Monday, July 18, 2011

São Paulo City Council has started a Sugarcane Juice competition

The City Council will elect the 10 best Sugarcane Juices of the city. The Caldo de Cana (Sugarcane Juice) is a drink that fits best with pastel on street fairs. It's very famous in Sao Paulo.

The contest 'Circuito Garapa*' will evaluate product quality, flavor, variety, service and tent's appearance. The evaluation of Sugarcane Juice will be made by a popular jury. If you want to participate, is possible to subscribe sending an email to, using the word "Juri" in the subject. You also have to type on the text body, your personal email, full name, address/town and telephone number. Those selected will attend a training, which will be instructed in the pre-established criteria for the contest.

The 10 winners of the 'Circuito Garapa*' will be revealed on August 22nd at Praça Charles Miller, along with the winners of the Best Pastel de Feira de São Paulo. The event will happen from 8h30 am till 1h30 pm and is open to the public.

Currently there are over 500 Sugarcane Juice stalls spread on plenty of street fairs of São Paulo and a wide variety of combinations with seasonal fruits. Try to be part of it!
(*) Garapa is an adjective to sugarcane juice.

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