Monday, April 16, 2012

Brand new project brings Cuisine Chefs of Sao Paulo to prepare food on a Street Fair during the night.

This weekend, some of the best cuisine chefs in Brazil can be found at a street fair in the Higienópolis suburb in Sao Paulo, each one in a diferent tent preparing their specialties to the public.

This is the first edition of the event entitled "O Mercado" (The Market), which takes place on April 21st and 22nd over the night. This is a great advice for those who want to enjoy the night and enjoy good food in Sao Paulo.
Traditional Cannolis

The subscribed chefs are:
  • Alexandre Leggieri - Cannoleria (cannolis)
  • Carlos Ribeiro - Na Cozinha Restaurante (bread and meat)
  • Checho Gonzales - Cebicheria Gonzales (anticuchos and cebiches)
  • Daniela Bravin - Bravin (wine and cocktails)
  • Dagoberto Torres - Suri Ceviche Bar (arepas)
  • Deepali Bavascar - Sabores da Índia (vegetarian samosas)
  • Henry Fogaça - Sal Gastronomia (Sandwich on ciabatta with shredded dried beef, ginger oil, goat cheese, tomato and arugula)
  • Janaina Rueda - Bar da Dona Onça (rich bitch rice)
  • Lourdes Hernandez - Casa dos Cariris (tacos and enchilladas)
  • Mark Carnero - Pão filosófico (bread)
  • Pipa - Comida de Papel (burgueres)
  • Rene Aduan Jr. - Alma Rustica Gastronomia (smoked and mead)
  • Tibira - Caos (cocktails)
During the event, several art performances will be happening, such as the collection of the Galeria Vermelho, projections and music made ​​by DJ sets. Every sinlge one will be highlighting the street culture.

What: O Mercado
Where: Rua Minas Gerais, 352 – Higienópolis (into the courtyard of the Sal Gastronomia restaurant)
When: April 21st and 22nd, from midnight till 5 am.
Price: from R$ 5 and R$ 20

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