Tuesday, January 3, 2012

URBE — Public Art Exhibition — will happen on the streets of Sampa from Jan. 25 to 29

From January 25th to 29th, the surroundings of Vale do Anhagabaú — a neighbourhood known for its historical sites and prime architecture —, receives the URBE - Mostra de Arte Pública (URBE ‐ Public Art Exhibition) which will interfere in São Paulo’s downtown daily life, recycling the landscape, encouraging artistic thinking and putting this specific part of the city upon reflection.

URBE is defined by the intervention upon what is already there, considered the city itself is a sublime mankind artwork. The site specific art interventions are developed by five young artists/collectives who will develop installations and projections that will ultimately change the public area, using open air spaces for new ideas. The therefore emerges with the proposal of investigating layers of time and their aesthetic, historical and social values as the same time as proposing a new path for the incipient segment of public art.

To enforce this objective, the program includes free workshops with the artists in January 2012. The five artworks (three installations, one video mapping work and one interactive projection) are the first sample of
the potential of this kind of project in the city. Artworks will be set up in areas such as the forefront of the Banco do Brasil, Cultural Centre, Vale do Anhangabaú, Viaduto do Chá, among others.

Three young experts have selected the young artists taking place in the project: GOMA (Brasil), DOMA (Argentina), Felipe Sztutman (Brasil), ZoomB (Brasil) and Urbanscreen (Germany). The curators have different views and experiences in the visual arts field, but they all have a fresh look over the new proposals and the new art languages, endorsing the project innovating character. They are: Alessandra Mader, Felipe Brait and Julia Clemente.

URBE — Mostra de Arte Pública — is an accomplishment of Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil, sponsored by Banco do Brasil and originally created by Cinnamon Comunicação.

What: URBE - Mostra de arte publica
Where: Center of Sao Paulo
When: January 25 to 29, 2012
Price: For free

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