Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A new park in Sao Paulo: Parque Várzeas do Tietê

It was delivered these days the first phase of the Parque Várzeas do Tietê with the opening of a 15 km cyclestreet. Considered the largest linear park in the world, 75 km long and an area of 107 squared kilometers, it must only be completed in 2014.

In this first stage, the investment was R$ 377 million, 30% from the government of Sao Paulo State and 70% financed by the Interamerican Development Bank (IDB). The park should benefit 3 million people in the east area of the city at an estimated cost of R$ 1.7 billion.

The project design includes recreational facilities, while seeking to restore and preserve natural floodplain of the river and reduce flood risks in the metropolitan region of São Paulo. In all, 33 units of leisure, culture and sport, and 250 km of cycle track, 77 football fields and 129 sports courts.

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