Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Problem to decide the winner of the Carnival Sao Paulo 2012

[photo: daniel teixeira/ae]
One of the invasors of the stage
A representative of the suporters of a samba school could get the sheets with the notes and tear them up. The confusion was due to change of two jurors just before starting the investigation, which let some fans very angry.

The counting of the notes of the samba schools in São Paulo was halted, this Tuesday, February 21, after invasion of the members of associations to the stage. Members of various samba schools also stormed the stage.

The votes were torn, but according to the president of the Liga de Escolas de Samba de São Paulo (League of Samba Schools), there is the possibility of recovering the votes. If it's not possible, according to him, the results obtained until that very moment will become the final results and Mocidade Alegre will be the champion and Camisa Verde e Branco will drop.

Fire in the role
Some allegorical cars parked in the courtyard next to the Sambadrome was set on fire. Firefighters arrived quickly to control the situation, which launched a huge column of smoke. A car from the Samba School Pérola Negra was destroyed.
[source: estadao]

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