Sunday, September 30, 2012

Exhibition Carbono Catorze brings innovation in collective art

On October 6 was inaugurated an exhibition titled "Carbono Catorze" (Carbon Fourteen) of the Base-V collective formed by Danilo Oliveira, David Magila and Zansky.

Here the artists bring unpublished drawings made ​​by them combined with a series of oil paintings and an installation with over 200 works in small formats. The exhibition runs until November 10.

These images are composed by strokes and interferences that add style to it and also sometimes destroy the image, highlighting the autonomy of painting as a language; a sort of representation.

What: Individual Coletivo Base-V - ´Carbono Catorze´
Where: Rua João Moura, 997, Pinheiros
When: Tuesday to Saturday from midday till 7pm. It ends on November 10.
Price: For free

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