Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Introducing: Rua Augusta

Photo: Bia Parreiras
Every big city has a typical entertainment site. Rua Augusta is definitely one of the best of Sao Paulo. Well known on the past as the street of the strip clubs and prostitutes, this street puts together everything you need to spend a great night in the Brazilian Capital of food and entertainment. Nowadays, the story has changed. All the strip clubs have almost gone despite some still remain. But all the atmosphere kept on that period are the true engines of the Augusta’s nightlife.

Beginning the afternoon having some shopping, it’s possible to find nice clothes on the Rua Augusta's shops, most of them from independent stylists. Afterward a cinema’s section, culture is never enough and the Unibanco Cinema offers a huge range of national and international movies, but not Hollywood style ones, which on the contrary, can be watched at the Center 3 Shopping at the corner of Rua Augusta and Av. Paulista.

Got hungry? Well, there are plenty of options on Augusta’s and around. It’s possible to find any kind of food you are looking for and also from the cheap ones to the really expensive prices. So it could be a fast Mexican taco at the Tolocos, or Greek Moussaka at the Athena’s bar. Even a full meat buffet can be found at one of the coolest Churrascarias (BBQ house) of São Paulo: Bovinus, not forgetting the classical beer and “petiscos” (snacks) in any pub of every corner. Try Z Carniceria pub!

Now that you are well warmed up, it’s time to have some dance and listen to some good music. But guest what? It’ll be also hard to choose where… The options are endless, but there is one certain thing: nobody will get disappointed! If you don't like the first place you choose, you can still walk next door and see if the next club is closer to your musical preferences. Have a look in the best pubs section; we can help you to find the best place around Rua Augusta. Some of them are already posted in this blog and more will come up in the next weeks. No doubts you can have everything you want in such a small area.


  1. WOW, Thank you !! I'll definitely check this out.

  2. Past? Try hookers all over the place, even today in the present. The prostitution here will never end.

  3. Augusta is perfect

  4. yes, my dear....there is hookers all around Augusta... but it still fine when you think about night life