Monday, August 25, 2008


Last Saturday I have been to the feira do livro in São Paulo with my boyfriend. I was coming from Rio de Janeiro, so I found the weather pretty cold, and I thought it would be great to spend some time indoor, surrounded by books, (I love reading, when I was in Brisbane I read almost all the books in the new farm library plus many of the city library).
So we took the metro till the station Tiete-Portuguesa (blue line), where you can even find the biggest shopping center of São Paulo and the bus station (rodoviaria) to Rio. Soon out of the train there were some signs directing everyone in a long line, it’s crazy to notice how Brazilians love to queue, and they do it easily and with no protests, Italians on the contrary would never be able to do that, I was shocked.
Anyway, the queue was for a free bus till the exhibition centre, and despite the huge amount of people waiting for it, it was actually pretty fast. Funny thing: there were kiosks selling salgado + refresco (salty pie + soft drink) all around and I saw the cheapest ever, 99 cents (almost 20 cents of euro), so it could be an idea if you are out of money around this area and looking for a cheap meal.
So we arrived soon at the Feira do livro, 10 reais to get in and once there you really could choose between any kind of book, there were stands of every Brazilian editors, famous and independent plus some international, I visited a stand of the Italian Cultural Centre of São Paulo (Centro di cultura italiana di San Paolo), another of a Foundation from Brasilia that just publish books related to International Politics issues; I was really feeling at home.
The exhibition was almost at the end; so many books were on sale, which is a good thing since new books in Brazil are kind of expensive.
It was nice to spend few hours there, the place was huge but everything was well organized and then once out, there was a queue of course, to go back to the metro station.
That’s something a foreign that knows Brazil just because of its stereotypes would never expect to find here, and that’s a reason why I love São Paulo, cause it’s such a cultural city, always full of surprises

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