Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Who wants to ride a bicycle?

Bicycles to rent at Ibirapuera Park
The Parks Ibirapuera and Villa-Lobos, offer the option of bicycle rentals that cost around R$5 per hour. To rent them, a Brazilian ID (RG) or some kind of identification is required as collateral. The payment is made when you bring back the bicycle.

At Ibirapuera Park, the price is R$5 per hour (at gate 3). You can rent bicycles for adults and children, as well as bikes that accommodate the elderly and the disabled. The company's name is Flavio Bikes.

At Park Villa-Lobos, Green Bike Rental is at the main gate, and the price per hour varies from R$6 to R$10, depending on the type of the bicycle. There are options for bicycles without gears, with gears, for children and with stylish designs. You can also rent skates and skateboards for as little as R$5 and tandem bikes (two adults and one child) R$13 (half hour). The service is fast in both parks.

The trick is to check the bikes because sometimes the bicycles are broken. Just be aware and have fun!

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  1. Hi! I´m from Mexico City, and I was wondering if there is a place or business that will rent me a bike for 6-7 hours (If I'm not brazilian). I am going to Buenos Aires for a week with a short stop in Sao Paulo (till my next flight departs; 8AM-6PM.)I am worried I will have enough time to do so, I've heard there are lot's of traffic jams over there...
    Thanks in advance!