Friday, March 25, 2011

Two new metro stations soon in Sao Paulo

Butantã Station of the Line 4 (Yellow)subway will be delivered next Monday, March 28. The statement came from the Governor Alckmin. The Butantã Station is forecast to receive 35 thousand passengers per day.

 The metro station Pinheiros on the same Line will open in May. In June it will be possible to make the integration of Line 4 Yellow with the train of Company of Metropolitan Trains (CPTM) Line 9 through the Pinheiros Station.

The 98 trains of the lines 1-Blue and 3-Red will undergo reform. The first modernized train is now passing through the final testing and should operate on Line 3 (Corinthians / Itaquera - Palmeiras / Barra Funda) duirng the next 60 days.

The train has air-conditioning upgraded, surveillance cameras (four per car), sensors for detecting smoke, audiovisual information system (monitors and displays) and brake system with slip control which improves performance under conditions of low grip, a common situation in rainy days.

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