Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Architects of the Chinese stadium Bird's Nest will build the Sao Paulo's new theater

Project is budgeted at R$ 300 million and it will be built in the center. Pair of Swiss architects created the Olympic Stadium in Beijing.
The Swiss Jacques Herzog and Pierre de Meuron, architects who have signed the project of the Beijing Olympic Stadium (known as Bird's Nest), will be responsible for creating the new theater of dance and opera, which serves as a headquarters for the São Paulo Company of Dance. The theater will be in front of the Sala Sao Paulo, at Estação da Luz, and will be part of a cultural complex with three theaters, which will occupy an area of 19 thousand square meters in the central region of São Paulo. The project is budgeted on R$ 300 million, from the State Treasury. A pair of architects to build an office in Sao Paulo and has until 2010 to complete the project. The works, however, must be started already in the coming year, to finish at the end of 2010.
Source: G1

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