Friday, October 29, 2010

Psychologists of the Traffic

Drivers honk, shout and gesticulate. But it is not stress, it is relaxed and even joy. It seems unlikely, but the scene happened in a São Paulo traffic crossroad. The actors of this "miracle" are the Psychologists of the Traffic, a troupe that decided to humanize the routine of those who drive in the streets of the capital. They are volunteer clowns who make performances bewteen the streets ofTeodoro Sampaio and Henrique Schaumann, in Pinheiros.

People do not smile immediately. When the lights get red and the clowns begin to position themselves in the crossroad, many of the drivers close the windows. At the end of the presentation, which lasts about a minute, drivers' behavior changes. They open the windows, waving and shouting.

According to the group, since performances began on August the 2nd, they were never harassed.

The troupe has created five skatches to distract drivers. At the end of them all, the group raised a banner with the phrase "A day without laughter is a wasted day " Charlie Chaplin.

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