Thursday, May 26, 2011

British music in town: DJ Alan McGee at StudioSP and DJ Glen Matlock at Beco 203

As we previously announced, this week, Sao Paulo is hosting the 15th Cultura Inglesa Festival. There are many kind of activities behind held around the city, including movies, music, dance, exhibitions, and much more. Here some suggestions for the two first nights, a perfect music selection for the week end.

DJ Alan McGee will be at StudioSP on May 27th. He knows British music better than anyone else, as the author of the blog McGee on Music on the Guardian’s website. He is also a musician himself, as well as the former manager of the Libertines and founder of Creation Records, which discovered the band Oasis.

The Club Beco 203 will host DJ Glen Matlock on Saturday, May 28th. Glen Matlock was the original bassist of the Sex Pistols. In 1976, he left the band after differnces with singer Johnny Rotten. But after the band’s reunion in 1996, he rejoined the group. Glen arrives in Brazil to put on a show at the Beco 203, which is on Augusta Street. It’s a must-see for fans of the English punk band, or for anyone interested in a lively night.

What: 15th Cultura Inglesa Festival
When: May 27 to June 12
Price: For free

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