Not only in the Sambodromo is the Carnival in Brazil. During next days you have the possibility to take part in the famous "blocos de rua", groups of people playing drums, singing and celebrating the most important period of the year in this country. Every day a different option. Inside Sao Paulo will keep you informed so that you won't miss anything.

Tomorrow, February 25, there will be the parade of the bloco Bantantã in the Butanta district. Here all you need to know:

Meeting point: Avenida Valdemar Ferreira, corner with Rua Desembargador Armando Fairbanks
Time: meeting from 4 pm, the parade begins at 9 pm.
T-shirt: R$ 10, plus three cans of beer or soda.
Year of foundation: 1979


  1. $10 for a t-shirt and three cans of beer!?! That's the best deal I've seen since getting to Sao Paulo!

  2. Hi Russ, did you finally go to some "bloco de rua"?