Thursday, January 22, 2009

Stories of Sao Paulo

In the Mooca's suburb, predominantly Italian, the people brings the Mediterranean style on their way to speak (and also gestures). In Liberty suburb, the accent sounds it's oriental influences. The immigrants and their descendents have helped give the cosmopolitan shape to this city. These stories are told at the Memorial do Imigrante, the old hostel that received the "new Paulistanos" from 1887 to 1978, in Mooca.
On Sundays, visitors can take a 20 minutes walk in an old school train from the last century, simulating the departure of the old station Hospedaria de Imigrantes. This journey through time at this second-class train costs R$ 5. The museum also conducts tours on special ocasions.

A place to learn how people get around in town is the Museu dos Transportes Públicos. That is the first tram in the country, pulled by donkeys. Pictures show how the Paulistanos lived without traffic jam at the time of cattle cars. Inside the museum, there are coachmen and boatmen drive licenses.

Unforgettable crimes
A suitcase is one of the main attractions of the Museum of the Civil Police, where there are weapons, pictures and other curiosities about crimes. The object is part of a larger impact of the murders in the country. The "Crime da Mala" (briefcase's crime) happened in 1928. A husband, suspicious of the fidelity of his wife, pregnant, killed her and tried to ship the body to France. Because of the subject, people under 16 years is not allowed to get in.

Memorial do Imigrante
Where: R. Viscount de Parnaiba, 1316;
When: Tuesday to Sunday, from 10h till 17h.
How much: R$ 4;

Museu dos transportes Públicos
Where: Av Cruzeiro do Sul, 780;
When: Tuesday to Sunday, from 9h till 17h.
How much: For free;

Museu da Polícia civil
Prof. Reynaldo Porchat, 219;
When: Tuesday to Friday, from 13h till 17h, and the last Saturday of the month, from 9am to 12pm,
Phone: 3039-3460
Source: Destak

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  1. I loved the part about imigration. I think it is very useful to understand Sao Paulo history!