Thursday, January 24, 2013

Insidesaopaulo is now on Google Currents. Much easier and comfortable to read on mobile devices. Come and join us!

Insidesaopaulo is now on Google Currents. It's a powerfull Google RSS reader made for mobile devices, where you can read the content of this blog, as you're reading a magazine. It's amazing and we deeply recommend you to follow our content using this tool.

Note that you only will be able to use Google Currents if you are using your tablet or mobile. To read insidesaopaulo, you will have to click on this linkIt's necessary to download the Currents APP (in case you don't have if yet), but no worries, it's free and doesn't take more than few seconds to install.

Click here to join us on this new media platform. You won't regret!
Have a look on how our posts are on Google Currents:

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