Sunday, January 29, 2012

From now on, the use of escalator for bicycles is allowed on the Sao Paulo metro stations

Starting on next Saturday, February 4th, passengers boarding with bicycles will be allowed to leave the platform using escalators.

This change was generated through a mobilization of four entities, the production and dissemination of a video on the internet and the publication of an open letter to the President of the Metro.

By the rules of the Metro and CPTM, published on 2007, the entry of bicycles was only allowed if the user could carry it through the common stairs to access the platforms.

According to the Metro, during the week, the bicycles are only allowed after 8h30 pm, which brings average 53 passengers per day. On Saturday, it's allowed after 2 pm. On Sundays, the entrance is allowed during all day and the number of users reaches around 573. That is, 10 times higher.

This change will be valid on the Metro Lines, including Line 4-Yellow and CPTM trains.

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