Friday, June 19, 2009

Bloody pub

Rua Augusta is a really nice place to be. To reinforce it, here is nice place to have some drinks: Z Carniceria. It’s an old butcher/slaughterhouse from 50’s. As an intention to save the charm of this legendary street, the same owners of the Vegas Nightclub decided to transform it in a thematic pub. In paradox, most of the dishes are vegetarian (despite that some of them, still bringing the pleasures of the flesh). Some of the exclusive drinks are also into this butcher purpose and come with their names associated with the theme, such as: Blood Marry, Mad Butcher, Bloody Summer, Baby Beef (all these names are in English). The music comes from on-line radios and the sound style is Rockabilly, Blues and Jazz from New Orleans. Their website is pretty nice and this is undoubted a nice place for overseas. Try it on!


Rua Augusta, 934 – Bela Vista – São Paulo/SP
(11) 2936.0934
Tuesday to Saturday from 7pm till 2am. Sundays and holidays from 5pm till midnight.
It's for free to get in.

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