Thursday, February 16, 2012

Bob Dylan will be in Sao Paulo very soon. Check it out!

Bob Dylan
Bob Dylan announced today that will come to Brazil in April. The musician will offer six concerts, through Sao Paulo (April 21 and 22), Rio de Janeiro (April 15), Belo Horizonte (April 19) Brasilia (April 17) and Porto Alegre (April 24).

The pre-sale to Rio and Sao Paulo begin on February 27, for customers of specific credit card brands. For the two capitals, the general sale starts on March 5. For other cities, the entries will be available to the public on February 27. Prices were not disclosed.

Rio de Janeiro - Citibank Hall - April 15
Brasília - Ginásio Nilson Nelson - April 17
Belo Horizonte - Chevrolet Hall - April 19
São Paulo - Credicard Hall - April 21 and 22
Porto Alegre - Pepsi On Stage - April 24

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