Tuesday, May 10, 2011

American website ranks São Paulo on its Top 29 cities to visit

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AskMen, an interesting lifestyle site for men, has announced their editors’ picks for the Top 29 Cities to Visit. Dedicated to helping readers with advice and articles about fashion, health, dating, careers, fine living, and entertainment, the website has created a list for 2011 of the best cities to visit. The rank shows an ultimate guide for single men looking for adventure in new places. Sao Paulo placed 11th on the list.

How it works
The Top cities rank was based on quantitative data, including weather, average cost of a pint of beer and a cab ride, accommodations, the culinary scene, sports, culture, nightlife and of course, the availability of single women. Another factor considered is the city's "explorability,” which they define with qualitative research to determine a city’s “buzz.”

But the common denominator tying this year’s list together is the idea that single men are looking for non-traditional experiences. With its women, culture and beaches, São Paulo offers potential for a new kind of adventure when compared to tourist favorites like New York or Paris. This city brings opportunity for real discovery experiences.

Avenida Paulista on the sunset

Top 29 Cities to Visit
1. Barcelona
2. Buenos Aires
3. Miami
4. New York City
5. London
6. Seoul
7. Paris
8. Melbourne
9. Bangkok
10. Las Vegas
12. San Sebastian
13. Tel Aviv
14. Cagliari/Sardinia
15. Berlin
16. Tangier
17. San Francisco
18. Naples/Amalfi Coast
19. Mexico City
20. Punta del Este
21. Lisbon
22. Beijing
23. Tallinn
24. Istanbul
25. Wellington
26. Montreal
27. Mumbai
28. Sydney
29. Amsterdam

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