Monday, September 15, 2008

Sao Paulo leads new jobs offers

During August, more than 239 thousand new vacancies of formal jobs were opened in Brazil. It has signified a growth of 0.78% compared to July. 1,8 million new jobs were opened in the last eight months. The state of Sao Paulo is the one that has increased the most within about 725 thousand new roles.

That's true! Inside the city of Sao Paulo, it's possible to see how busy and noisy the city is right now. Everyone is working, no one has time enough to have lunch or even complain about lack in the market place. It's such an important economic change as Brazil has never seen before. Lots of investitors are coming to São Paulo and starting new business.

Those numbers about new jobs are a proof of it, because they means official places in the market, paying taxes and declaring gains. It used to be hiden years ago. People didn't want to show their gains trying to avoid fees with the government. In this brand new situation it's impossible to avoid formal job. Mainly on the building sector, where big investitors are starting to play. Also on the service's sector there are lots of new roles. There are lots of money running out and lots of jobs to do.

Since the beginning of this year, Brazil started to release easier loan for average people. It's warming up the economy and also the furniture sector, plumber's, eletrician's, eletronic device's... More than 120 thousand houses were already financed this year.

The Minister of Labour and Employment, Carlos Lupi, is smiling as a child inside a toy shop. He also makes optimistic predictions regarding the new situation. "We will pass the 2 million jobs by the end of the year," he said. "Brazil has become a Mecca of big business", confirming. According to him, employment growth in Brazil is a phenomenon that grabs the attention in the world. "These are significant numbers even in comparison with China."

Brazil is still growing up even amoung this crisis around US. The government is self confident about the growth. Sao Paulo is the place where most of this changes are happening now.



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