Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Saturday Eccentric Market at Benedito Calixto square

One of the best ways to spend the weekend in Sao Paulo is to visit one of its markets, typical in any neighborhood. Saturday is the time of Benedito Calixto Market. It takes place in the square with the same name in Pinheiros, between Cardeal Arcoverde Street and Teodoro Sampaio Street (famous for musical instruments shops). The Market has different interesting spots. At the square, it’s possible to meet ordinary people selling old-fashion stuff, from sunglasses to colored telephones, passing through books, pictures and everything else. Walking around the market it is possible to find also old artisans, especially making leather shoes and bags. One I would suggest is an old funny man (photo) that makes leather shoes, both for man and woman. Very few models but the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever had. You shouldn't miss it! His smile is contagious. In the middle of the square is the food court. My suggestion is the Arabic food. A tiny woman prepares the best cabbage and rice roll ever. But the choice is bigger: Portuguese and Bahian (one of the Brazilian states territory) food, traditional pastel, Argentinean ‘empanadas’ and much more. It is a meeting point starting from 2:30pm when a show of “chorinho” makes everyone happier. Finally, at one side of the square, there is an area dedicated to the new fashion stylists, where girls just go crazy. There are plenty of very nice clothes and accessories for quite reasonable prices. Everywhere around the square it is full of bars and pubs to have a drink and the atmosphere is very young and cool. Not so famous within tourist, it really worth to have a look!

Where: Praça Benedito Calixto, n/n - Jardim Paulista - São Paulo - SP
When: Every Saturday, from 9am till 7pm.

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