Thursday, August 21, 2008

19° Festival Internacional de Curtas-Metragens de São Paulo

Scene of "Megatron", film of Marian Crisan, that is in the Festival

Another great cultural event that our city is offering, Short Movies Festival in Sao Paulo.
The event is from August the 22nd to the 29th and it will take place in different cinemas of Sao Paulo. 381 films from 54 countries will be screened, you can choose between Brazilian, Latin American and international short movies.
The main theme is the "alive politic" but in general the show promotes the exchange of cultural experiences, economic and political issues, there will be new and old movies, tributes (this year dedicated to Argentine filmmaker Gustavo Taretto) and short digitals made at the peripheries of large cities, especially with the project Kinoforum.
It's an event you can't miss if you are in town furthermore all the sessions are free!!!

From August the 22nd to August the 29th, in ten rooms of cinemas throughout the city. To read a complete program, schedules and addresses, see the site of the event.

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