Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Madonna is coming to São Paulo! Extra concert shows how wanted she is!!!

Besides the presentation on December the 18th, at Morumbi, she'll repeat the concert Sweet & Sticky on December the 20th. The selling of tickets for two concerts begin on September the 3rd.

Because the quantity of people trying to register on the site www.ticketsforfun.com.br, the producers thought it would be good to organize a second show of Madonna in São Paulo, so in addition to the presentation on December the 18th, she will be on the stage also on the 20th.

Anyone who wants to buy the ticket on Internet, 20% off, has to sign up on the website until Friday, August the 29th. Leave your details over there and wait a password by email. The registration does not guarantee the purchase, but it's gonna be faster when the new site will come up, from Sep. the 3rd. Run!

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