Friday, December 16, 2011

Few bus terminals will offer free internet access via WiFi. Starts this Monday (December 19)

Santo Amaro Terminal
Next Monday (December 19), the SPTrans (transit department) will offer Wi-Fi at the bus terminal Santo Amaro. In January, it will be lauched at the Sacomã and Lapa terminals.

It is an evaluation. If results are positive, SPTrans will expand the service to all 27 city bus terminals which receive about 2 million people every single day. The initial action will be sponsored by companies already operating in these places, for example, the Rede Ponto Certo, responsible for the selling ticket machines.

It will be a 4 megabytes connection, but it may be 5 or 6, depending on the demand.

To access, you must to registrater yourself using your CPF (we don't know yet if Passport can be used). Each person can only use the free Internet for up to 15 minutes (same procedure used at airports in Sao Paulo). Then you will have to wait an hour to reconnect. File downloads and access to pornographic pages are not allowed.

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