Friday, December 16, 2011

Cordel literature is a traditional Brazilian booklet. Find out where to buy it in Sao Paulo

Cordel Literature
The handicraft store of the Centro de Tradições Nordestinas (Northeastern Traditions Center) is selling since last week, a variety of brochures chap-book. This kind of work -- found on fairs in the northeast region --, is not so easily found in Sao Paulo.

The store offers about 60 titles, including works by authors such as Klévisson Viana, Cleusa Santos, Julie Ane Oliveira, Evaristo Geraldo, Rouxinol do Rinaré, Franklin Maxado Nordestino and Cacá Lopes. There are also booklets of Varneci Nascimento, winner of the 1st Festival of Cordel organized by the Centro de Tradições Nordestinas (CTN), between August and October.

Although rare in the city, the booklets are sold at very good prices - between R$ 2 and R$ 5. This is the first time that CTN store sells cordel literature.

What: Cordel literature
Where: Ponte Júlio de Mesquita Neto
When: Saturday, from 10 pm till 3 am; Sunday, from 3 pm till 8 pm. You can also schedule a visit by phone.
Price: R$ 2 to R$ 5.
Phone: +55 (11) 3488-9417

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