Wednesday, April 18, 2012

This Friday: open bar party in a Strip Club!

If you are in town and haven't got any plans for this Friday (August 20th), your problem is solved! Maisa Gariani is organizing her birthday party in a velvet way. She got in contact with one of those legendaries Strip Clubs of the Augusta Street to organize her party. It will be open for anyone who wants to join.

The sound will be lead by Doicocos Crew, Uala, Fabiano Karvax, Tima, Ivis e Black Flamingos.

The whole place will be dedicated to the cause. That's the chance to experience one of the Rua Augusta's main vocation. The price will be R$ 50 and according to her, it will be bumpin until Saturday 9 am. You should come! It's not just a birthday party, it's "The Birthday Party!".

What: MEU MUNDO CAIU III - edição fim do mundo!
Where: Rua Augusta, 781
When: April 20th, from 11 pm till 9 am.
Price: R$ 50

Click to see party's flyer

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