Monday, August 23, 2010

Prestonight Week: 2 weeks of clubs' tour in Sao Paulo

What will be the best club next weekend? If you are in doubt, you can go to almost any city club just paying a ticket. From today, Monday 23, 36 clubs in Sao Paulo come together in PrestonightWeek - a kind of Restaurant Week of nightclubs. Those who purchase the bracelet of the event will have total access in the clubs. There are two packages: one for the entire week and others just for Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
"We want to create the chance of people discovering new places," says Michel Serebrinsky entrepreneur, organizer of the event.
There will be famous DJs such as the Japanese house DJ Satoshi Tomiie, at the D-Edge (August 26), or Cockney Rejects whose show will be on Saturday (August 28) at the Inferno.

When: From August 23d to September 6th
Where: Many clubs in Sao Paulo
How much: From R$ 95 to R$ 140

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