Saturday, August 28, 2010

Rael da Rima will play at Studio SP in August.

Rael da Rima got involved with Rap music in the 90´s when he was about eight years old. Born in a family of musicians, he believes that his family´s influences made it possible for him to feel comfortable enough to get into the music scene and express himself. His music isn't only about Rap, as he also creates melodies for his lyrics and brings a mix of different music styles into his compositions.

For the first time, he was the one to produce his album and explored the idea of creating a mix of Rap, Jamaican and Brazilian music. The album is called “MP3 – Música Popular do Terceiro Mundo” and will be launched on August 31th, at Studio SP. On that night Rael da Rima will be accompanied by a band. It´s members are: Cauê Vieira (sax), DJ Will, Muka Batera (Drums), Bruno Dupré (solo guitar), Alexandre “Xandola” Moreira (guitar), Rato Bass (Bass), Bruno “Baby” Marcucci (keyboards). Enjoy the show!

Next Tuesday, August 31st. From 9pm to 11pm.
Where: Studio SP - Rua Augusta, 591 – São Paulo
How Much: For Free.

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