Monday, November 28, 2011

The first Insidesaopaulo Experience was a great event! Check it out!

I would like to say thank you to everyone who had the chance to go to first meeting organized by the blog at the restaurant Estação SP, last Saturday 26th.

About 15 people got together last Saturday bringing their stories and reasons why they are currently living in São Paulo. There were people from England, Australia, Egypt, Spain, Finland, Canada and Brazil, of course...

Everyone had a different story to tell about their life experiences, where they came from and expectations about the brand new life. However, amoung all the reasons there is something in common. Most of them are here for love. At least three couples (composed by a male foreigner and a Brazilian woman) decided to live in São Paulo (and have recently arrived here) to get in contact with the current developing economy and also with this intriguing Brazilian culture of their wives.

It was a great event and we hope to organize plenty more. Keep reading insidesaopaulo to find out what comes next.

Thank you guys for coming to the event and thank you Tiago, for letting us invade your restaurant.

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