Friday, August 29, 2008

The Independence Park is the place where Brazil was claimed

This building was built on a great 19th century style. It is especially important because it hosts the personal collection of the Colonel Joaquim Sertório. The military's acquis of natural history turned now to be the Paulista Museum, located within the Independence Park, there you can find about 125 thousand items, such as indigenous objects, furniture, Armour, paintings, tools and other instruments, many of personal use.

The collection's pieces remain from the life in São Paulo, between 1500 and 1950. The building has also two libraries, some sections dealing with archival documents and laboratories for conservation and restoration. In the tour it's possible to observe the work of the Italian designer Ettore Ximenez, a granite and bronze statue representing the moment when D. Pedro I claimed the Brazilian Independence. At "Museu do Ipiranga" it's possible to find the spoils of D. Pedro I and his two wives.

The museum passed through a R$ 5 million rebuilding. This money was received by state law of incentives and sponsors. The fountains built in front of the museum express a tribute for the city's 450 years and September the 7th (Independence Day). Besides being considered a landmark, the Independence Park became a Cultural Patrimony in 1975.

Name: Museu do Ipiranga - Museu Paulista
Address: Parque da Independência
Suburb: Ipiranga
Phone: (11) 2065-8000
Timetable: Tuesday to Sunday, from 9am till 5pm

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