Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Flight tickets departing from Brazil are getting cheaper

Flight tickets are getting cheaper
If you are an oversea living in Sao Paulo and wants to visit you country, the prices are getting better. Since the beginning of the year, international airlines have offered many international tickets with aggressive discounting. Recently, the German Air Company, Condor is offering a roundtrip ticket from Recife to Frankfurt for R$ 470. The value is lower than a bus ride departing from Recife to Sao Paulo. The low demand for travel departing from European countries and the United States is the reason of low prices, according to market experts.

Price and technology
The ticket price ranges between available seats and demand. The number of seats offered at cheap prices is determined in this manner. The use of new technologies allows to estimate more accurately the periods of demand, so more airlines can offer promotions during low seasons, for example. If the selling forecast won't be good in a certain period, the rates automatically go down in price, aiming to fill up the airplane, which will take off anyway.

Apart from deals, cheap dollar exchange rates are crucial for low travel fares. Brazil to USA for less than R$ 600 round trip. Brazil to Europe around R$ 450.

Search for the lowest price
Finding the best rate is not an easy task. As the number of seats on offer is restricted, the more flexible the traveler is for dates and times, the easier it is to find the best price. Especialy because sometimes it's not possible to get straight flight to your desired destination.

To further enhance the value of the tickets this year, Brazil has signed an agreement "Céus Abertos" with the USA. Europe is the next to sign up too. Another positive factor was the liberalization of fares by the National Civil Aviation Agency (ANAC), during last year.
[source: glauber gonçalves/o estado de s.paulo]

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