Thursday, June 30, 2011

Tango de La Falda Festival: Tonight!

For the first time, São Paulo hosts the famous La Falda Tango Festival, which attracts plenty of people to the Argentinian small town of La Falda (in the province of Cordoba) since more than 40 years. The competition will be at the Memorial da America Latina of São Paulo at 8 pm.

The winning couple will perform in the final of the La Falda Festival, in Argentina, on July 15 to17.

The championship dance that happens today will be lead by the Movimento Brasileiro de Tango Instrumental El Arrastre, which come from the De Puro Guapos and Quinteto Café Tango groups.

The competition began yesterday (June 29) with the Quinteto Café Tango. Today (June 30), the group Jogando Tango opens the night and leaves the stage for another round of dance. Then it's time for the group De Puro Guapos before the announcement of the winners. Try to be part of it!

What: Tango de La Falda Festival
Where: Avenida Auro Soares de Moura Andrade, 664 Gate 13
When: June 29th and 30th, at 8 pm
Price: For free

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