Thursday, March 17, 2011

St. Patrick's Party

You don't need to be in Ireland to celebrate the famous St. Patrick's Day. Many events will happen in Sao Paulo's pubs but the most important is undoubtly the one taking place tonight (March 17) in the Lapa district. It's a real festival with bands and DJs.

The St. Patrick's Party (that's the official name) is sponsored by Guinness and the All Blak Irish Pub which has built a huge pub in the Espaço TW able to receive 4000 people.

The festival counts with the partecipation of Green Hot Clover, Andy Redanka, The Rev, U2 Cover One, Insônica and Junkie Box.

Where: Espaço TW, Rua Guaicurus 324 - Sao Paulo
When: March 17 from 7 pm
How much: From R$ 70 to 90

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