Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Restaurant: Consulado da Cachaça

Cachaça's Consulate is the name! So with this typical Brazilian name, it's easy to imagine how the restaurant introduces the country where you are. There you can find more than 400 different labels of the country's official drink, from all regions of Brazil. Even the legendary disputed Anísio Santiago, that is aged for 50 years and valued at R$ 15 thousand — for those brave ones, a dose of it costs R$ 300. Going with the drinks, the house offers a Tobacconist, with Cuban cigars, from Bahia and even their own manufacturing. During lunch time, the meals are prepared on the self-service or a la carte system. For dinner, there is a range of options inside a wide menu. The person who commands the kitchen is the chef Dina Rocha, who prepares her recipes with typical Brazilian ingredients. In addition to the exotic recipes - many of them uses cachaça - the customer can have a look on some pieces of art displayed by artists who use the restaurant to show their arts. In the restaurant you'll also find concerts of Brazilian music.

Rua Santa Justina, 434 — Vila Olímpia
11 - 3044-4974 / 3044-3990
When: From Tuesday to Saturday from 9am till late.
It's a good place to hang out with friends.

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