Wednesday, April 25, 2012

F-Indy 2012: Anhembi Circuit expects 30 thousand people this year

Castroneves is the Brazilian pilot better ranked on the Indy Championship
The fourth round of the 2012 IndyCar Series take place in São Paulo this weekend. According to the Brazilian Hotel Industry in the State of São Paulo (Abih-SP), the city will receive up to 30 thousand tourists - among spectators, attendants, mechanics, teams, sponsors and journalists.

Regarding the 31 thousand tickets (almost sold out), about eight thousand were purchased by people who do not live in Sao Paulo. According to Luiz Sales, director of SPTuris, the debut of the Brazilian driver Rubens Barrichello, who just quit his career in Formula 1, helped to sell more tickets this year. It was much faster than the two previous editions.

It is estimated that the city move about R$ 85 million with the Formula Indy this year. About R$ 5 million more than in 2011. Hospitality is the higher cost of this calculation.

Formula 1
The Indy is still far from being compared to Formula 1 in São Paulo, one of the most important events for the city's tourism - held at the Interlagos Speedway, the race moves R$ 240 million during its three days. The competition, however, occurs in the city since 1989.

What: São Paulo Formula Indy 2012
Where: Anhembi
When: April 28th to 29th. The gates open at 7 am.
Price: R$ 180 to R$ 250 (There are still available only the ARQUIBANCADA SETOR E - 2º LOTE, ARQUIBANCADA SETOR F - 1° LOTE and ARQUIBANCADA SETOR G - 2° LOTE)
Phone: +55 (11) 4003-1527

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