Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Syndikat is a great place to enjoy some Jazz

Amoung all the options São Paulo offers to listen some great sound, there is a astonishing pub called Syndikat. It's located close to the Paulista Avenue and receive plenty of great musicians. Jazz is the music style played on the stage and is very easy to feel at home inside the pub. That's because, it's located in a average two store house addressed in single block street.

Once you decide to check out my advice, observe the mood coming along when you step on the street. It's unique location brings an interesting calm feeling wrestling with a strong curiosity about what is happening beyond the entrance door. The staff is kind and there is a counter to get beer and drinks. Sofas and benches surround the people on the way to the stage located downstairs. The house brings musicians from Tuesday to Saturday.

Syndikat is very near O'Malley's Irish pub so, you can have a beer during the happy hour and head to the enjoy some Jazz afterwards. Have fun!

Where: Rua Moacir Piza, 64
When: from Tuesday to Saturday.
How much: around R$ 35

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