Thursday, July 7, 2011

Limp Bizkit confirms concert in São Paulo: July 26

The band Limp Bizkit has confirmed via its official website two concerts in Brazil in July. Last October, the group canceled presentations in Sao Paulo and Belo Horizonte. According to them, the singer Fred Durst was sick.

The tour is to promote the new album Gold Cobra, which remarks the meeting of the original members, including the acclaimed and always weirdo guitarist Wes Borland.

On July 23, the band performs at Fundição Progresso, in Rio de Janeiro. In Sao Paulo, fans can see Limp Bizkit at Via Funchal, on July 26. Following the recent trend of international shows in the country, the bleachers will be divided into two sectors: normal and VIP. Check out the prices.

Where: São Paulo
When: July 26
Ground: R$ 140
Mezzanine: R$ 180
Cabin: R$ 300
Premium: R$ 300
Where: Rio de Janeiro
When: July 23
Ground: R$ 160
Premium: R$ 300

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