Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Italian Cinema exhibition

Tutti buona gente! That is probably the most Brazilian of Italian expressions, or perhaps, just one more expression of italicization in Brazil. Perhaps? The problem is semantic, but sure, apart from any surnames and pointed noses, Tupi's and Boot's culture live in a constant dialogue. The proof is what Ornella Muti and Beppe Fiorello, are presenting at "Week of Pirelli Italian Cinema" over some twenty films in the bag. It pass from Notturno Bus through the classic of Ettore Scola: C'Eravamo Tanti Amati. Smooth, Belo! [Peppe siffredi by B.Coolt]

Where: Cinemark [Iguatemi and Garden City] and HSBC Fine Arts
When: from 19.09 to 25.09. See the program
How much: Free

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  1. great, thanks for the tips, i'll go there for sure....italian movies are the best...